Quite often, not having a sufficient budget to develop the resource, not the big firms try to do this by creating your company's web site because web studio is not a cheap option. It is clear that when the website is simple, possible to create it without spending on it nor the ruble. However, here as in another case, there are different nuances that need to be taken into account, so you do not begin to do things new. Try to understand the inception of the free resource. Original question, from those that arise in front of you – this is often to be on site to change the content.

If yes, then the resource must be connected to a content management system, in order to be able to change the picture or post news without involving third-party programmers. Fortunately there is already a huge number of free control systems, for which there is pre-programmed patterns and written a lot of free plugins and modules, so that to do that either you personally will not be needed. True to their connected to the cms should have some knowledge of programming languages, html and php. This is the starting point. Site development begins with the development of web design. Now already many resources available on the Internet developed by professional designers are available to all and free site templates, any of which can quickly download and develop with them through their website. You can quickly choose from hundreds of design options without spending at the same time means for the production design of the site.

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