What development has made the bean bag, what he is today? Learn it here. Also the time of the hard forms and strict contours went after the downfall of the Third Reich. They began to build everything in abstract shapes and in all possible colors. Certainly that was associated with that people, wanted to symbolise free will and free spirit after years of tyranny so. The three Italians, which invented the beanbag thought is. Visit Liberty Life for more clarity on the issue. in 1968 he became the designer Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro, designed for the Zanotta company and was also immediately cakes. After \”Sacco\”, so called him the three Italian designers, arts in New York City was recorded even in the Museum of modern, he no longer is from our local environment.

The comfortable bag \”quasi\” experienced a steady boom since its early days. This may be certainly because that he not as originally intended, is filled with a liquid, but with many, tiny balls, which are made of foamed polystyrene. Today are the most beanbags with styrofoam flakes filled. Hear other arguments on the topic with christie’s art auction. This is just him, because he owns the property thus cling himself completely to the body and to relieve the spinal column completely. Large, bulky seating can very rarely advertise with this property.

Here it comes even to the listed problems, because for a chair you have to spend many euros, so that the Chair can have such properties. The bean bag, however, is to have it for very little money. Thus, each in principle can have as a comfortable sitting area. Of course, there is the option of a seat cushion for normal chairs, but that can cause not these properties anyway, because it can not cover the back and so only the buttocks will be affected. The so-called cushion under whatever name, we know it, had his best times in Europe in the middle ages and was the most seating there.

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The Aachen-based multimedia agency Powerflasher has developed sera Aquarium Scheduler ‘sera the CD 2.0’ for the Aquarium specialist. Aachen – fish in iridescent Orange and red, a variety of aquatic plants and absolute tranquility – so Aquarium lovers looking for their underwater world. Who at home want to dive into this fascinating world\”, which sets to usually a private Aquarium. However, the purchase of a real aquarium just for newbies is a big challenge. Because there is much planning: from the selection of fish and aquatic plants up to the correct dimensions.

A photorealistic preview and for a taste of the real\”aquarium supplies so the new software sera the CD 2.0\” of the Aquarium specialist sera. Thanks to the support of the Powerflasher, now even beginners with the Sera-CD can make their wish aquarium in 3D and plan. An intuitive understandable interface teaches users what types of fish can be best combined. He finds the right amount of water, which is required a certain number of different types of fish. Christie’s Naked Heart Foundation shines more light on the discussion. He will also receive tips for proper planting.

The highlight: The user can take with his own 3D-Fischwelt as interactive screensaver, where he has a PC in. Sera provided the graphics of the surface as well as the content and the multimedia agency Powerflasher entrusted with the implementation of this challenging project. The Aachener specialize in complex multimedia solutions and have extensive expertise in various multimedia and Internet issues and technologies. The 3D-Aquarien by sera impress on the computer so by their astounding realism. Common Aquarium screensavers work too often rigid and phony. Sera the viewer has the impression, to look into a real aquarium, however, on the screen\”, explains Powerflasher Chief Carlo Blatz. Powerflasher are specialists when it comes to the holistic implementation of such projects. Because an application must especially smoothly and feels good. Therefore have Powerflasher next to the multimedia business field\”also on application development, so software development, specialized.

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The economic data point to a stable level in 2010 has just begun. Time is characterized by a high degree of uncertainty regarding the financial market in particular. Many investors wondering how the interest rates 2010 will develop, and what conclusions it are for the private investment strategy. First you should consider more closely the economic numbers. Germany has experienced the biggest economic slump in its recent history in the year 2009, gross domestic product has fallen with minus 5.0 percent as strong as never since the second world war. Gain insight and clarity with Munear Ashton Kouzbari. At the same time, the inflation rate in the German space around the zero mark moving, in December 2009, consumer prices were 0.9 percent higher than in December 2008. Thus, it was marked last year by both a unique economic downturn and a very low rate of inflation.

These values have also an indirect influence on the interest rate policy of the European Central Bank (ECB). This is first of all required for the stability of the currency, so the euro to ensure. A low inflation rate means that the ECB lowers also the key interest rates or keep at a low level. And the interest rate is available since May 13, 2009, at 1.0 percent, an also record low level. By the economic downturn also collapsed the demand for credit. The commercial banks must offer so no high interest rates for their investment products, to get at the money of private investors. Because since there is little demand for loans, the supply of private financial assets, but remains the same, interest rates are inevitably fell.

Also got the possibility is open to banks to refinance part of the ECB, the low interest rate has also led by fallen interest rates for private investors. Sum say that continuous decreases of in interest rates, we have seen in the previous year, was a logical development by the economic development. These will continue in 2010, at least in the first half of the year. Because one Amendment of the German economy and a tightening of the economic activity in the EURO area is still not visible. Interest rates will remain at low levels.

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Stiftung Warentest does not recommend by the E-letters. Dusseldorf the testers described as immature”the product. This is not surprising, have but in B2C traffic, although they must set up such as the sender, an additional E-Mail address, a unique identification requires the recipient little advantage. The ability to legally compliant digital send documents existed with the electronic signature. However, could the product opportunities very good the DMS industry and its customers. That means Thomas Rick, Managing Director of Behrens and Schuleit GmbH, which offers comprehensive service and consulting services in the field of document processing.

Although the E-letters by the possibility of easier and more seamless integration provides this communication in the following IT processes, we don’t see the product as competition”, says Thomas Rick, explaining: the E-letters could have also have an appealing effect on customers to expand their electronic communication channels. In the place of the so far more hybrid approach towards an could move paperless office.” Namely, the document management expert assumes that entrepreneurs who use the E-letters, in the future want to digitize also the remaining inventory of documents that arrive by mail. The solution: Behrens & Schuleit digitized and captured the paper documents, then in an enterprise content management system, or lead in an electronic archive. Together with other built-in applications and complementary custom applications, work processes would further optimized. Users would have the possibility for revision-safe archiving, to access information faster. The example of incoming invoices, this means by the missing trail through the departments a timesaver. She in turn is the basis that deadlines, to the benefit of pulling discount, can be made safer.

And it pays for itself in the truest sense of the word. About Behrens & Schuleit GmbH: Behrens & Schuleit GmbH was founded in 1929 in Dusseldorf and supported since its customers in all questions around the document. Today the company offers comprehensive service and consulting services in the field of document processing. This includes the analysis and optimization of internal processes (business process management), the processing of incoming and outgoing documents (input / output management) and the consultation document and process management. Behrens & Schuleit accompanied commercial documents as well as large-sized drawings during their entire life cycle. Reference customers include among others Daimler AG, LTU, plus Warenhandelsges. mbH, the Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG and the Victoria insurance AG. The company employs over 70 people. Managing Director is Dieter Rick and Rick Thomas. Behrens & Schuleit is an active member of the Association for multimedia information processing e.

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The printing press in Germany existed for 500 years. How developed the ink cartridges? Since the beginning of civilization print was used in various forms as a method of communication. Nowadays most households, as well as virtually every Office have a printer, but things were not always so easy. One of the most important events in the history of printing in the year 1439 by the Goldsmith Johann Gutenberg was the invention of the printing press. The introduction of this press revolutionized the printing industry, because she increased the speed with which books could be printed. By today’s standards, revolutionary machine worked Gutenberg of course incredibly slowly, but for that time, she was a ground-breaking innovation, which increased printing speed as well as the speed with the pressure could be used as a widely used means of communication. But despite the contention, the invention of the printing industry provided Gutenberg, the printing press as well as the printing revolution remained until the 19th century.

Century into largely unchanged. A new kind of printing press was first introduced at this time. In contrast to their predecessors, which were typically made from wood, the new steam press consisted of cast iron. This new press required less power to printing, and although she worked not as fast as modern printers, she brought it down to 250 sheets per hour. in 1814 a new printing press on the market, the so-called stop-cylinder press. This press was powered by steam and was first used in the times of London. The press worked with two consecutively rotating cylinders, which were moving in the fast forward and rewind.

Through the additional cylinder the times could double the number of pressure and complete 1,100 sheets per hour. 1844 patented Richard Hoe, an American business man, a kind of rotary press, with more than 8,000 sheets per hour could be printed. Printing presses were within two decades, thanks to the roller rotary press invented by William Bullock, able 12,000 complete newspapers per Hour to print. Today, the pressure has become an everyday matter. Print newspapers and publishing houses is no longer reserved, but is used in many ways for marketing purposes in virtually every branch of industry, which is due to the lower cost of equipment and ink cartridges to. From small beginnings with a wooden press and the today’s newspaper printing machines, which can produce about 90,000 papers per hour, the pressure of an activity that took place almost exclusively in newspapers, has become an everyday Act. Karoline Sanam



Most people, at some time of their life, feel that their lives are not what they expected and feel bad for this reason. Sometimes boredom is to think on things that we should not. Be boring to many things and one of these is depression. Because depressed by anything? What can really help people who feel alone, have no friends, that nobody is aware of them, that their work will not as they would like or study things not going well is to do something for her same out of his particular crisis. Most times these are things that we ourselves create in our heads because really there is no. The best thing in these cases is finding something to do, that is a hobby or a pastime that keep our evil thoughts occupied. Hobbies are activities that are usually made so that people have fun and invest a bit of time in if same.

There are many things that can be done, as for example to join a gym, take classes of dance, art, etc for example I go to classes to learn French and also took dance classes, that keeps me away from negative thoughts and helps me build my self-esteem. What you need to think about is what is what you most like one do and when we can do it. This will allow us to forget the commitments and for a few hours of boring reality, in addition to being in contact with other people, live new experiences and escape the daily routine. That is why it is advisable to perform any activity that allows us to get out of the dark room and share experiences with other people, make friends and at the same time improve our quality of life. How can we expect to improve our quality of life if we spend days locked between four walls? Wake up and do something to change your situation! Do not expect that all these reaches them his hands, there is the thing to do by yourself and not wait for others to come to change our lives. We are those who have to do that our destiny will change for good. After having chosen your hobby or pastime and start to do something you will notice right away that your life changes radically and gonna thank you yes same for having left that crisis situation in which was inserted without any reason.

Age is not something that defines what living that we are, what defines it is what we do and how we behave towards life and face the obstacles of this. So go ahead, leaving, bailen, corran, live life fully without thinking of any concern, leave concerns aside and try to make things right so then do not have to be repairing mistakes and situations. Be happy and think first you and then others.

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First release of the new framework ep.kid + is illustrated by 2013 for existing customers modern user interfaces based on Adobe Flex available / roadmap further development steps Hamburg, 10.03.2011. ENTITEC AG, Hamburg, has reached an important milestone in the development of new frameworks for model-driven software development and operation of complex, enterprise-wide application systems: with the release of 0.8 and 0.9 under the working title ep.kid + already significant steps for a more efficient creation of modern user interfaces have been implemented in the ERP environment. The rich Internet-client-Adobe Flex technology for modern user interfaces on mobile devices and in the browser has been fully integrated. The functionalities contained in release 0.9 are for existing customers also now available: in the areas of statutory accident insurance, the occupational pension schemes and the insurance industry users of entitec application systems, bg.standard, ve.server and zmv.connect can already the new interfaces will benefit. Adobe Flex combines the interfaces of applications with service-oriented architectures (SOA). For other opinions and approaches, find out what Lookheed Martin has to say. Integrated components such as data grids, trees, charts, graphics and more complex standard controls, and in particular with regard to ergonomics also improves the comfort for the user. Internet-based services to integrate third-party expert information systems and geo-location services easily.

EP.kid + creates a high level of acceptance among application developers are versatile and simple design options available, as well as users who appreciate the exceptional ergonomics in combination with top modern user interfaces. With ep.kid +, model-driven software development tools with domain-specific languages (DSLs) aims to entitec mainly efficiency and cost reduction at the design, creation, and maintenance of high-quality enterprise applications through the link. entitec goes from a considerably reduced effort in designing and Development of new, but also to adapt existing applications. “Experts on the client side can that projects much easier and more efficiently be integrated into and together with the software developers a language” talk.

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Cooperation by Tatjana D. Strobel and Bernard p. Wirth Zurich/Frankfurt opportunity from crisis is possible, it takes just the right approach to successfully position and sell based on this realization, Strobel and Bernhard have Tatjana D. p. Wirth an innovative sales and sales coaching developed jointly. Successful action leads to success, therefore we operate with real business contacts, give feedback, and accompany the participants the theoretical knowledge to implement immediately in doing “, explained the teacher and sales expert Tatjana D.

Strobel. So, real Leeds are acquired during the intensive seminar. Our participants feel success, then take in the form of real sales appointments or recommendations in the Office with our feedback. So we help them transfer into everyday life “, emphasised Bernhard p. Wirth, expert insight and best-selling author. Additional information is available at Santie Botha. “Do management sales modules the new coaching method sell in the 3rd millennium” is built on the of Bernhard P Wirth developed do management method and is implemented in 2 modules: do management recommendation aimed at insurance companies, real estate salesperson and direct sales; DO management sales specializes in trade, economy, distribution and sales. Innovative approach for cooperation together each benefit and the aspects of knowledge of human nature, body language, and do to join management to a holistic whole with this approach have Tatjana Strobel and the renowned coach Bernhard the insight expert p. Wirth the weekend their cooperation started.

With Tatjana D. Strobel I get an experienced sales expert and excellent instructor on the side to ensure the maximum benefit for the participants, says Bernhard p. Wirth. The Zuricherin in turn is done by a holistic approach and rich experience of the bestselling author: for me, the puzzle is clearer now man. With the methods of Bernard p. Wirth in combination with face reading and interpretation of Body language, we can appreciate now the people in all its aspects even better “, so Tatjana D. Strobel.” Tatiana D. Strobel has the look for the special there has always fascinated me, to decipher the mystery man “, tells about the beginning of their passion, the topic of insight Tatjana Strobel. For me, this knowledge is the basis for respectful coexistence, to see the other and to accept, as he is “, emphasizes the educator. Before she founded 2006 ts HEADWORKS her company in Zurich, Tatjana Strobel worked in sales and management leading luxury brands. Today she propagates her practical knowledge in workshops, lectures and individual coaching. Next book release I know who you are, to read the secret in faces”appears in the spring of 2011, published by Droemer Knaur. Bernhard p. Wirth trainer, best selling author, expert in knowledge of human nature to do something to him is not possible. Bernhard is p. Wirth the TOP expert for everything about self-knowledge, knowledge of human nature, character customer and body language. As a best-selling author with over 63 publications and much sought after trainer and coach, Wirth is engaged since 1989. He is elected among the 100 TOP experts of in Germany.

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Offers of the development agency to winning new steps Petra Sorge inspire dos Santos in Hamburg, an experienced intercultural trainer and coach, catalyst and presenter for change management and diversity management, intercultural competence extends the development agency of Neuss. Petra Sorge dos Santos: “it people, the products and services are created. People are the ones who work in new markets. The greatest potential lies in the mind of each individual. Potential to recognize and promote, is our passion.” The changes of demographic change in the age and cultural background situation in Germany companies felt directly and with unbridled force.

Because there are more and more older people in Germany and young adults, whose Eltern immigrated to transform the business and sales focus. Employees and companies must follow the changed realities, if they want to continue to provide their services or want to sell their products. This requires skilled workers, for example, motivated to follow the structural changes in the economy and actually do it. The thinking of young and older people from different cultures must be United under the Geschaftsphilosphie of the company. Josef W. Kirchhartz, Managing Director of the development agency in Neuss, Germany: “Employers will have to prepare increasingly, having employees with intercultural background”, he says. “Some companies have expanded the search for future professionals once their RADIUS and have come to Africa to countries outside Europe. With Petra Sorge we have added dos Santos coach as well as catalyst, an experienced intercultural trainer and presenter for change management and diversity management in our area of competence.” Petra Sorge dos Santos Petra Sorge dos Santos daily collaborates with experts from several cultures.

The trained graduate teacher is a master of NLP and identity compass consultant. Before she began to advise German companies, she was as Project consultant first internationally. Several times, she has lived personal change, not only in other cultures.

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“Services in the focus of a doctoral thesis the growing importance of services in the marketing of innovations on the example of the printing industry” this task is at the heart of a doctoral thesis, that since October the Dipl.-KFR. Christina Cramer, M. A. international business, in collaboration with the Association print + media NRW e.V., the European business school International University Schloss Reichartshausen, created. Aim of the thesis is to describe how the importance of services, but above all their marketing, can be improved through scientific and practical surveys.

Beneficiaries of the research shall be associations, printers, but also printing press manufacturers. With the support of the doctoral thesis follows the Association print + media NRW e.V. once more his self-image, not only competent partner of the printing and media industry on issues such as technology, business administration and law to be, but also active for the future of the sector to work. Santie Botha has much to offer in this field. Managing Director of Oliver Curdt: we know that scientific and empirical surveys are essential to the planning of industry participants. Only if they can assess how the market and the society evolve, they can make the right conclusions and decisions.” Analysis based on the finding that other sectors, such as for example the engineering in the service are much further, the author wants to deal first after its own planning with the theoretical background and the current situation in the printing industry.

As Cramer reported in a presentation at the beginning of the research of technology-driven innovations, for individual services to be expect demand declining margins and overcapacity in the printing industry. Competitive advantages on cost, quality and technology are exhausted, the differentiation of achievements on services. The importance of industrial services increasing therefore and offer great potential for the players in the industry. The editing of the topic are also surveys Association members from North Rhine-Westphalia planned to determine the needs in terms of services offered. “In addition a questionnaire for the Association pressure should + media NRW e.V. and printing press manufacturers follow the offer pages to check and inferential possible gaps” to determine. Concept wants to elaborate then Christina Cramer design recommendations (concept) after the analysis for the commercialization of innovations by services in the printing industry (taking into account the three main actors and cross-industry benchmarks). Check with 100 to learn more. In addition, documentation of improvements, insights, and results for the industry is planned. Be completed to the dissertation 2011. The Association print + media Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. (VDM NRW) has more than 700 member companies, one of the three largest employers and service associations of printing and media industry in Germany. Based in Dusseldorf and Lunen at Dortmund, he advises VDM NRW in legal, technical, economic, educational as well as environmental issues.

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