Also additional information or company news can be communicated about the colorful wage bill as with a staff newspaper staff. The idea of colorful appearances of wage rises the online community of online service, which allows a fast and cost-efficient processing of pay slips. Under the heading of ideas ( idea) Sage seeks proposals and solutions from the community, which facilitate your daily work. Then you can evaluate the proposal and comment. Matthias Tandler, head of Division einfachLohn of Sage Software GmbH: the colorful time ticket is also a good addition to the ordinary payroll certainly, as he explains the workers in clear and understandable form, about his social security contributions are how high or how is the level of his sickness and holidays. He however isn’t a replacement for the monthly control of the payroll. Download Press release see: press download of images under: image archive visit you our social media newsroom under: socialmedia you are entrepreneurial and have questions about our products.

We will gladly advise you by telephone: Tel.: 069 / 50007 6006. press contact Mr Viktor Deleski Schwartz Public Relations Sendlinger Strasse 42A 80331 Munich / Germany EMail: Web site: phone: 089 211 871 43 fax: 089 211 871 50 the Sage Software GmbH is a company of the British Sage Group. This is the third largest provider of business software and services with approximately 13,400 employees and 6.1 million customers worldwide. The Sage Group revenues of 1,640 billion in the fiscal year 2008/2009. With over 25 years of experience, 250,000 customers, and more than 1,000 dealers is Sage of a market leader for business software and services in the German medium-sized businesses.

In the 2008/2009 financial year, Sage in Germany generated revenues of approximately 89.3 Millions of euro. The company employs in this country about 650 people. Sage solutions are specifically designed for the needs of local markets. They help small business as well as the upscale middle class here, to run their business more successfully. The comprehensive portfolio includes solutions for the areas of inventory management and production, financial accounting, business analysis, human resources and customer relationship management to special and industry solutions. An excellent service completes the offer. More information under: or Tel.: 069 / 50007 6006. Mr press spokesman Jorg Wassink Sage Software GmbH Emil by Behring Strasse 8-14 60439 Frankfurt am Main Germany EMail: Web site: telephone: 069-5 00 07 30 fax: 069-5 00 07-71 30

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Winners and losers from the perspective of intermediary service providers study: AssCompact AWARD 2010 private risk prevention (biometrics) Heidenrod, May 11, 2010. The livelihood not just since yesterday is a theme in this country. Even or maybe especially in times of financial crisis, the citizens are anxious to secure their belongings and goods. The most important thing is your own health. The financial damage which may occur to people due to a physical injury, is even existence-threatening circumstances. Experts agree: the awareness of the need for a private screening of risk has increased and it will continue to grow in the future. From the perspective of the agent, the strongest Division in the context of private risk management is currently the labour protection. Approximately 92% of surveyed agents indicate that one of its business priorities in this area.

It followed the death case insurance which offers approximately 64% of respondents, prior to the accident insurance with around 54%. Care additional security “is still the least significance. In this Currently little more than a quarter of the agents are working. A total of 170 product providers, votes were cast for the within the framework of this investigation, some companies stand out particularly. In the field of labour protection of the well-being of the people is federal. Dortmund is the clear favorite of the mediator here by a significant margin. In securing death certificate, the dialog can be adjusted the clear Favorites position.

Also the InterRisk seems to have their favorite role in the business field of the casualty safely held. The IDEAL occupies the top position from the perspective of the agent in securing care auxiliary, which was also investigated, but not honoured with an AWARD. The current survey will lead to these results private risk management, which was carried out in the framework of the annual series of studies to the AssCompact award by the management consulting company SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf of the bbg operating consultancy company, Bayreuth.

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NaviSpace Discovery – a new generation of navigation. In the navigator integrated GPS and GSM modules, which makes it possible not only to call him, but immediately see the traffic jams and options for their diversions (in the card comes bundled with "SMILINK" with free access to traffic jams on the month). To view this device must sim-card mobile operator MTS. Further fee for receiving stoppers from the company SMIlink will be 200 p. per month. High-precision navigation, power and versatility allow us to call Navispace Discovery modern multimedia-navigation system that can satisfy the most exacting demands of the modern motorist. Clear navigation signal reception in Navispace Discovery provides chipset SirfStar III, and is responsible for the road program "Navitel Navigator", is deservedly considered one of the best in the Russian market, due to ease of use and a great drawing card. "Jam" and Telephony One of the key features is the ability to NaviSpace information about traffic jams in real time.

Discovery is equipped with a GSM / GPRS module and connect the service from the company "SMILINK" driver always be aware of traffic congestion. In addition, NaviSpace can be used as a mobile phone. Two antennas for better signal reception even in areas where reception is poor navigator is equipped with two antennas – telescopic for GSM / GPRS and hinged to GPS. Multimedia For those who do not like to be bored on the way, Navispace Discovery offers a wide range of multimedia entertainment: music, games, videos.

HFO energy starts with Alexander Albert as Managing Director… HFO energy starts as a nationwide broker of the electricity and gas tariffs. (Not to be confused with Pinterest!). Through the cooperation with various vendors like TelDFax, Flexstrom, NUON, Eprimo, Lichtblick, Clevergy HFO energy offers an extensive electricity and gas tariffs. “We are looking for currently resellers who support us in customer acquisition” informed Alexander Albert CEO HFO ENERGY GMBH of independent electricity and gas rate broker HFO energy GmbH, starts with Alexander Albert as Managing Director. “Our company is as independent provider of nationwide electricity and gas tariffs market” informed Alexander Albert.

HFO energy provides approximately 15 renowned power and gas providers nationwide – including companies such as E.g. TelDFax energy, Flexstrom AG, Clevergy, NUON, a ray of hope, Eprimo and much more. “We are looking for new resellers who market our products nationwide to lucrative conditions!” explains Alexander Albert. Special attention on the area of the commercial sets HFO energy Wholesale. “Here we offer extensive customer service and support company with competent energy discussions.” HFO energy explains managing director Alexander Albert. HFO energy is a subsidiary of HFO Telecom AG with headquarters in Hof/Saale.

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