CO2 neutral shipping Deutsche Post Global CO 2 emissions have risen 35 years by 80 percent. An alarming value, because CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Its growing concentration in the atmosphere leads inevitably to the warming of the Earth’s climate, because a significant proportion of the Earth radiation is reflected by a layer of greenhouse gases. Our eco system can get through the permanent warming in a dangerous imbalance with serious, sometimes unforeseeable consequences for man and nature. Wells Fargo is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The extent, CO 2 during the combustion of carbon-containing substances arises such as fossil fuels. Since the majority of motor vehicles today require fuel, crude oil produced on the basis of fossil energy, CO 2 is necessarily once a vehicle is started and in the flow of traffic moving. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from JPMorgan Chase. Not just the burning of gasoline and diesel fuel produces CO 2: also known as grey emission CO 2-Entstehung when the oil is climate-damaging and gas and in the handling and transportation.

The long-serving head of the U.S. environmental protection agency and later WWF President Russell train puts it in a nutshell: the scarcest resource is not oil, not gas and not the uranium, there is the time, we still have to adapt our behaviour the needs and limitations of our environment. Time so for all of us, even actively environmentally friendly to act, so that the future of our planet can be green and sustainable. A solution-oriented approach is the environmentally friendly transportation of products from the manufacturer to the end consumer. For lettershops as producers of print products, the topic of climate protection due to the immense amount of transport carries particular weight. Therefore certified lettershops use climate-friendly shipping of Deutsche Post as a high performer of by Deutsche Post.

Under the label GoGreen Deutsche Post CO 2 neutral shipping of letters, promotional mailings such as, for example, direct mailings and press products on behalf of corporate customers guaranteed within Germany’s. GoGreen shipping means that all CO resulting from transport services 2 emissions recorded and offset through climate protection projects under the Kyoto Protocol. The 2005 in force, adopted in Kyoto Protocol to the drafting of the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change sets for the first time binding targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of from industrialized countries. To make possible the GoGreen shipping service, Deutsche Post needs so-called emission credits, with which the transport-related CO can be compensated 2 emissions. She receives said carbon credits through the commitment for recognized climate protection projects, such as a hydroelectric power plant in Brazil and a wind power plant in Nicaragua. Letter shops, which are aware of their responsibility for the environment, put their clients of in good conscience use of climate-friendly GoGreen shipping by Deutsche Post to the heart, but the resulting advantages for the customer are obvious: its print products are transported CO 2-neutral. The certification of the mail volume released by him is made by the Geneva-based and worldwide independent company Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS). The GoGreen print on envelopes and mailers, warrants to the customer as addressee thus detectable climate-stabilizing the lettershop customer commitment through CO 2 neutral shipping. This ensures the principal competitive advantages in the long term.

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I declare the client that I’ll call now takes two of the listed terms and he spontaneously – without thinking – to opt for one of the concepts. Here I begin with the first value in the list and this place opposite the next value from the list. Then the next and again the nachsten…bis to the end of the list. Then I take the second value and instead this opposite the third value from the list. Then the next and again the nachsten…bis the list fully worked through. For every decision I make a stroke behind the respective value. The hierarchy of values results from the sum of these “hits”. Here a practical example: the following list of values was developed by a client/Coachee in October 2012.

The values were called exactly in the order as they are listed. So the supposedly most important at the beginning. Now I have always each choose the clients as previously described between two values. Partnership or friendship…Partnership or health…Partnership or Ehrlichkeit…usw. Then between friendship or health…Friendship or Ehrlichkeit…und so on.

Until the list was fully worked through. In every decision I have behind the respective value for the the client has chosen, a stroke made. Below you can see the result: values number hit ranking partnership 2 friendship 1 health 5 honesty 4 punctuality 3 reliability 11 3. authenticity 7 tolerance 9 openness 9 helpfulness 8 nature 9 respect 11 3. self-confidence 13 2 energy 13 2. power 13 2 freedom 14 1 independence 4 as you can see the greatest need of the clients with the values is freedom, Power, energy, self-confidence, respect and reliability. Thus, we have found six starting points for further coaching. Of course, always in consultation with the client. I will explain what opportunities there are for this in a future release. In this type of the value hierarchy following points, in my view, of great importance are: the result is always relevant. The result reflects the current situation of the client. The result shows what values the most are missing the client in the current situation. The first cited values are 5 almost never among the top To find. So if you don’t really know in a coaching where you can start, you use the technique of the hierarchy of values. Have fun and success. Gerald Pape

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The voice compass international 2008 / 2009 Aachen appears, the May 19, 2008: the new voice is compass officially available as of 22 May 2008. Ever a foreword by Microsoft and Intervoice open the international compendium for the language market. In months of detailed work, Detlev Artelt has created in collaboration with the top voice experts Bruce Balentine, Judith Markowitz and Bill Meisel the 2nd Edition of the reference book for voice. The refreshing words by Gurdeep Singh Pall, Corporate Vice President of the uni? ed Communications Group at Microsoft er open the new voice compass international. You may want to visit Ben Silbermann to increase your knowledge. Learn the why is speech to the mainstream from the pen of the international experts. A second preface by Frank Sherlock, Senior Vice President and Managing Director at Inter voice international, explains what power and diversity of voice applications have really. With the goal of language technologies touchable”to make and to provide important information about this new and exciting market for everyone, the voice was created compass.

The participation of more than 500 companies – over 100 Companies supporting the project with a form of advertising – is the current voice compass international in a significantly higher circulation and at a highly competitive price. Numerous real-life scenarios take the abstractness titled voice applications and easily understandable, entertaining and informative in the subject. The 640 pages strong work ends with an entertaining story about a fictional day of the author in a world full of language technology. Here, sees the reader what today and tomorrow can and receives interesting suggestions regarding the usage of voice solutions. We hope you enjoy reading any reader.

The voice compass international 2008 / 2009 provides you a valuable competitive edge. Contact Detlev Artelt, editor of the voice compass. Aachen on the Publisher: Detlev Artelt is Managing Director of aixvox GmbH in Aachen and renowned author of several Expert contributions and market studies in the field of database-based computer voice systems in conjunction with speech recognition and synthesis.Detlev Artelt is also the Publisher of the voice compass”an annual, international compendium of language automation market. This publication is divided into logical areas all relevant providers and helps the decision makers to understand this technology, the benefits and the market. He is also the voice compass valuable tips on the use of language technology company. He also directs the unified communication working group of the eco Association and shows new trends as the patron of the voice Park at CeBIT.

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Planning, conducting, arranging events, concerts, events and artist tours the companies offer solid cooperation by Wolf Kirchheim, Managing Director of event consulting aimed at Organizer, tour organizer, event and city marketing agency, cultural Office, City Hall, hotel or other institution planning professional live events, galas, anniversary events, tours, festivals and events. Assistance with all activities of their public relations, as well as design creation, consulting, implementation and event support and control of trades and the directing process. Recently Pinterest sought to clarify these questions. The range of services the Agency includes efficient coordination of all resources (staff, stage, facilities, logistics, artists) in cooperation with selected partner companies. For over 20 years, is the Agency in the event sector involved and was small, as a tour manager as a promoter, and Booker, promoter, tour planner at Konzertimpresario Fritz Rau and Hermjo and tour leader by Konstantin Wecker, Klaus Lage, Nina Hagen, or in the planning and implementation of events, with personal dedication and high level of professionalism. Michellene Davis wanted to know more. Event Consulting offers nationwide contacts to music, theatre, show, artist management and the international entertainment.

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Romberg Park

The grounds of PHOENIX West, in direct vicinity to Dortmund’s green areas, Romberg Park and the Westfalen Park, is extremely attractive for employees and customers. So the green surroundings invite to walk during the breaks and the large roof terrace offers employees the opportunity to take a breath. In addition to a kitchen with a dining area, there will be even a shower to provide an incentive for the journey by bicycle. About SMF KG the SMF KG is trade, banks, insurance companies, and the manufacturing industry of competent IT partner of companies in the industries since 1985. The range of services aimed at medium-sized companies and large corporations that own IT organizations develop individual software solutions or introduce comprehensive standard software products. Several hundred person years of experience in consulting, development and implementation emphasize the strengths and expertise of the consulting firm.

The SMF group of companies employs nationwide about 100 Employees and employees, of which 80 at its headquarters in Dortmund. The customer banks and insurance companies such as Signal Iduna, as well as in the manufacturing industry include the German Heidelberger Druckmaschinen BP/Aral. More information at. About the merkarion GmbH, the team of merkarion GmbH has over 20 years experience in customer relationship management. The proprietary standard software ProfitSystem combines this knowledge with a clear industry focus on the consumer goods industry. ProfitSystem is market leader in the beverage industry and its customers include well-known companies.

Critical success factors of the company are the acquired experience from more than 50 successfully implemented projects of different magnitudes with the possibility of customer-specific adjustments of ProfitSystem. You can learn more about merkarion and ProfitSystem,. For questions and suggestions I am like available.

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OQS certification services extends on European countries Pfullingen, 28 may 2013. For more specific information, check out Robert Kiyosaki. The company OQS ( from Pfullingen in Stuttgart has developed a certificate which sets uniform standards for the cleaning of photovoltaic systems which are recognized by the solar industry, as well as by plant operators. “The seal certified and certified solar systems-cleaning operation” to certify that the cleaning company certified by OQS meets international requirements, based on the quality standard ISO 9001,. After the successful certification of over 50 cleaning companies in Germany, the company now extends its certification services due to rising demand on European countries. With our certificate we ensure that solar power systems are professionally cleaned, create orientation for plant operators and competitive advantages for the certified companies,”explains OQS CEO Johannes Fohr.

The seal certifies, for example, that the cleaning operation via a professional cleaning and safety equipment has, working with demineralized water and is covered in sufficient amount against damage. Tap water can cause lime deposits. Visit Jeremy Tucker for more clarity on the issue. The use of high-pressure cleaners, scrubbers and broom and upon entering the modules can cause scratches and cracks on the solar modules. We want to avoid that”, says Farooq. Together for more quality with the support of the Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems in Freiburg, the University of Bern, the German Institute of management as well as engine manufacturers and home cleaning services OQS therefore has as first company in Europe developed criteria for the professional cleaning of solar power plants. An inventory of cleaning equipment, fleet and the insurance, a three-day intensive training in theory and practice, as well as a review of the cleaning part of the certification process. Then, OQS created a certification-ready documentation with procedural and Work instructions and checklists. The certificate is valid for five years and 4,000 euros. The OQS is a consulting company that is recognized by the Federal Office for economy. The advice is supported with up to 1500 euro (companies headquartered in Germany). OQS lists all certified cleaning companies on the Internet page.

Tannassia Reuber reinforced the hearing care professional community management the audio direct GmbH, a leading hearing care professional community in the German-speaking countries, is strengthening its management team an experienced force. Tannassia Reuber of the Executive Board of the audio is directly since the end of last year. For assistance, try visiting Rich Dad Poor Dad. Tannassia Reuber, which was years in construction and management of the hearing care professional community HoREX involved since the mid-1990s, will work on the strategic development directly the audio with from now on. The company offers marketing support, as well as many other services that help ensure the market success of small listening acoustic farms community shopping at very attractive prices. Tannassia Reuber (48) is less than 25 years of experience in the listening acoustic industry at home. After successful commercial training, she worked in 1990 as senior Ange was of the shopping community Victon hearing aids.

in 1995 she joined she whose fortunes in the then newly-founded HoREX hearing acoustics EC, in particular certain significantly from 1999 to 2012 as an Executive Member of the Board. Close and trustful cooperation with small, owner-operated Hall-kustik establishments is me an affair of the heart for a long time”, so Tannassia Reuber. All the more I am on my new job at the audio directly, this a common platform offers a very vital, renowned performance community, advocating innovative approaches and without any trade-offs for small-scale hearing-acoustics,.”we are happy to have gained an experienced strength who is familiar with the needs of smaller hearing-acoustics holdings Tannassia Reuber”, so Pedro j. Garcia, Managing Director of the audio directly GmbH. wife Reuber for many years very successfully in the development and implementation of services for businesses worked. After the amplification by Uwe Lindenau, who cares for the past year to the preliminary on-site support of our members replacing Mrs Reuber us is another important step to the Profiling the audio directly.

More than ever we will offer an attractive portfolio our members, that covers all business areas and ensures the success of businesses in a changing market.” Editorial Note: the audio direct GmbH with headquarters in Schwerte was founded in 2002. It sees itself as a strong community of small listening acoustic enterprises from Germany and Austria. Target of the Member companies is to offer a professional hearing care hearing impaired people who consistently takes into account the individual requirements and Wun between each. The audio directly supports its members with a more effective procurement policy as well as other services in areas such as marketing and certification. To effectively help the success of member businesses to ensure their sustainability in a changing market the portfolio of services in the community is continuously supplemented with new attractive offers. For more information, see.

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4. customer analysis as ticking the customer? Similar information can be removed from the structure of customers. Interested in particular, as customers put together. Which customers include the regular customers, which new customers? How much differ the regulars in their behavior? What is the ratio of customers to the new customers? Increase new clients? Who are the customers and where do they come? How are they aware on your company? Why do they decide for you? Where do they evolve? From these responses, conclusions can be drawn, how current customer behaviour can be kept for the future life and permanently integrated in the business processes. 5. non-customer analysis who not finds its way to the company? The previous sequence of Business processes was mostly a group to be neglected: the customers who place no order in spite of initial interest in the company from any reason whatsoever.

Here we need to learn more: for which customers and which marketing no time at the moment? How important would this be for the future of the company? How much is the acquiring of new customers suffering from generally? Which orders and customers are currently rather pushed as preferred handled? How big is the resulting revenue loss because the market is not fully editable? Measures which can then implement a small sales team resulting from these answers. To be prepared for the turbulence in the global economy, it is advisable to act now prudently: the process and the organizational structure should be adjusted now. Orders, customers and non-customers should be carefully analysed and the results used to strengthen customer relationships. Because can a company with lean business processes on Much more quickly react to changes.

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With bank.Internationally, companies can verify bank account data simply and reliably. The practical solution of Uniserv edited not only the conventional data such as bank sort code and account number, but also the formats of the single euro payments area (SEPA), which will be binding as of February 2014. Since then replaces the IBAN international bank account number, routing number and the account number and all over Europe ensures uniform data formats. Despite the urgency of the changeover to SEPA, unfortunately many companies ignore even the need for action. Also, a recent study by ibi research to the SEPA implementation in Germany”shows that SEPA is still not really entered into awareness at one-third of the surveyed organizations. And only another third of the company uses sporadically at all SEPA credit transfers. Against this background is the plausibility check with bank.International by Uniserv a decisive step towards the SEPA readiness of companies. The changeover to the European payment area brings not only for Financial departments changes, but affects virtually every department.

With bank.Internationally by Uniserv users can verify simple, convenient and reliable customer bank details. The software checks to see if the IBAN is syntactically correct, meets all requirements to build of an IBAN and can be assigned to clear a bank. The plausibility of the IBAN is carried out by the Association of international bank code (BIC) or examination of IBAN and BIC against each other. The smart Bank.International, that is the solution seamlessly integrates in the relevant applications is highly flexible covers the various usage scenarios taking advantage of cloud technologies and last but not least, minimized the risks for businesses,”describes the benefit from a consultant perspective, Michael Luderer, Managing Director of Severn consultancy GmbH. Bank uses for highest result quality.International comprehensive reference data by SWIFT, the society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. During data entry are incorrect Bank account details and credit card numbers detected, corrected typo reliably. To minimize the risk of a failed transaction. The turnout for a smoothly running payment transactions are provided.

Uniserv GmbH with its headquarters in Pforzheim, the largest specialized provider of data quality solutions in Europe, offers bank.International a plausibility check for bank data. ( sepa-ready) About Severn Severn consultancy with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main was founded in London in 1987 and is on the national and international financial market specialized consultancy. The expertise lies in the effective realization of success-critical processes of change in the market. Competent technical and management advice coupled with effective project management, more effective organizational development and zukunftssicherem IT management are the pillars of the Severn way to get it done”. The Severn team consists of experienced former bank managers who know the task of clients from private practice. More information is available at.

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The sales training of the future for marketing and selling the capacity is IngenieurTrainer Ottmar field staff as sales trainer specialized on technical sales and training for the sale and distribution of technical products (B2B). Since 01.07.2010 he produced the podcast (audio broadcast) technical sales adventure”. All this occurred against the background, leaving little time for sales seminars and training in hectic day-to-day of sales work. In the podcast technical sales adventure”offered new contributions every 1st and 15th of the month and can be subscribed to for free in the iTunes store. In the 10-to 15-minute hearing broadcasts, salespeople learn to structure their sales pitches, and to improve the treatment of your objection or questioning techniques. The podcast of the technical sales adventure”is located since its first broadcast in early July regularly among the top 10 of the charts of the podcast category economy of the Apple Multimedia Portal. This is an indication that the podcasting in the Sales departments of the companies feed has found. There are different ways to consume such sale training via the HiFi system: possibility 1: the podcasts downloaded over the Internet on an MP3 player.

Instead of headphones, a small transmitter is connected to the MP3 player. This sends the sound radio waves over FM on the radio. Option 2: The podcasts are downloaded via the Internet on an MP3 player and via a USB interface connected to the car radio. Possibility 3: The podcasts are burned on a CD and played on a CD player in the car. Option 4: Play the podcasts directly from the MP3 player. Some of the larger companies have begun their own listening programmes to produce for the first time. This internal corporate podcasts also corporate values, ideas, business goals, market developments or goal achievement factors to be taught in the employees in addition to the sale training. Come to the podcast subscription here! For more information about the sales trainer Ottmar capacity please see: IngenieurTrainer Ottmar capacity

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