Does this sound familiar: books are bought, read, and then add up the shelves. One regiment, the second, now a cabinet packed with books … problem. Some solve this problem is simple – tolerate books in the entrance, where they dismantled the neighbors. And if books have any value? As they say, and it is difficult to store and throw a pity … Then there is another option – to hand over these books in secondhand shops.

Is better. So you can at least partially receive a refund on the book. And if real second-hand can not take any book, the virtual (which already exists in runet quite a lot) there are no restrictions – you can add any book and wait for it to find a buyer. But there is still and such books that are not suffer, even secondhand. Surely they must be based on a "dead weight"? More recently, this could be answered, "Alas, yes …" but now we say a firm "no". No, no book now would be useless to gather dust on shelves if we use the established "Universal Book system." Her goal – to give new life to each (!) Your book.

Think the book quite unnecessary – no problems, can it be anyone present. Do you want to sell – it is easy, the site work as usual antiquarian bookstore. And if the book is valuable, and you do not want to part with it forever – well, then you can change it to another, at the time of return. As you can see – all functions are now combined in one place. No need to upload lists of books in dozens of forums and bulletin boards. Enough to do it once on our site books.

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English language training of children should begin, perhaps, from the preparatory phase. Its meaning lies in the fact that a child with a teacher or a parent learns to control the sounds he utters itself. Usually because there is little heed is paid to the pronunciation of sounds. If the problem is the pronunciation of sounds rising sharply, usually parents turn to the speech therapist, who teaches the child to distinguish individual sounds and to pronounce from correctly. Learning English children, of course, should be designed naformirovanie correct pronunciation of foreign words a child. English tutor for children in vremyazanyaty tries say as many foreign words, and the child will be for him to repeat them here, of course, already at the early, preparatory stage, the teacher should teach children to pronounce correctly all sounds which occur to him in studying foreign words.

It is also important to teach children to control their breath, watch it. English language training children in the next phase aims to teach children to distinguish between vowels and consonants in words, both Russian and English speech. English tutor for children also shows that in Russian and English speech is the same sounds, vowels and consonants, and there are sounds that are pronounced similarly. It is very important in this time to teach a child to hear the differences between similar sounds of native and foreign speech. English tutor for children shows how to pronounce those sounds of English speech, which in Russian can not be found altogether. It is important that the child was able to correctly perceive hearing different sounds, and distinguish them alone reproduce them. Thus lays the foundations of correct pronunciation of foreign language.

Teaching English language children must include a minimum of theory. When a child learns to pronounce the foreign sounds good, you can move gradually to learning reading skills. But before better enable the child to learn a little set of English words, such as a series of nouns (names of toys and surroundings), from up to ten names of simple steps. Please note that English language training of children should begin with the words, simple to write, so it will be easier to go to the teaching of reading in a foreign language. English language training of children by parents may occur "between times" when you're playing with a child, doing household chores, walk or cook meals. In such an immediate atmosphere of knowledge is often much easier to digest because they are immediately put into practice. English tutor for children may also be to change the situation and improve effectiveness of training to go to a lesson on the street with a student, or play a simple game. It is important not to forget this, because such classes are usually of short duration, hence, will not cause your child tired and bored. Be sure to mark all the luck and the achievement of the child, praise them, it will be for him a great incentive for these activities and successes. Continuation of the article …

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In the current days with the globalization and the extreme competitiveness of markets, the abilities techniques had lost its ideal values, and the companies, had started to search each time more participant than they have mannering abilities and of relations human beings. In question of this, we are not enough to more terms only abilities to play definitive function, or to press a screw thousand of times, now what she is asked for in them is the called necessity of interpersonal ability, each required time more in the world of the businesses. This ability describes our way of if relating ones with the others, and that, if developed well, it will be able in them to add much value, to alavancar our careers, and he is of great value for who almeija executive positions and of leadership. However what a good interpersonal ability becomes in them different of the others that do not possess such developed ability well? This question can have some answers, will go to deal with here the main improvements that this ability brings to the people. First to have a good relationship interpersonal, the true self-knowledge is necessary. It knows its weak points and points strong, it obtains to know of its qualities and defects, and what to make to improve them. When if it knows itself exactly, it is started to give a bigger importance to it for things that really make meant to it, its vision of the world if becomes ampler, and is obtained with a bigger dexterity to display its ideas and thoughts and, mainly, its feelings. The self-knowledge takes in them to the rewarding pinpoint, and this is being very valued in the companies.

Therefore this knowledge of itself, this autoreflexo of being is the key to have a primoroso interpersonal relationship. The self-knowledge in supplies one better interpretation to them of our emotions, the reason acts ahead in definitive ways of diverse circumstances, so that these in such a way do not harm in them in situations day to day, and thus we sobressaimos in them and we obtain to face in more rational way the problems that we face every day. The psychoanalysis in the aid very in this practical. It in the aid to be learned to be who is, to have courage of in supporting them alone and in knowing them. We love people who we know who are and we admire, as will be able to be loved without if knowing? If you do not know who you are, you will not have courage the sufficient to place in practical its ideas, therefore she will not believe them faithful, moving of opinion to each unhouse sigh to its side. To have a good interpersonal relationship, nothing more is, that to have a self-knowledge and the great emotional intelligence. With this ability we will express in them better, make understanding in them more easily, we will cultivate greaters affection, and will serve as a springboard for our careers. The human being is a sociable being, therefore always we will go in them to relate ones with the others, and to have a good interpersonal relationship is the key to alavancarmos our careers, our affective and social life.


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At the end of the year reports are are reviewed, some components are changed the business cycle starts again. Second, the strategic communications plan is individual. There is no blueprint for all companies, services or products. It is not mass production. A communications consultant is the expert will determine the way forward with the help of their employer. OJO! The strategic plans are not only to enhance a gloomy picture of your business but also to maintain or improve yourself.

Strategic communication requires: 1 – Proper research and planning, beginning capture both the short and long term strategies to achieve them. Here is contemplated for example: a. Analysis of market situation and b. Diagnosis that reflects the needs for example: i. Strengthening or establishment of business image. ii. Recognition of the public. iii.

Increased sales. c. Determine how they will be, TV, radio, print, Internet, advertising alternating (billboards, bus ads, stickers on the floor of shops, etc..,), How to use, ie visual or print ads, postcards , pamphlets, flyers, etc., and the frequency of these tactics. 2 – Assign a budget. For less than your budget, you should always be allocated to marketing, promotion, advertising and public relations for your business. 3 – Schedule or candelarizar the plan in black and white to serve as a guide and can run at exactly the strategies and tactics. In my case, the use of 6 months or 1 year. 4 – Implementation of the strategic communication plan. 5 – Evaluation. Here we know the effectiveness of strategies, what worked and what did not. More importantly, it closes a cycle and opens another. After a thorough review, the new plan is drawn up. Finally, do not make two basic mistakes: 1 – Delete the budget. Many entrepreneurs do not recognize that advertising does not imply zero support, zero customers and no sales. 2 – Unfortunately, making communication in SMEs is seen as something simple that anyone can do, so he was not making importance in the organization of a company. Far from the truth! Did you do financial transactions of your business as a CPA or handle legal documents, as does an experienced attorney? Finally, 3 – Whether the company is willing to implement a communication plan. Then, to be captured the strategic communications plan on paper is not worth having, and shelved. Remember the strategic communications plan should become your business everyday. To make the most of your objectives, mission and vision his company in 2010, support is needed for a communications professional.

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In accordance with Decision 486 of the DOG (D.486) and the Law of Intellectual Property, (LPI) the right to the exclusive use of a mark is acquired by means of its registry before the Ecuadorian Institute of Intellectual Property – IEPI-; thus, in Ecuador it governs an attributive system as far as the sprouting of the right on a mark, because the registry solely grants exclusive rights on the mark in the Ecuadorian territory. Thus, the registry of the mark confers, among others, the right of the holder to use, to enjoy and to have the same; and, additionally the holder of the mark enjoys the right to prohibit on the part of third parties the following activities (155 Art.s D.486 and Art. 217 LPI): The use in the commerce of identical or similar signs to distinguish the same related products or other products or services; The sale, storage or introduction in the product commerce that contains the mark without the due authorization of their holder; The product import or export that contains the registered tradename; Emplar the registered tradename in publicity, commercial publications, documents or written communications; and? All that one use that can be considered analogous or assimilable previously to the described thing Thus, the marcario right looks for to protect the holder of a mark being avoided that third parties are worth of the economic effort that entails to position a mark in the market; and, as well, one looks for to protect the consuming public, so that at the time of choosing the goods or services of his preference it does not see vitiated the will by the concurrence in the market of signs that are not distinguishing to each other or of signs that reproduce registered tradenames without having the same enterprise origin and quality that the mark has to which they reproduce. For this reason, the protection of a mark by means of its registry before the IEPI constitutes dun element fundamental to be able to exert the rights that the communitarian and national legislation in the matter of industrial property confers. It registers your mark, protects your ideas.

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I know that many people are hardly beginning in this of businesses in Internet and I would like to give him some advice who I am safe will help many. These are my advice: It is able a notebook to make notes and writes his goals and objectives. It establishes a time in which a determined time is going to work in its business in Internet Asgnese to work in Internet and fulfills in this way. If you have a normal work, asegrese to take a rest after the work soon to work in Internet. It needs to be relaxed. Not approach in being still made rich. First it establishes small goals, to perhaps do his first $1 in Internet.

It is little, but once it understands how one works to make money, will be able to repeat the steps and to do many more. Tmese one or two weeks if it is necessary to read the different methods to make money in Internet. It remembers to take notes in his notebook. After the first or second week, it reviews its notes in the notebook and sees that method it likes more and wishes to work with this. It does not do something that it does not like or it bores to him, since to work in that it does not like it will take it to the failure.

It uses the tools search in finders like google to find information of the subjects with which it decides to work. Suscrbase to the lists of experts in the subjects that you want to work. Often they offer gratuitous reports that will serve as much aid and this will be beneficial to know the subjects better interest. It remembers to take notes. By then, it would have to already know exactly that it is required to begin its business and of making money in Internet.

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