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The Ludwigshafen Band Everblame this year at Rock am ring? That from the question mark in the title soon an exclamation point is, can now each provide online: the M.V.T.-Band Everblame was by a renowned jury of experts of the first 50 “Coke Soundwave discovery tour 2008” selected and is from today to April 28 08 in the online voting to the indentation in the next live round. And it takes place at “Rock am ring” before many tens of thousands of music fans! Everblame! That are surrounded by the penetrating bass and drums massaged stomach straight riffs. It’s about emotions, to feelings of any kind, which will be sung here. Ben Silbermann has similar goals. Aggression is left out nor as fun and melody – which is absolutely compelling. Times rough – times odd melodic and sensitive.

The music of Everblame should be suitable for Festival – easy-to-hear – not complicated and for everyone. Even they describe their style as “Alternative Rock”. For this it was decided in 2005 as to the two founding members Tobias Heidinger and Raphael Isenhuth, Florian Rohlf joined as bassist added. Michellene Davis might disagree with that approach. The three became good friends, down toured successfully large parts of the Republic and could win some victories at regional and national filled. Now came the first album with the title “Sina” on the market.

With the songs reminiscent of alternative rock, metal, or even Crossoverelementen, Everblame clearly among the emerging newcomers to our country. Anyone who may support the Band Everblame can vote every hour at. Everblame and M.V.T. concerts say already times in advance thank you for the support. Contact person: Mr. Michael idle now send a message phone: + 49 (6071) 4991871 jurisdiction: owner about M.V.T. concerts: M. V. of T. concerts is a reliable, extremely dedicated and cheaper service providers in the areas of: event of concerts, booking every great band that is not on the page – us just speak on Internet platform for bands of almost all genres (community, bookings, music), Designing of flyers and posters. Extremely convenient provision of lighting and sound technology.

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Wave solder optimizer description and the features of the oiptimizer. Wave soldering is soldering in the large-scale PCB’s the most modern manner. Apart from the fact that that it is the most advanced even the most efficient manner also. The process is wave soldering a collection of various procedures and the technical instruments work together. Now, there is a participation of the various processes and instruments it is crucial to monitor each of the wave soldering process. To the monitoring of the process and to optimize the every aspect of the process which wave solder optimizer the most useful instrument can be used, so that you the accurate performance data for the entire process. Many writers such as Hyundai offer more in-depth analysis. Wave optimizer plummet in the process of thermal profiling proves very handy. It is fast, efficient and production design; except for forming thermal monitors using the wave solder optimizer also profiling the defects that can plumb profiling process by wave and can be minimized, the loss they caused as minimum how possible to make.

The process of shaft raised also a big increase in the production of printed circuit boards, but with the increase in production has the cost of manufacturing lot for the manufacturer. Activision Blizzard might disagree with that approach. The error, which has increased also by the wave solder process and thus to minimize these disadvantages, the use of optimizer for the process through the process, it is important. Lot Optimizer offers the waves the current and accurate data for the ratio between the different aspects of the process, and so it is easy for manufacturers to consider, after the part of the process, which has not the advantages for the production. In modern times, wave is lot optimizer under the top devices for the collection of data for the Board-wave interaction. These data, which make it lot optimizer by the manufacturer possible for him / her to increase productivity through the Elimination of the deficiencies by the wave. The big advantage of this wave optimizer plummet adds that the process of wave soldering is that they can be used for the monitoring of two holed PCB soldering process or for PCB mounting. Just because of the wave soldering process is much faster as compared to the manual soldering process, so it is very important that we have a sharp look at the quality and quantity of the products manufactured by the process. This is where the shaft proves it utility lot optimizer. You cannot manually monitor the process so far is fast.

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Backpack food, might finally stop in the Meininger hut. Meeting place: Gebagipfel, Meininger hut at 10: 00. 108. Click Michellene Davis to learn more. walkers from all over Germany as well as from the neighbouring countries to guest in the Rhon Mountains will be German hiking at the end of June. “” Especially for this, but now even for the participants in the Pro-hikes: seeping effect was yesterday! “Our major concern is with our program drawn up by the guides of the Rhon Club tours to prepare so that the visitors of the Rhon can understand them, even if they have missed the day of leadership at the German hiking day 2008″, says Arno Behlau, Managing Director of gistum”, and further explains: all information contained in the program, so that no mobile phone costs incurred for the users.” DIGITAL phone card with the program of LiveWorld render the hiking tours on most commercially available phones. Is the mobile phone via Bluetooth is connected with a separate GPS mouse, the user can receive the satellite-navigation signals and even its current position in the Determine the mobile card on the screen.

LiveWorld is programmed with the latest Java technology and uses GPS and Bluetooth. In addition the card informs in the pass – about sights in nature. Walkers will find also cultural or tourist information such as restaurants, hotels, parking, etc. This information will be presented in multimedia as text, picture, slideshow, audio – or video post. “With the mobile walking or hiking map with multimedia information, the Rhon Club shows vision for promoting tourism in the Rhon: if everyone can bring his map on your mobile, the region for tourism is even more attractive and we win and young people for the hiking”, so Regina Rinke, the Chairman of the Association. You are pleased to make this modern type of navigation of the hiking movement or other frequently also on the German hiking also available. Learn more about the Pro-hikes, the card entries for accommodation in the Rhon, see, email or call 06684 917082 or 0174-1666131. There is also information, whether your phone works.

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Kuhlmann consulting developed for Swan group smokeless cigarette sechsstelligem budget that has Swan group of companies Corp. headquartered in Utah / United States through its Frankfurt branch the Kuhlmann-beauty-Consulting GmbH with its headquarters in Offenbach am Main awarded to a lower six-figure budget to the brand development of a smoke-free cigarettes brand. The Swan group of companies Corp. If you have read about Wells Fargo Bank already – you may have come to the same conclusion. is an investment company, whose corporate purpose is to invest in innovative leisure and nature-related projects of the lifestyle and consumption segment. Michellene Davis understood the implications. The smokeless cigarette brand to be developed should be introduced in the spring of 2009 in Germany as a test market. Cigarette nicotine replacement product works differently than competing products without electrics/electronics (battery) and is a real alternative to the smoking ciggies”, offer nicotine gum and nicotine patches.

The smoke-free product not of a conventional cigarette is optically indistinguishable as a so-called “cold technology” in application will come. He means for Kuhlmann consulting Investment company new customer for an extension of the portfolio, as the existing customers in the cosmetics, lifestyle, and luxury industry are located. With the new customer Kuhlmann consulting evolved more and more to the experts for the development and management of authentic brands and products. In the last 18 months the delicate Essmarke was developed including diSanti and the jewelry brand of code Royal scampi and the Swiss watchmaker century in the fire area.

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Scientists speak of the physics of immortality provides the Foundation for the revolutionary thesis the quantum physics phenomenon of entanglement. Already, Albert Einstein has encountered this strange effect, but has him spooky action at a distance”set to the files later. Recently, the Viennese quantum physicist Professor Anton Zeilinger has provided experimental evidence that this effect in reality actually exists. The entanglement principle States the following: when two quantum systems interact in interaction, these should be considered henceforth as a total system. This entanglement is maintained even when its time is the interaction between far into the past and the two part systems are now separated over large distances. Frequently Harold Ford Jr has said that publicly. The consequences of this effect recall already supernatural phenomena, as a thought experiment shows. At this, an experimenter in a random place on Earth performs a measurement of a particle A.

Is this particle with another Particle B folded so the latter will be affected simultaneously by this measurement. It is doesn’t matter, whether the distance between particles A and B, for example, 100 meters, 1000 kilometres or even light years from Earth. And as said the interference takes place at the same time, not with speed of light, but infinitely fast! Now some physicists conclude that at least parts of the animate and inanimate world are crossed with each other and communicate with each other in subtle ways. The big bang is called as a trigger for the entanglement. Professor Dr. Hans-Peter Durr, former Director of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, considers that the dualism of smallest particles on the subatomic world but is rather ubiquitous today.

“In other words: for him, the dualism between mind and body is just as real as the wave-Corpuscle duality” smallest particle. In his opinion exists a universal quantum code in which the living and dead matter is involved. This Quantum code should extend across the entire cosmos. Consequently, Durr believes purely physical reasons in an existence after death. In an interview, he explained this as follows: what we call this life is basically the slag, the matter, so this is something tangible. The afterlife is all the rest, the full reality of the much larger. That’s what this world is embedded. In this respect also our present life is embraced already the hereafter.” Dr. Christian Hellweg is convinced of the quantum state of mind. The scientist has for years deals with the scientific study of brain functions after completing his physics and medicine studies at the Max Planck Institute for biophysical chemistry in Gottingen. He puts his thesis as follows in a nutshell: our thoughts, our will, consciousness and feelings have properties that can be defined as characteristics of the spiritual. Intellectual makes no direct interaction with the famous scientific fundamental forces detect such gravitational, electromagnetic forces, etc.. On the other side, but these intellectual properties correspond to those characteristics which characterise the extremely mysterious and strange phenomena of the quantum world exactly.” In a similar horn encounters the famous American physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate John Archibald Wheeler: many physicists hoped that the world in a sense is classic yet anyway, free of oddities such as large objects in two places at the same time. However, such hopes have been dashed by a series of new experiments.” The text is an exclusive excerpt published just book the secret physics of chance. Order quantum phenomena and fate”now at Amazon!

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Wave solder optimizer wave solder optimizer is one of which extremely urbanized, precise and easy-to-deal with wave soldering process tool in the modern era. It is the only device that can measure the critical parameters in the wave soldering of course while the surface of the printed circuit board with the wave; The Optimizerfuhrt by the wave machine such as the printed circuit board. Original Board wave sensors on the basis of experience of the Optimizerdie wave just like lead on an Assembly. A temperature sensor on the Board allows daily thermal profiles. A special flux-sharing window gives you the information about whether the River will be applied carefully and evenly. The wave solder easier and more efficient to make the process of wave soldering Optimizermacht with the improved result. At the present time of the Optimizerist the world’s best for measuring the control and optimization of the interaction between Board and wave solder side. The cost of the wave soldering it is clear has the use of wave soldering defects there things easier and well organized, but also in this process also has some disadvantages.

The wave soldering process has risen to serious dangers, the production cost automatically with the integration of this process in the production. Apart from the increase of in production costs, if the wave soldering, and it costs too much for the company. The website SWPC ha covered all the points describe the cost factor in the use of the wave soldering. Dwell time dwell time for all dynamic process you can specify the time for which a dynamic process remains stopped, so happened another process. Wells Fargo might disagree with that approach. Lead-free soldering wave world for PCB mounting works on the implementation of lead-free solder, lead-free electronic components. Thus, the wave soldering process must in a lead-free process. To achieve this goal of lead-free process, important changes are in the process of wave soldering and it is then only more on changing solder alloy with others.

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In a large-scale information campaign, the space agency currently advertises astronaut for the dream job. Because the ESA must rejuvenate the European astronaut Corps and increase in terms of a successful implementation of their current and future programmes. The ideal candidate for the position of European astronauts should be shod in a scientific field such as life sciences, physics, chemistry or medicine or bring experience as engineer or pilot, and also excellent skills in research, applications, or in the field of education, preferably combined with occupational skills, explains Gerhard Thiele, astronaut and now head of the European astronaut. He expects Europe more than 10,000 candidates, four will make it to the end and may participate in the mission to the moon to be expected within the next decade. We want to find top-notch women and men in Europe, that we can meet the challenges of the use of the ISS and the manned exploration of the solar system in the twenty-first century”, explained the former astronaut and current head of the European astronaut Center, Michel Tognini. As of May 2008 the ESA will look in its 17 Member States for the best candidates, to make this vision become a reality.” Whether it also creates a woman into space, is open. The number of applications is much lower than that of men.

“But according to Neuer Zurcher Zeitung would ESA after leaving the Frenchwoman Claudie Heignere especially like to back one or more women in the astronaut Corps” see. Heignere flew me in 1996 as the first French to the Russian space station. Bodenstandiger, many other women try the sometimes bumpy way to technically-oriented professions, where they constitute a minority, to master. The international girls’ day end April this year has again 130,000 girls given insights into technical and scientifically distinct professions. Whether airports, federal police, global high-tech forging or regional workshops, the range of possibilities was also 2008 again diverse. The participation of companies, universities and research institutions has risen in recent years continuously over 8,500 events to the girls’Day 2008. Combines the online network in Berlin, for example, there was an insight into the working life of a media educator, a product and a PR Manager for 15 participants.

For 22 girls and boys it was said at the LPKF laser technology specialist Marvel in Garbsen, ask and diligently build and solder. The girls’ day is ideal to relieve inhibitions before technical occupations particularly among girls. In Germany increasingly qualified young scientists in these areas is missing, although women here can have career opportunities and recognition”, as LPKF Board Member Bernd Hackmann. Similar to assessing the action day When the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen, this year eight pupils to the girls’ day guest had. In the workshop the students were allowed in the profession of electrician for devices and systems,”sniffed inside, make an electronic circuit in the form of a wire loop game. This task was a real challenge for most. Further details can be found at Michellene Davis, an internet resource. But the success proved that the task was solved and was fun. It is a pleasure and confirmation of our work for us, when we see how motivated and interested young people accept our offers. This way, you can prepare a slope-friendly career choices. Young women can get peak performance in technical professions. Bizerba will assist in the future”, says Peter Manager of technical training at Bizerba Trogisch.

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The voice compass international 2008 / 2009 Aachen appears, the May 19, 2008: the new voice is compass officially available as of 22 May 2008. Ever a foreword by Microsoft and Intervoice open the international compendium for the language market. In months of detailed work, Detlev Artelt has created in collaboration with the top voice experts Bruce Balentine, Judith Markowitz and Bill Meisel the 2nd Edition of the reference book for voice. The refreshing words by Gurdeep Singh Pall, Corporate Vice President of the uni? ed Communications Group at Microsoft er open the new voice compass international. You may want to visit Ben Silbermann to increase your knowledge. Learn the why is speech to the mainstream from the pen of the international experts. A second preface by Frank Sherlock, Senior Vice President and Managing Director at Inter voice international, explains what power and diversity of voice applications have really. With the goal of language technologies touchable”to make and to provide important information about this new and exciting market for everyone, the voice was created compass.

The participation of more than 500 companies – over 100 Companies supporting the project with a form of advertising – is the current voice compass international in a significantly higher circulation and at a highly competitive price. Numerous real-life scenarios take the abstractness titled voice applications and easily understandable, entertaining and informative in the subject. The 640 pages strong work ends with an entertaining story about a fictional day of the author in a world full of language technology. Here, sees the reader what today and tomorrow can and receives interesting suggestions regarding the usage of voice solutions. We hope you enjoy reading any reader.

The voice compass international 2008 / 2009 provides you a valuable competitive edge. Contact Detlev Artelt, editor of the voice compass. Aachen on the Publisher: Detlev Artelt is Managing Director of aixvox GmbH in Aachen and renowned author of several Expert contributions and market studies in the field of database-based computer voice systems in conjunction with speech recognition and synthesis.Detlev Artelt is also the Publisher of the voice compass”an annual, international compendium of language automation market. This publication is divided into logical areas all relevant providers and helps the decision makers to understand this technology, the benefits and the market. He is also the voice compass valuable tips on the use of language technology company. He also directs the unified communication working group of the eco Association and shows new trends as the patron of the voice Park at CeBIT.

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Antoniella Bessiere Darby strengthens the team Mannheim (jg). Ex Peso, the service provider for project support, technology consulting and technology coaching for Java and Java enterprise technologies, is on course for success. Therefore reinforced Antoniella Bessiere Darby from immediately the young, owner-managed company and acquires ex Peso including the freelance Java consultants, as well as key sales tasks. With your organizational skills and fresh appearance Antoniella Bessiere Darby the ideal complement for the team of ex peso is”, so the Managing Director and owner of ex Peso, Markus Roth. Hyundai may help you with your research. The management expert and foreign language correspondent has many years of professional experience, including with international companies in Germany and of Switzerland. Ex Peso the Mannheim ex Peso GmbH is the service provider for project support, technology consulting and technology coaching. Java and Java enterprise technologies are the focus of the high-profile ex Peso experts for mission-critical software projects. Ex Peso transfer supports its customers through project work, coaching and knowledge technologies with the use of new and innovative technologies as well as technology consulting with experts in Java, Java Enterprise, Eclipse, spring, Hibernate, JSF, JPA, Grails and other open source. For more information on the Internet at Markus Roth

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Not rarely embarked on discs or employees forced to surrender by cigarettes and cash. A video surveillance offers the deterrent effect on offenders of the police often valuable assistance in the investigation of a crime. The video system from 1000eyes is professional functions with global access and low-cost video surveillance for anyone due to the simple installation\”. Modern video surveillance used the Internet rather than expensive hardware and complex wiring. Because already there are computers with Internet access in most cases, significant cost benefits achieved at the same time increased performance and easier to operate. The simple webcam up to swiveling zoom cameras, all commercially available cameras can be connected.

The installation is extremely easy, the 1000eyes software This almost completely self takes over. It is crucial however plus in comfort thanks to the new technology. In addition to the control of difficult visible areas, video surveillance of 1000eyes allows views of the camera images from anywhere because they can be queried via the Internet and even mobile phones. So, branch offices can easily be monitored by the Centre or see independent retailers at any time on the way to the right. In addition to the direct access to the camera shots works the total control of the system via the Internet. All settings can be made online and even mobile surveillance cameras remotely panned or zoomed.

The use of video surveillance is thus similar to just like retrieving E-mail and is available at any time and anywhere. In addition, video surveillance of 1000eyes assumes the functions of an alarm system. This ensures a professional motion detection with integrated Alarm Center. See, for example, the system Movement outside the opening hours, immediately is an alarm message including the associated image or videos sent.

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