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Look around carefully – the forums are full of it. Each of the like helps, is an authority on its niche in the long term. And who is always asked, can learn a lot, know what information people need and has the opportunity to develop significantly better products than the competition. Be 100% honest and authentic to yourself and others. Authenticity is the “nuts and bolts”, especially on the Internet. Just who is authentic is further recommended, viral effects throws or getting constantly new Trafficzulauf. Successful webmasters never shift out of alignment, texts may be clever and use copywriting (commercials) for their products and sales pages. But when it comes to personal emails, support, or customer communication, successful webmasters are authentic.

Without these character traits is itself no man long at the top can keep – or you know athletes, who for many years at the top and are not authentic to their coaches, managers and fans and honest? Set priorities and concentrate on one thing. Many people do so many things at once and achieve nothing. You can have many ideas and much planning, but in the actual implementation, you should concentrate on one thing only. Set priorities and focus on the next step and not the next five steps from three different projects. Successful webmasters and marketers are very effective especially in these things. Build up a name for speed and reliability.

Speed and reliability are some of the most important factors in our day and age. Who would like to work with bores and brake blocks together, making big plans or seek cooperation. Build up a good reputation and use the momentum built up when the time comes. Quality and quantity is everywhere popular. Be prepared to always do your best. Would you want to pay someone, doing your job only with half strength? People say it one if it only works with half strength.

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Rethink & reorientation. The printing house of the future will need to go new ways after 15 years, no longer need a prophet, to determine that printing, there is no more way past goes to the Internet for a zukunftsorientiere. But, it is even more important to give the company a clear profile with an individual concept. Model Internet printers the short, but very successful history of some Internet printers, are a good example, in which direction the business is developed. Today, at a time, which many a printing press just once have a Web page and an email address, generate the big”million sales in the Internet printing and promote actively, even on TV and in stadiums, for your printer. The Internet was and has become for them the most important sales channel. Their advantage is largely correspond to.

Specialize to be only present printing works only on the Web as, that is not enough. Web-to-print portals are a while ago as the oft-cited Been shot and almost just as quickly closed mushrooms from the ground”. It is not so easy. It is important first of all to recognize the strengths of your print. This applies consistently to develop it in the next step and expand. This sharpened profile”should be made then necessarily at all sales and marketing activities of your print shop in the Center. 6 tips to be successful as a printing company: What is your competition? What can you do better? Who can convince with the strengths of your print and win them as customers? Define a target group for your printer.

What customers want to win. Which target group, just your printer might find particularly interesting? Present, your services in the outer appearance, as accurately as possible. Is only”as the present brochure printing is not enough. Also within this market segment, you should raise the profile of your printing by other specialization/features. The printing house as belly shop”has no future. Who wants to print everything for everyone, its printing can give no clear profile. These things mutually exclusive and are only an obstacle with a unique positioning. What is the current range of your printer? This really covers the needs and demands of your target group? What can you technically, sales and or also logistically for your printer still do? Not only place the focus, to be perfectly positioned in the pressroom. The printing of the present and future, will “have to. sell your services Give your sales therefore all possibilities to be able to sell actively. Who issues the print job, when and where?” This daily to bring you experience and will be crucial to your success. The customer of the printing company determines the way he his”printer wants to find. It will be increasingly important for a successful printing company to know what way because it that are your customer goes. the market once reinforced Klaus Wallace

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In this essay I describe my insights arising based on the readings, dialogues and reflections derived from the trilogy of books known as spiritual intelligence, integrated by works: in unity with the self, the consciousness illuminated and the Nectar of happiness, whose author is Dr. Ramon Gallegos. The first book in unity with the self, allows the reader to understand clearly that spirituality is the knowledge of the true human nature, knowledge that is obtained directly, since it is not a learning and purely theoretical understanding, but it requires a practice that develop mindfulness, to make it possible to get rid of the misunderstanding of associating our true identity to impermanent States (Gallegos Nava. R. 2010, p. 5); get rid of the illusion of believing that we are only a biological body and a mind, rid of the misunderstanding to believe a human being separate from everything that exists; such direct knowledge is a reality greater than the world of the mind, so it requires the eye of the contemplation, called also the eye of the spirit to access such spiritual reality.

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Sectoral economic policy in the austrofascist State extraordinary times demand extraordinary methods. That put in relationship of law and time is a prerequisite for an appropriate assessment of standards and their content here. In 1933, specifically on the 22.Juli, decreed the Christian social Minister for trade and transport, Stockinger, a regulation about the mail-order business of footwear. The reason of this regulation was to protect of the local shoe retailer. They wanted to protect the small businesses threatened by the economic crisis and craftsmen, such as just the cobbler to the industrial producers of footwear and footwear wholesalers and induce them to share about the complete value chain from the industry and wholesale to retail consumers to distribute to the producer and trade margins according to. Regulation was extended by federal law this regulation entered into force on September 15, 1933 and was for the time being until the 15th of 1934 temporary.

This time limit has been extended with federal law of September 1934 until January 1, 1936. On December 31, 1935, an adapted scheme for the shipping trade of footwear was legally decided for the period from 1 January 1936 until January 1, 1937. This arrangement was extended subsequently to the year 1938. “In the years from 1933 to 1938 were in the so-called State”, on the basis of the Austro “was justified and provided an authoritarian governance, democratically composite parliaments were switched off, so that a regulatory and legislative monopoly of the Federal Government in General and abstract standards decided and put in place. No acceptance of orders of footwear footwear retailers and shoe production holdings were domestically, no orders for footwear for people not living in the location area of the shoe shop or shoe producer, seek or accept. From January 1, 1936 of galoshes and other rubber overshoes, rubber slippers were”excluded.

No Advertising for the shipping trade of footwear no advertising for the range of footwear mail in promotional literature, public announcements or communications could be made. Newspaper announcements and posters were excluded from the ban on advertising from January 1, 1936. Heavy fines and arrest on the application and implementation of the footwear shipping trade were high fines and arrest. So, violations of this regulation fines were punished up to 2,000 shillings or arrest up to six months. Also, a fall of objects, i.e. the advertising materials and shoes was intended. In addition, the possibilities for appeal were limited. Only from a fine of over 1,000 schillings or arrest of more than six weeks you could go in appeal, an action that has clearly undermined the rule of law. The principle was paramount. Mail order and advertising today today there are such restrictions and prohibitions as in the monopoly legally highly regulated trade in tobacco products. So the application and delivery of tobacco products, so cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, rolling tobacco, chewing and snuff in public about the tobacco monopoly law prohibits in 1996. Advertising shall be made, at the commercial site only so in and on the newsstand, while the shipping, but also the delivery of tobacco products is prohibited altogether.

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The ITN GmbH held on June 6th and 21st 2013 seminars on the topic of ‘Public speaking sovereign communication for executives’. The home of IPS GmbH is the first of two events on the topic of public speaking sovereign communication for executives on 06th June 2013″instead. Maximum 15 participants during the four-hour pulse seminar under the guidance of media trainer Matthias Hill learn how you convincingly and clearly depict subjects in public appearances. Public appearances are practiced with examples and the skills of the participants increased through intensive video analysis and trainer feedback. In addition to presentation strategies and methods of visualization, the appropriate use of the media are also discussed and tested tips and tricks in dealing with stage fright. Matthias Hill then during an individual workout the professionalism of your presentations within 7 hours of training more intensively to improve the possibility of offers on June 21.

The number of participants is at This seminar is limited to a maximum of 4 persons. The officer Matthias Hill has politics in Bremen and London and studied economics, Chief of the service, and Editorial Director for RTL and SAT. 1 and speaker audiovisual communication for EADS. Currently advises Hill media companies and organizations in the areas of TV training, audiovisual communication and PR. Interested parties can contact by phone (0421) 5 36 88 23 or via E-mail to: log on. Both seminars is free of charge. The pulse seminar participants receive a discount on the price of individual training. A discounted participation rate will be also posting the second event until 7 June.

Learn more about public speaking sovereign communication for executives”are available at. Information about the speakers are available at. Author Press contact: Berenice Garcia ITN GmbH Otto-Lilienthal-str. 6 28199 Bremen Tel.: 0421-5368838

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The VOI Association for organization and information systems has a new Board. Bonn. Petra Greiffenhagen is again Chairman of the VOI, Dr. Klaus-Peter Elpel and Harald Klingelholler their deputies. Other members of the Board are Ulrich Emmert, Ulf Freiberg and Peter Schnautz. The early elections were necessary after the previous Board had prematurely declared his resignation. In an extraordinary general meeting on July 15, 2011 in Bonn the VOI chose a new Board members. The early elections were necessary, as the current Director of the VOI prematurely stepped down after the procedure of a merger he championed with the BITKOM was not supported by many members of the VOI.

The new Board comprises the Chief Executive Officer of Petra Greiffenhagen, Managing Director Pro concept GmbH, the two deputies of Dr. Klaus-Peter Elpel, CEO of Consultec Dr. Ernst GmbH and Harald Klingelholler, CEO DM document management GmbH and Ulrich Emmert, computer system consulting Emmert, Dipl.-ing. Ulf Freiberg, Managing Director of InXchange consulting and Peter Schnautz, Managing Director, InoTec GmbH. About Petra Greiffenhagen: thank you on behalf of the other newly elected directors for the confidence placed in us. Together with all VOI members, it is our goal, outward to the VOI as it did in the past with its strong expertise and to support the work of the competence center, regional groups and working groups as a precondition in all respects. In terms of content this even more than strong partner of the DMS EXPO (20-22 September in Stuttgart, Germany) will be reflected Forum in the VOI taking place there.” The VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme E.v..

The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. with headquarters in Bonn represents the vast majority of providers for ECM Enterprise content – and DMS document management systems in Germany. With the positioning as independent organization of future – and fast-growing industry of VOI illustrates the increasing economic Meaning its member companies and their technological competence. Editorial Contacts: VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme e.V. Henner von the Banck healing b str. 25 D-53123 Bonn phone: + 49 228 90820-89 fax: + 49 228 90820-91 E-Mail: good news! GmbH Marketing & PR consulting Sven Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-11 fax: + 49 451 88199-29 E-Mail:

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The position of the individual key cabinets was chosen so that the staff no longer than 8-16 kilometres between the key portfolios and the related service center drive. Economically positive resulted from a substantial reduction in staff and travel costs. Each key user is now logged, responsible and can be verified easily! Traka produced a culture change within the company earlier what staff used, easy to access in a jacket pocket and take out any key. Anyone had ever any key. TRAKA has now given an order throughout the process of the key movements each person is now responsibility for their actions. Why was the decision on Traka? Martin Harvey explains: “we came with TRAKA first at IFSEC 2006 contact… and recognized very quickly, our existing system achieve the security and functionality of the TRAKA system… so that we in July 2007, after a thorough market analysis, decided to use a system as a pilot project.

The test phase was directly very successful and therefore, the Executive Board decided the entire company with another 22 systems to equip. Who manages the Traka system and is as easy to use? The daily use of the TRAKA system is very simple because the existing card reader built into the key cabinets, the usual employee cards right could continue to use the responsible personnel, and thus entered a transition phase. Since each employee had not centrally located be ensured that any authorized person on all cabinets has access in case of emergency. This was achieved through the WAN networking. Central, all 23 key cabinets by a trained administrator from the security headquarters are maintained and monitored.

This is for the assignment and erasure corresponding user responsible, as well as for the review of management reports. Thanks to the self-explanatory graphical user interface of the software, it is very easy to perform changes in the structure of the key or in the authorization. For any questions, a quick phone call helps the TRAKA support. Around the world in daily use, it speaks for itself, that systems of TRAKA at the radio station of the Vatican, the FBI, in intelligence, in large hotel facilities, amusement parks, in diamond mines, oil refineries, in casinos, in the care services in hospitals, jeweller’s shops, in police stations, in military installations, ships, security companies, data centers, under the management of CIT, in banks and central banks with the bis in Basel, in parliaments, in Royal houses, power plants, in the drinking water supply, in large logistics centres with 100en of forklift trucks as well as the operation and the maintenance of heavy industrial equipment and machines apply. The electronic key cabinets and specialized equipment of TRAKA are free scalable systems and adapt flexibly to companies of all sizes and in every application, no matter whether you want to manage 10 or 10,000 slots.

Here are all times right our advantages, we have nothing to lose! Also we’re not begging, as recently the spokesman for the pirates, we must also maintain a water head and supply, also to tighten, we have enough. Our management will be not XXL, but our policy. At the beginning, it is concealed, then pulled through the cocoa (delicious). We hope these phases to shorten just with our program of principles. We have long sleeves rolled up party be, is no child’s birthday and expect the next phase of “Ernst to be taken and defamed”. Expectations too high? We will see. We feel no longer represented us? We, the 3 founders are finally here to make it understand that our democracy, which bescherrt has us over 60 years of peace, is in danger. The people no longer feel represented by the policy and can become resistant to the steadily declining voter turnout.

We therefore call for referendums in important questions. We want that the citizens directly participate in the decision-making process. Our inspiration for this is the Switzerland here must politicians implement the will of the people, whether they like it or not. Our goal is to take part in the next elections, we advertise with use and new creative ideas. An outline is on our website, which will be further developed in the next few days and weeks. We ask them all, they participate they talk to their neighbors, they are creative, they become a member. xxlpartei.com/Mitglied-werden/ we – can the previously silent majority that House Germany still remodeling, that our children and grandchildren can live also morning still in security, confidence, peace and freedom. 02.09.2012 Xxlpartei.com/2012/09/01-09-2012-parteigrundung-xxl-partei-wir-wollen-mehr/ Andrea Falkenstein‘s Federal Executive Board Chairperson of the XXL party – we want more…

Specialist for fulfillment service announces successful year Berlin, 01 February 2011 the united customer marketing services GmbH (www.united-cms.de) has 2010 a very successful business year. Sales increased compared with the previous year to 45 percent. “We can attribute this positive result mainly due to the strong growth in the fulfillment for online stores”, says Managing Director Ralf Kuberg development. With the fulfillment, online stores have the ability to set the shipping of their products in professional hands. This united cms offers both cheap temporary storage of the goods as also assembling, packaging and timely shipping his customers always oriented to the individual needs of online shop operators. Customers can benefit from united cms also from the favourable terms for well-known transport companies.

Comfort offers direct access to the tracking data the shop operators by the integration of DHL and UPS united cms what allows. Now a standard interface makes the operators of online shops united cms the connection is available for PrestShop, Magento and XTC. Thus all popular shop systems can easily connect to the fulfillment of united cms. Short profile: The united customer marketing services GmbH is a provider of services in the area of fulfillment for online shops. So, customers benefit from smooth processes for their sales, marketing and shipping activities as well as by especially favourable conditions in the field of postal, parcel and freight shipping. Related links for sale: fulfillment.html

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The NETWAYS GmbH provides systems management in open source Park 2011 from Nuremberg and open source data center services provider NETWAYS GmbH has more than 15 years of expert consultants from companies of all sectors in the management of complex IT environments on the basis of open source software. At the CeBIT 2011 provides NETWAYS directly in the open source Park, Hall 2. Block D44. Stand number 121 be portfolio for IT management. On the basis of the software Nagios and Icinga complementary company tools such as the NETWAYS GrapherV2 (processing of quantitative measured values), which developed EventDB (event-based information processing) or the Nagios portal and offers has a comprehensive list of solution for system management. With regard to the Administration and management of networks, free software has a high degree of penetration and it exist a variety of individual applications for monitoring, operation and configuration of networks.

However, the difficulty lies in the integration of these components into a comprehensive systems management solution. The NETWAYS GmbH was founded in 1995 in Nuremberg has addressed this topic. On the basis of existing and already common free open source, NETWAYS Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions. Thus, an individual and cost-effective system management is possible. The second business area deals with the use of open source software and services in the data center and large IT environments. This includes in particular the areas of high availability, load balancing, backup, firewalling, VPN, hosting and operation. Often commercial hardware solutions are used in these special areas of the data center. So very large budget savings of more than 50% are achievable through the use of open source software.

Is the trend of recent years clearly in the direction of open source software? now open source solutions instead of commercial products use even public institutions such as the Federal Office of administration. NETWAYS among their customers organizations of all industries such as Bayer Schering, Bosch, the Federal Office of administration, Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, neckermann.de, REWE or StayFriends. NETWAYS is also as an organizer of the annual open source monitoring Conference (29?)November 30, 2011) and the open source data center Conference (06?)April 07, 2011) which more than 250 participants from all over the world known lure to Nuremberg. NETWAYS has also as a training provider for availability Montioring with Nagios, configuration management with puppet as well as ITSM reporting with JasperReports reputation. More information under: to find.

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