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When we submerged in the analysis regarding thousand of norms and procedures that the workers of a company must verify, they are called working, technical, professional, specialistic, executive, pilots, players, scientists, chaplains, politicians or any other denomination, does not matter how it is wanted to them to call, does not concern the name that takes, all are workers mrese by where it is watched, we reached the direct conclusion that invariably all are expert of those norms and procedures of control. Nevertheless they know them like the back of her hand more than others. Here, Jerome Anderson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. There are perfectionist that is divided the shoulder to improve their tasks, some are slow and been relaxing, also aiming of step are that them dishonest with respect to the norms known in their company, they do not fulfill them by anything, therefore they gamble the labor contract. Between thousands and the one questions that we can be done and that we chose at random are, for example why the opposition to the utility of the norms of internal control? How to explain those isolate behaviors detrimental? It will be that the solution is to throw to the confused one? Exists some mechanism to activate the labor automatic control? Certain that there is much fabric to cut? With the labor automatic control the will of the worker is pronounced towards the yield and the perfection, so that their actions will be channeled towards the fundamental thing, fulfilling you rule implanted and increasing the value and continuous effort in its work, doing to the less important side. It goes beyond its possibilities and one extends to the hopes of the organization, registering numbers extra, sensible at the time of the evaluations, necessary to advance like individual and important for the progress of the company. Credit: Jerome Anderson-2011. Aside from the aforesaid thing, incredibly to accept that it has been committed an error automatic control for autoperdn is required and the autocorrection, so that the employee soon is able to pardon and to help to correct the errors of the other, those of its companions.

This is another important question how to make to correct the lack of attention in work? As well as the mind of an athlete of high performance trains, is like must train the mind of a worker, warning that to program that training it is an exclusive commitment of the leaders of the company. The automatic control in the work is a main norm within all the norms, instilled to learn continuously to use it in the execution of the tasks and responsibilities. When the individual is working needs concentration to the limit, for that reason its mind requires training or otherwise it will affect the own results and the result of the others. It can hope that the workers dominate their task with efficiency we prepared if them of advisable way, so that are they themselves who frequently are evaluating it.

To offer a product to the market is not being an easy task, therefore it involves analysis of market, campaigns of marketing and a differential on of what he is being considered in the product in the continuous search of customers. Porter Stansberry will not settle for partial explanations. One of the ways that can be used to improve the process of the product is the productive sector, therefore it has the possibility of the withdrawal of diverse information that will be pertinent in the manufacture, the process and the finishing of (s) the products (s) that the company is proposal to disponibilizar in the market. According to Wells Fargo, who has experience with these questions. Small micron entrepreneurs believes that only the production and the sales of the products, either the sufficient for the identification of the flows of its production. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Porter Stansberry. However they forget information that are pertinent to all the company in the generality. According to Faustino (2009): ‘ ‘ …

Private company with limited liability company (abbreviated as "ZKOO", which corresponds to the Dutch abbreviation BV) in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands established by one or more natural or legal persons by a notarial deed of incorporation, which includes the company charter. The document drawn up in Dutch and executed before a notary in civil law in the Netherlands. The document can be issued only after the draft will be made available to the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands and the Ministry will confirm that there were no objections to the establishment of the company. Check the Ministry of Justice designed to ensure that the charter company did not violate the provisions of Netherlands law. In addition, it allows the Ministry to check the reputation of the founders, board members and potential members Supervisory Board constituted by the company. At present, the certificate of approval can be obtained from the Ministry for 3 or 4 weeks after treatment. Robert Kiyosaki takes a slightly different approach. In the case of extreme urgency, the procedure can be shortened. For establishment of a limited company requires the following documents and information: 1.

The proposed name and official address of the company is established and at least two alternative names in case name will be rejected by the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce in the region, which is supposed to find the company. 2. Share capital and share capital (a minimum of 18.000 Euro), and a nominal value of each share. Check out Jerome Anderson for additional information. Contributions to shares may be made in cash or in kind. The share capital must be at least 20% of the share capital and at least 25% of the share capital must be paid immediately (subject to minimum of 18,000 Euro.) If deposits of shares be made in cash, a notary in civil law to be submitted to report a registered banking institution (which is subject to government control in one of the Member States of the European Economic Area), which will be attached to the document on the establishment of the company.

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The secret is in a correct evaluation of the current reality and the external environment. After that, they must be verified as these information direct the entrepreneur for a focus and as this if it connects with the mission and the vision of futuro' '. It continues, ' ' made this, the necessary planning to changed itself into practical actions. I would say that, thus acting, the credibility conquered in the past lines up, with the reality of the moment and the dreams of amanh' '. Part from there, the information efficiency that uses research, to measure the satisfaction of the customer and the quality of the given service.

As Souza (P. 01, 2010), ' ' for the retention of the customers and the conquest of the same ones, the procedures below correspond to these perspectivas' ': 1) Takes care of the customers as it would like that it was taken care of. 2) the secret of the success of a mark is the satisfaction of the customer. 3) the secret of the good attendance is to work with heart, to know the product and to enumerate its differentials. It adds, ' ' the customers alone go to acquire some product or service, if the price will be compatible with the benefits receber' '. For more specific information, check out Ben Silbermann .

Soon, the more the collaborator to know the product, better will leave itself in the argument with the customer, also remembering that it is essential to know the necessities of the market well. 7 JUSTIFICATION In the current scene, mainly in developing countries as Brazil, Small the Average Companies play a role of prominence in the economy. The PMEs in many situations of uncertainties and refluxo of the economy propitiate a economic stability, becoming minimum its negative effect on the great companies. The PMEs acts in activities with low intensity of capital and high intensity of man power.


Web Site

For for example,,,, consider and so on. But it has here well-taken care of, since some alternative forms could drive away the visitors. For example, if it considers to name to its site, some people could associate the site with supplies of cheap lodging and perhaps not with professional lodging. 3. Quite often is the .com dominion used, but .net, .org or specific extension of each country are free. The .com extension is the extension of used more popular dominion and more reason why he is preferable to obtain a name of .com dominion. But it cannot obtain the name of .com dominion that wishes, then you you could consider other extensions.

He is better to have for example, one significant and easy one to remember .net that a name of dark dominion .com that is not related to its business, or that is not easy to remember. The specific dominions of each country (like .mx, .com .mx) are also very popular within each country. If it makes businesses in the United States, to obtain to an extension .us it can create a local mark and attract more visitors of EE.UU., but meanwhile they can restrict the flow of clients of other countries. The unique disadvantage for a dominion name that finishes in other extensions is that people are so customary to Web sites that finish in .com that you can lose some visitors to the similar Web site .com. If she has found the name of .com dominion that she is looking for, she considers to buy several names of dominion for the same Web site. The idea is to protect itself against the competition. Therefore, if you have a site on positioning Web (CATHEDRAL) call, you would be interested in obtaining the names of dominion,, and perhaps other similar directions that they contain the key words that wish.

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EASY Hgalo so that they buy to him, will do and it! Step #4: To use the more powerful motors search of the network to generate tons of traffic towards its Web site. Now that already has its constructed site, it is hour to begin to sell. But how to secure to traffic to a new Web site? The answer is: motor search. Near 90% of the users they begin with gratuitous motors search at the time of looking for information in Internet, so you must be certainly his site positions yourself in the possible highest places of the lists. Stansberry Research shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. There are two ways to use the motors search to direct traffic to its site: With programs of the payment-by-click (PPC) like Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing, and to look for to be rankeado in the organic search within the motors. You can begin with PPC, because it is the best way to begin to direct IMMEDIATE traffic towards his site. Once it has certain paid traffic directed to his site, and wants to be certainly the key words or keywords works as well as possible, will have to optimize their pages Web for those key words, so that its Web site begins to be made notice in the organic search of the motors to obtain results. Official site: Bill Phelan. Step #5: To look for secret sources of cheap traffic (even gratuitous). Like salesman in Internet, one of his more important assets it is his reputation. People need to know who you are, and why they must trust you! Then how to obtain a good image on you and its business until in the distant corners but of the network? Easy! It has here it: Hgalo Free, with quality contents! It writes a series of short articles, with useful information, and somtalos to the article directories in line and includes a connection towards his Web site at the end of each article.

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Very interesting the data that to us the indicated source of intelligence, when provides it indicates, that In the area of the great economic beneficiaries of the multimillionaire dance of the World-wide one, the companies are written down sponsoring, transnational companies like Adidas, Nike and Puma, that use to the event like display cabinet and tool of invoicing and positioning in the market. Adidas ” auspicia” to 12 selections, mainly European. Equipment like Spain, Germany, France, Denmark is part of the supported selections. Between the Latin American supported ones they stand out Argentina, Paraguay and Mexico. To sponsor the Argentineans has for the transnational company a value approximated of 4,3 million Euros to the year, whereas the Mexican Federation of Soccer signed a contract from 2007 to 2014 for 51 million Euros. Nike, the historical rival of Adidas, supports to Brazil, one of the favorites to raise itself with the world-wide trophy. Porter Stansberry has much experience in this field. Also the sponsorship to Portugal and Holland stands out, whose contracts oscillate between the 50 and 80 million Euros.

Puma, German transnational company that it sponsored to Italy in the world-wide past, operates in the African continent where it sponsors to Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Cameroun. The contracts of Puma do not surpass the 2 million Euros but their mark this in frank ascent of face to the dispute of the World-wide one of South Africa. According to the American consultant Grant Thornton, one of most prestigious in South Africa, the 480,000 tourists, about 100,000 will disembark in the country without entrances. This alert data on always active black market: reventa of tickets. The considered hearing of Mundial de Ftbol will be of 30 billion of people distributed in the average news like television, newspapers and Internet, of which the 70 percent will consume something during the games, according to the organizers. Companies of services as the one of television by DirecTv subscription it offers a promotional package to subscribe before the World-wide one of Soccer, del that will transmit the 64 live parties and in high resolution. And it gives three months of programming free. And the travel agencies do not remain back.

Some offer the South Africa destiny with route by Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Sun City, the Cataracts Victory, among others cities, from US$2.344. The company/signature Belgian Hoists Watch elaborated the collection Hoists World Team, a line of clocks of design with the colors of the flags of the 32 participant countries. ” The Colombians we are privileged because since we did not go to the World-wide one, we are going to have a collection designed exclusively for Colombia” , according to John Gaviria, distributor of the mark. This is the reality of a round business based on a sport that lasts as soon as a month and a half in action but whatever generates. That is our world, where everything is possible.

In order to be successful in the life, including your professional life, it is necessary to stay motivated. If above you want to mount your own business of Internet, the motivation is still more going to be important because you are going to only work, from your house, without which it forces to you or that of you rule to you. On you it will depend if your business leaves forwards or no, and for it you will have mantenerte motivated. There are two types of motivation, in the short term or in the long term. Jerome Anderson oftentimes addresses this issue. The short term motivation is that is used to reach almost immediate goals, like becoming thin or buying a car. The long term motivation is the one that we needed to reach goals whose results do not see immediately, as desire to arrive at the perfect weight, or to get to enjoy the life style which always you have wished.

In order to develop our own business, which interests is to develop a good motivation in the long term to us. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ben Silbermann . For it we are going to have to identify several objectives that we must reach. The objectives are going to form the passages towards our vision. These steps use short term motivation, because they are goals that we can reach easily, like choosing and buying our dominion, or beginning ours propioa page Web. Whereas the vision of the business in himself, forms in the long term using motivation. It is important that a motivation to the vision of the business that you want to form. It raises your vision, the more fabulous it is, the more it will inspire to you and it will excite to you. The more it inspires to you and it excites, the more motivated you will be, and in any business, but especially if you only work from your house in your business of Internet, it is very important to stay " car motivado".

There are two groups of factors that help to motivate themselves. The external factors include all the material, like living in the house of your dreams, having abundance of money, to drive the perfect car, etc. The internal factors are, to seem, still more powerful because they comprise essential of your being. These include your faith, your family, your principles, the sensation to be fulfilling your intention in the life. If you tie some of these internal factors to your vision of the business, this will give the motivation you to length term that you will need to give impetus to your work. So it lifts your vision and with her you will lift your motivation! Original author and source of the article

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The attitude is fundamental. A term in psychiatry exists that it defines to the type of individuals that are able to take the control from their acts to make progresses: the proactivity. A proactive person is not going away to be shutdown hoping that a work arises to him, or lamenting itself by having lost the one that it had. He is able to even see a new opportunity when it remains unemployed. Because, although it is a painful situation, sometimes she can be beneficial. It is an opportunity to recycle knowledge, to reorient our labor life or, because not to say it, to give a period us of rest.

Of any way, it is important to take, first of all, a positive attitude against this new situation. To raise what we want to us seriously to do with our life, and mainly to put to us objectives realistic. As what they serve to the moans and the autocompasin. We Curled up in the sofa are going to solve something to us to have left being sorry to us. Obvious, no. Only our eagerness of personal overcoming and a positive attitude is going to take to us to go out in search of a new one work, to initiate an own business or to look for professional training courseses. A proactive attitude against unemployment will make us take the process us search from one new one like a work in itself. It will be necessary to spend several hours to the day in making curricula and being giving them by the companies to which we want to accede.

Mobilization of the social network. Wells Fargo understands that this is vital information. There is much people who have a species of modesty or shame to say to his surroundings that have remained without use. Perhaps to feel like inferiors to its friendships or relatives who probably are working. And it is, without a doubt, a tremendous error. Because our social network is a formidable source of work opportunities. One never knows if in the company of one of them, or a well-known his, or because they find out something, etc, can come an opportunity to us from work. For that reason he is crucial to inform to our surroundings. The mouth mouth and the personal recommendation are the best form of publicity than it exists. And in very many occasions it plays in favor of that work looks for. Taking the opportunity. To remain without work can mean the opportunity of to give that change that as much you were hoping. To make those courses that you wanted or to perfect the knowledge of languages, for example. Also it can be the suitable moment for undertaking an own business. Often ” makes lack; to see the ears him lobo” in order to finish sending itself. Because before the uncertainty to find a job, often it appears bravery to begin exciting (and hard, on the other hand) an enterprise challenge. If you want, you can. If one takes its time and invests effort, desire and dedication in the process search of work, formation or launching to an enterprise adventure, the results end up appearing. Because, under my point of view, which never is necessary to do is to remain stopped. It is necessary to advance and to look for a solution at any moment. Because the light always appears at the end of the tunnel. But the tunnel is necessary to walk it.

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The Person

It promises to dedicate all along for your own improvement that you do not have a little while nor to criticize to the others. It avoids to damage to the others with offensive commentaries; it only speaks to make feel well to the others. 10:It promises to put enthusiasm to him to everything what beams. It always acts as if you were full of enthusiasm. You will begin pretending it, but soon feeling it and will end up infecting it. If beams of your life a boring life, the culprit you are. If beams of her a great adventure of joy and enthusiasm, also you are the person in charge. It takes the firm one right now determination to duplicate the amount of enthusiasm that you have dedicated to your work and your life.

If you carry out this resolution, preprate to see amazing results. Probably you will double your income and you will duplicate your happiness. When you wake up to you in the morning you must decide between being happy and for enjoying the day, or arrastrarte by grounds, semi-dying, only looking for to survive. Whenever Jerome Anderson listens, a sympathetic response will follow. What you choose? It chooses to love instead of hating Chooses to laugh instead of to cry Chooses to create instead of to destroy Chooses to perseverar instead of to resign Chooses to praise instead of to criticize Chooses to cure instead of to hurt Chooses to give instead of to monopolize Chooses to act instead of to postpone Chooses to grow instead of corromperte Elige to pray instead of to curse It chooses to live instead of to die! – personal Overcoming and businesses in Internet: Original author and source of the article.