Tannassia Reuber reinforced the hearing care professional community management the audio direct GmbH, a leading hearing care professional community in the German-speaking countries, is strengthening its management team an experienced force. Tannassia Reuber of the Executive Board of the audio is directly since the end of last year. For assistance, try visiting Rich Dad Poor Dad. Tannassia Reuber, which was years in construction and management of the hearing care professional community HoREX involved since the mid-1990s, will work on the strategic development directly the audio with from now on. The company offers marketing support, as well as many other services that help ensure the market success of small listening acoustic farms community shopping at very attractive prices. Tannassia Reuber (48) is less than 25 years of experience in the listening acoustic industry at home. After successful commercial training, she worked in 1990 as senior Ange was of the shopping community Victon hearing aids.

in 1995 she joined she whose fortunes in the then newly-founded HoREX hearing acoustics EC, in particular certain significantly from 1999 to 2012 as an Executive Member of the Board. Close and trustful cooperation with small, owner-operated Hall-kustik establishments is me an affair of the heart for a long time”, so Tannassia Reuber. All the more I am on my new job at the audio directly, this a common platform offers a very vital, renowned performance community, advocating innovative approaches and without any trade-offs for small-scale hearing-acoustics,.”we are happy to have gained an experienced strength who is familiar with the needs of smaller hearing-acoustics holdings Tannassia Reuber”, so Pedro j. Garcia, Managing Director of the audio directly GmbH. wife Reuber for many years very successfully in the development and implementation of services for businesses worked. After the amplification by Uwe Lindenau, who cares for the past year to the preliminary on-site support of our members replacing Mrs Reuber us is another important step to the Profiling the audio directly.

More than ever we will offer an attractive portfolio our members, that covers all business areas and ensures the success of businesses in a changing market.” Editorial Note: the audio direct GmbH with headquarters in Schwerte was founded in 2002. It sees itself as a strong community of small listening acoustic enterprises from Germany and Austria. Target of the Member companies is to offer a professional hearing care hearing impaired people who consistently takes into account the individual requirements and Wun between each. The audio directly supports its members with a more effective procurement policy as well as other services in areas such as marketing and certification. To effectively help the success of member businesses to ensure their sustainability in a changing market the portfolio of services in the community is continuously supplemented with new attractive offers. For more information, see.

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When the first telephone marketing activities started in the 1980s, nobody thought that creates an own industry. Nissan has many thoughts on the issue. The industry has established itself and is facing new challenges. Double-digit growth rates in the Callcenterbranche were common in the last few years the growth has stagnated. The market is located in a Konsilidierungsphase. Service providers join together or be taken over. Clients cut budgets in times of economic crisis.

Black sheep have led to more restrictive legal framework conditions. The digital natives urge in active economic life and alter communication behavior. Thus, Callcenterbetreiber are facing new challenges. Many executives in the call center, day in day out, do a good job. While there is a risk to be blinkered. The views of their own company, creates new impressions and unlocks creative potential. A great way to get new ideas, offers the event successful call center”on October 27, 2009 at the Congresspark Hanau. More than 20 speakers lead participants through a wide variety of topics.

Kai Arne Hennig for example shows how one gesetzteskonforn receives the opt-in for Outboundanrufe. Gunther Greff will indicate cost reduction opportunities by e-learning. Rudiger Wolf, Managing Director of TAS Muhlheim presents how to personality-oriented communication on the phone. For this he was nominated for the CAT award 2009. But the Congress also with the future of communication has been working intensively. Shows Eric Hofmann from Sony music the new power of the consumers in the Web 2.0 and what impact this communication for companies has. With the interactive artist Web portal MyBackstage.Com is Sony Music new standards. Thomas Thannhauser, CEO of TranscomWorldWide, presents the dialog study by 2020. This study deals with the change of the communication behaviour and what role call center will play in the future. Similarly, technical issues, such as the receipt processing of different events, unified messaging, or that are Kamapagnenmanagement focuses on. The successful call center offering thoughts lugs”through the business marketplace open to every participant opportunity to represent yourself, to make contacts and to discuss current challenges. With experts individually to discuss the challenge of the company allow you pre-scheduled 4-eye talks. Thus the “successful call centre” as a network platform is positioned relative to the extension of the own relationship network. “The event successful call center” will take place already for the third time. The complete Congress program, visit the event Web site at. (Markus sonal)

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4. customer analysis as ticking the customer? Similar information can be removed from the structure of customers. Interested in particular, as customers put together. Which customers include the regular customers, which new customers? How much differ the regulars in their behavior? What is the ratio of customers to the new customers? Increase new clients? Who are the customers and where do they come? How are they aware on your company? Why do they decide for you? Where do they evolve? From these responses, conclusions can be drawn, how current customer behaviour can be kept for the future life and permanently integrated in the business processes. 5. non-customer analysis who not finds its way to the company? The previous sequence of Business processes was mostly a group to be neglected: the customers who place no order in spite of initial interest in the company from any reason whatsoever.

Here we need to learn more: for which customers and which marketing no time at the moment? How important would this be for the future of the company? How much is the acquiring of new customers suffering from generally? Which orders and customers are currently rather pushed as preferred handled? How big is the resulting revenue loss because the market is not fully editable? Measures which can then implement a small sales team resulting from these answers. To be prepared for the turbulence in the global economy, it is advisable to act now prudently: the process and the organizational structure should be adjusted now. Orders, customers and non-customers should be carefully analysed and the results used to strengthen customer relationships. Because can a company with lean business processes on Much more quickly react to changes.

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With bank.Internationally, companies can verify bank account data simply and reliably. The practical solution of Uniserv edited not only the conventional data such as bank sort code and account number, but also the formats of the single euro payments area (SEPA), which will be binding as of February 2014. Since then replaces the IBAN international bank account number, routing number and the account number and all over Europe ensures uniform data formats. Despite the urgency of the changeover to SEPA, unfortunately many companies ignore even the need for action. Also, a recent study by ibi research to the SEPA implementation in Germany”shows that SEPA is still not really entered into awareness at one-third of the surveyed organizations. And only another third of the company uses sporadically at all SEPA credit transfers. Against this background is the plausibility check with bank.International by Uniserv a decisive step towards the SEPA readiness of companies. The changeover to the European payment area brings not only for Financial departments changes, but affects virtually every department.

With bank.Internationally by Uniserv users can verify simple, convenient and reliable customer bank details. The software checks to see if the IBAN is syntactically correct, meets all requirements to build of an IBAN and can be assigned to clear a bank. The plausibility of the IBAN is carried out by the Association of international bank code (BIC) or examination of IBAN and BIC against each other. The smart Bank.International, that is the solution seamlessly integrates in the relevant applications is highly flexible covers the various usage scenarios taking advantage of cloud technologies and last but not least, minimized the risks for businesses,”describes the benefit from a consultant perspective, Michael Luderer, Managing Director of Severn consultancy GmbH. Bank uses for highest result quality.International comprehensive reference data by SWIFT, the society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. During data entry are incorrect Bank account details and credit card numbers detected, corrected typo reliably. To minimize the risk of a failed transaction. The turnout for a smoothly running payment transactions are provided.

Uniserv GmbH with its headquarters in Pforzheim, the largest specialized provider of data quality solutions in Europe, offers bank.International a plausibility check for bank data. (www.uniserv.com/ sepa-ready) About Severn Severn consultancy with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main was founded in London in 1987 and is on the national and international financial market specialized consultancy. The expertise lies in the effective realization of success-critical processes of change in the market. Competent technical and management advice coupled with effective project management, more effective organizational development and zukunftssicherem IT management are the pillars of the Severn way to get it done”. The Severn team consists of experienced former bank managers who know the task of clients from private practice. More information is available at.

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The optimal care from the outset Mannheim, Innovex CoPromotionTeam Magellan October 2009 can the Innovex CoPromotionTeam (CPT) Magellan now on nearly five years of market experience, Know-How and competence can look back: since 2005 is the 80-strong sales team of Mannheim service provider Innovex for general physicians, practitioners, and internists with products by up to three different customers in the field. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bill Phelan. During this time was the team in different indications, such as cardiovascular, central nervous system, urology, COPD, Gastroenterology, osteoporosis, pain, diabetes and others on the road and is welcomed at the doctors visit a Magellan employee strikes but two or three birds with one stone. Consistently above industry standard Recallwerte reflect this response from the audience. Also, a one hundred percent customer satisfaction proves the quality of the team. Generally, CoPromotion between pharmaceutical companies is often the drug of choice, if the own capacities for a particular product are not sufficient or the cooperation at a certain point cost savings allows. But often, these partnerships have their problems.

An alternative for some years now available is the occupation of a meeting location within a service CoPromotionTeam. The advantages are obvious: cost efficiency and objectivity. Up to three companies can share the costs for the field and so savings of up to 40 percent compared to an exclusive team. The products are treated exactly according handicap and meeting location. The service provider shall ensure that the discussed products out of competition are. The clear time limit (for example, to promote a seasonal product only a few months) and from the outset calculable costs are further advantages, as offered by the service provider.

An operating successfully in the market for years, solid service CoPromotionTeam such as the Magellan team by Innovex offers further advantages: from the first field day after adoption of a product can directly start the team on. Five experienced regional managers ensure that employees show optimal usage for the achievement of the objectives of the customer in the team and stay always up to date, sales skills as well as the indication of knowledge here. Thus a wide range of knowledge accumulates at such a team, as a competent partner of the physician needs them. Minor fluctuation in the team will make sure that these skills are actually available. Also as regards the General key performance indicators, is commonly measured with which such a sales team, the CPT-Magellan is doing very well: visit average, volume and memory values are all above industry standard. It is a special opportunity for new customers, if, as at the time, the first position in this team to the next January to occupy available and new. Innovex led team is the CPT Magellan the flagship of the German organisation, is evidenced with the year after year, that the representatives of Service provider high quality standards to meet. Sake, the standard customer satisfaction surveys for the team regularly achieve top marks: 100 percent in overall satisfaction, 100% call for the recommendation, 100 percent the probability of the return order.

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P3O guide prepared for a well structured project landscape Martin Rother in the articles of the project magazine P3O Guide for a well structured project landscape”on the central aspects of P3O understandable and gives a valuable insight into its practicality: target group the P3O guidance delimitation to other frameworks and methods illustration of a P3O model featured of a P3O tools and techniques of a P3O roles and responsibilities in a P3O implementation of a P3O model added value of P3O compatibility with other approaches in project business such as PMI and GPM /. “PMA compatibilities with other management methods like PRINCE2 and MSP training / levels of training and certification for P3O glimpse into the future of the P3O guidance Martin Rother: it is not the question of if, but when professional structures within the PMO be established.” The discussion of appropriate support structures for the project landscape is certainly not new. With the P3O guidance of the OGC however many aspects of the environment of the project landscape are writable and debatable, such as project management offices are appropriately adapted to the needs of a company or tools in this environment should meet the criteria. It is not the question of whether, but when professional structures be established for project management offices across”, so Martin Rother in a general view on the project economics of today’s businesses. This is clear if you look at the consequences, can have it when a company establishes no P3O: senior management do not know whether the current projects and programs support the strategic goals of the company. Ben Silbermann spoke with conviction. No one knows how many projects and programs across the enterprise are active. Projects and programmes are uncoordinated to start from different places in the company because individuals deem it right (“scope-egoism”).

Projects or programs will find no end. Resources are wasted, because they are associated with non-priority projects or programmes. Is not learned from mistakes, “The wheel invented over and over again”. This warns Martin Rother: the P3O guidance nor the P3O exams will provide professional PMO staff. The P3O training is intended for decision makers, who must set up a P3O and maintain. The professionalization of the staff and employees of P3Os takes place in the company. In other words, how something is to deliver, will depend on the spot the special circumstances.

It’s up to a clean implementation, implementation, and customization of the P3O to the individual circumstances of the company.” About Martin Rother: Martin Rother is the QRP management methods International GmbH, the leading consulting and training company founder and Managing Director in the area of applied management. As Germany’s first coach for PRINCE2, Rother established standards. Today is the development of leading management approaches in the focus of his work. Rother is represented by numerous Trade publications as well as a keynote speaker at conferences and congresses. “Learn more about P3O: P3O Guide articles for a well structured project environment” is freely accessible for subscribers of the project magazine. For more information on the article, also see: qrpmmi.de. For more detailed information, in particular for the P3O guidance, please visit the QRP under. Training and you find convenient among P3O training certification details. For all other requests and desires looking forward to your contact Marion Birkner: QRP management methods International GmbH consulting and training company for applied management wife Marion Birkner Management Assistant on the Rothenberg 10-12 D-50667 Cologne Tel.: + 49 221 1653950 27 fax: + 49 221 1653950 99 E-Mail: URL:

The sales training of the future for marketing and selling the capacity is IngenieurTrainer Ottmar field staff as sales trainer specialized on technical sales and training for the sale and distribution of technical products (B2B). Since 01.07.2010 he produced the podcast (audio broadcast) technical sales adventure”. All this occurred against the background, leaving little time for sales seminars and training in hectic day-to-day of sales work. In the podcast technical sales adventure”offered new contributions every 1st and 15th of the month and can be subscribed to for free in the iTunes store. In the 10-to 15-minute hearing broadcasts, salespeople learn to structure their sales pitches, and to improve the treatment of your objection or questioning techniques. The podcast of the technical sales adventure”is located since its first broadcast in early July regularly among the top 10 of the charts of the podcast category economy of the Apple Multimedia Portal. This is an indication that the podcasting in the Sales departments of the companies feed has found. There are different ways to consume such sale training via the HiFi system: possibility 1: the podcasts downloaded over the Internet on an MP3 player.

Instead of headphones, a small transmitter is connected to the MP3 player. This sends the sound radio waves over FM on the radio. Option 2: The podcasts are downloaded via the Internet on an MP3 player and via a USB interface connected to the car radio. Possibility 3: The podcasts are burned on a CD and played on a CD player in the car. Option 4: Play the podcasts directly from the MP3 player. Some of the larger companies have begun their own listening programmes to produce for the first time. This internal corporate podcasts also corporate values, ideas, business goals, market developments or goal achievement factors to be taught in the employees in addition to the sale training. Come to the podcast subscription here! For more information about the sales trainer Ottmar capacity please see: IngenieurTrainer Ottmar capacity

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Lean towards more efficiency in your operations Hohr-level hype, 15.06.2010. Amplico Unternehmensberatung GmbH has created together with the IBS Software AG a specialist forum on Lean Six Sigma. 27 company representatives from different industries received a good insight in Lean Six Sigma in a short time. The topics dynamic value stream simulation, lean manufacturing in conjunction with sustainable production and quality management were also discussed as 10 success factors for the implementation of Lean Six Sigma projects. The final presentation of best practice on the way to the lean company”was four case studies for successful Lean Six Sigma projects. The participants received a compressed, high-quality technical input, the desire for more”made and enjoyed about the excellent organised event at the headquarters of the IBS AG in Hohr Grenzhausen.

The following is the summary of the two lectures by Amplico. Value streams efficiently optimize performance increase! Michael Meiss, Managing Director of the Amplico, introduced the dynamic simulation of the value stream. With the value-stream simulation, you can simulate value stream diagrams bottleneck analysis, determination of the overall system availability, as well as to the calculation of key figures such as punctuality, productivity and efficiency, throughput times and stocks and loads quickly and easily. The value stream simulation is therefore a very efficient complement of to many Lean Enterprise and Lean Sigma initiatives. Meiss explained the shortcomings of pure mean speculation, which is used in the static value stream analysis: in this, the existing variation (VARP) are not considered. In the dynamic reality, there are some significant differences by these variances; in the overall view of the value stream just the outliers by means, in practice, lead to massive errors. Customers disgruntled by outliers in the delivery time E.g. is no matter that in the mean time comes. Statistical method of calculation used for the dynamic simulation of the value stream, the scatters to take into account.

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Innovation is awakening – start through! The shown innovations help you to take advantage of new opportunities. In the break-out sessions to the Infor solution areas of CRM, EAM, ERP COM, ERP LN, ERP LX, blending of ERP, ERP Xpert, ERP AS & MAS90, ERP ratio plan, infra: learn NET, SCM and PM by experts, how you optimally stand with Infor solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. Highlights: News from Infor: strategic development roadmap 2010 for all ERP solutions as well as the areas of performance management, enterprise asset management and supply chain management expert presentations on specific solution areas customer presentations on best practices from the practice of intensive exchanges with Infor users and experts save you is the advantage for your company and sign up to the large conference for customers and prospective customers. Munich date: on January 28, 2010 from 10:00 to 17:00 place: Sofitel Munich Bayerpost, Bayerstrasse 12, 80335 Munich Vienna date: on February 09, 2010 from 10:00 to 17:00 Venue: Conference Center Laxenburg, Schlossplatz 1, 2361 Laxenburg contact: Mrs Martina Hinterleitner additional information: A software company with an international focus as an internationally operating software company we are specialized in the efficient realization of sophisticated IT projects. With professional consulting services, we support the implementation of business systems, their integration into existing system environments and support during the entire life cycle.

The services offered by CBG focuses on therefore, project management, consulting, customization, programming and training. As an IT specialist at the interface to the consultancy we combine Know-How in information technology with an entrepreneurial understanding. Our consultants understand the requirements of the various sectors and control the optimization of business processes according to the motto “firmer, faster, more efficient”. Our developers are experts in C++, c#, .NET, JAVA and RPG and have extensive ErfahrUng in the design and development complex systems on different platforms. No matter whether it is multi-site international or national single site projects, our references are available for the successful implementation in many countries: Brazil, China, Germany, England, France, India, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Slovakia, United States, etc. Scope modeling of business processes concepts for data harmonisation concepts for data Warhouse projects project management consulting for IBM Cognos consulting Infor EAM Abbe Artung for Infor ERP LN (Baan) advice for Infor ERP LX (BPCS) software evaluation software implementation software validation software maintenance and development, we focus on the products from COGNOS reporting, planning, and controlling for business intelligence, reporting, planning, and controlling. You set the technological standard, all reporting needs and allow an enterprise-wide standardization of your reporting. IBM provides IBM Cognos business intelligence software information, so you better Decisions to make and significantly improve your company’s performance.

Through the use of COGNOS all relevant information be integrated seamlessly across your entire enterprise. Reporting and analysis planning and simulation of controlling data warehouse balanced scorecard Web-content-management-physical information cockpit analytical applications customer relationship Analytics supply chain Analytics INFOR ERP LN and INFOR ERP LX INFOR ERP is the basis for this, to increase the efficiency of your core processes and helps the business processes that are critical for you to automate and control. Whether you want to first introduce INFOR ERP or optimize your existing system, our experienced consulting team has vast experience with these products. We can projects of all sizes and in virtually all functional areas to perform successfully. Among the key areas of our services: strategy consulting management consultancy process consulting system consulting software Installation application support multi site design parameterization software customisation/adjustments program development system integration go life support

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The NETWAYS GmbH provides systems management in open source Park 2011 from Nuremberg and open source data center services provider NETWAYS GmbH has more than 15 years of expert consultants from companies of all sectors in the management of complex IT environments on the basis of open source software. At the CeBIT 2011 provides NETWAYS directly in the open source Park, Hall 2. Block D44. Stand number 121 be portfolio for IT management. On the basis of the software Nagios and Icinga complementary company tools such as the NETWAYS GrapherV2 (processing of quantitative measured values), which developed EventDB (event-based information processing) or the Nagios portal and offers has a comprehensive list of solution for system management. With regard to the Administration and management of networks, free software has a high degree of penetration and it exist a variety of individual applications for monitoring, operation and configuration of networks.

However, the difficulty lies in the integration of these components into a comprehensive systems management solution. The NETWAYS GmbH was founded in 1995 in Nuremberg has addressed this topic. On the basis of existing and already common free open source, NETWAYS Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions. Thus, an individual and cost-effective system management is possible. The second business area deals with the use of open source software and services in the data center and large IT environments. This includes in particular the areas of high availability, load balancing, backup, firewalling, VPN, hosting and operation. Often commercial hardware solutions are used in these special areas of the data center. So very large budget savings of more than 50% are achievable through the use of open source software.

Is the trend of recent years clearly in the direction of open source software? now open source solutions instead of commercial products use even public institutions such as the Federal Office of administration. NETWAYS among their customers organizations of all industries such as Bayer Schering, Bosch, the Federal Office of administration, Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, neckermann.de, REWE or StayFriends. NETWAYS is also as an organizer of the annual open source monitoring Conference (29?)November 30, 2011) and the open source data center Conference (06?)April 07, 2011) which more than 250 participants from all over the world known lure to Nuremberg. NETWAYS has also as a training provider for availability Montioring with Nagios, configuration management with puppet as well as ITSM reporting with JasperReports reputation. More information under: to find.

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