"Separately, made 12 thousand people will not stop the much more numerous, having more clearly funding, the faithless horde – a successor to the Mongols, which threatens the Georgian borders and the occupied territories … "Therefore, there is a need in women? President ornately explains: "Today, Georgia has need to encourage women into the army. Among the soldiers a lot of women who conscientiously perform their duties. But if the country will need, then every man and woman must be willing to fight for Georgia, and every family – to become a bastion built to save the country "- like pre-made it clear the president. Georgia, he continued, should be ready to make without delay "to prepare every man and woman to assist armed resistance to the enemy, and every city, house, street and family have become a stronghold of resistance, be prepared for war, and, if necessary, we need to have 500 thousand people who will be willing to stand up under the gun, and ammunition enough for us all. " Half a million in military ranks? What does this mean? In addition, the Georgian government cherishes the hope of dismembering Russia through the promotion of a so-called First Caucasian channel. He are reported to the media, will begin broadcasting in the republic of North Kavkazv from the first days or weeks of the coming year. It was learned that work on it are invited to a Russian journalist Oleg Panfilov, the widow of Chechen General Alla Dudayev got an apartment, designed to give citizenship and channel effectiveness and credibility.

Representatives of the Georgian opposition leaders are warning one day, the results of this "propaganda" would be to Georgia unenviable, and offered to give up the idea. But things are there. Well, the Georgian society more clearly imagine what is happening with the leadership, and where lie the sources of all political evils. In 2010 this regard would be largely determinative. Suffice it to say, especially about the favor of public opinion for public diplomacy and its efforts to establish ties with Moscow. Position is that the main task – achieve a change of political regime. And only then it will be possible to conduct meaningful dialogue about everything, which would restore normal bilateral relations between Georgia and Russia.

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Teak trees in a set price per hectare per hectare, based on the actual costs – which are paid to an investment required price – and is therefore less a subjective distortion of the IRRs affected. Teak wood plantations have similar activities and the cost structure for professional managed teak wood should be the same approximate plantations. Therefore, the price per hectare is an ideal and quick comparative to compare investments with industry-wide investment opportunities. From an economic perspective, the price per hectare when entering an investment should be low and high at the time. However, the price per hectare in the context of the risk analysis should be considered.

There could be good reasons give, which is why it is worth to pay a higher price per hectare, when it comes to reducing the risks: sustainability certifications, such as by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) should allow it to sell the wood to a wider clientele. Added value generation along the value chain such as a sawmill quality of the plantation Manager (to the plantation to cultivate and maintain) risk-return equation, which may lead also to arguments for a higher price per hectare, than a comparable cheaper option which, however, has a higher risk is influenced by factors such as the above. Conclusion there are opinions from the industry, financial projections are only numbers, which invariably are based on estimates and have to do with the reality of a growing tree. From investment point of view, this is wrong. Visit a plantation just to see whether it is in good condition, for a due diligence is not enough. You should invest only, If the expected rate of return outweighs the risk. This requires a thorough insight into the financial forecasts, the cost price, the risks and how the investment compared to other investment proposals represents. For more information, please contact investing Alternatively.

Akin to the concept of world civilization category – socio-economic system, until recently, generally accepted in the scientific works and textbooks, and is used to describe large, objectively conditioned stages in the development of society. Why has it taken to abandon the familiar category, replacing it with a new concept, but still used in such different ways? First, the desire to get rid of the rough sociology and determinism, the primacy of material over the spiritual, which form the basis of the concept of socio-economic structure. Our approach is based on the primacy of man's needs, knowledge, skills, culture, ideology – All the things that is often referred to generalize the word social consciousness and what distinguishes man from the rest of the world. Certainly, man can not tear myself away from the outside world, the development of productive forces (The main element of which is man and his needs and abilities, knowledge and ability, desire and the will) is one of the determinants of historical progress – along with the dynamics of the spiritual world. Secondly, the rigid five-member schema change of socio-economic formations essentially anti-historical. She tried to lay a complex and contradictory historical rate of progress, differing identities in the lives of different countries and peoples, the Procrustean bed of a dogmatic scheme. At the same time the beginning of history – primitive communal formations – turned out indefinitely extended, ignored qualitatively different stages in the prehistory and the first stages of human history, the latter formation – Communist – meant, in essence, end of story, it eliminated the contradiction as a major driving force of historical progress.

Like the Christian heaven, it would have been infinitely monotonous, dull company, although science fiction writers and tries to highlight the tragedy of knowledge and exploration of unknown ("Andromeda" Ivan Efremov). Life has denied this great utopia the ideals of communism, suffered a heavy defeat at the end of XX century. (Although they will be reborn again in the Modification form, as desire for full equality and abundance continues to hold and play). The concept of change world civilizations clearly delineates the beginning of the historical process, leading the countdown to the history of the Neolithic Revolution and preceding the transition period – Mesolithic, offers more than a fraction compared to Marxist scheme of division of the major stages of history and, most importantly, proceeds from the fact that the rhythm of change of civilizations, the inherent dynamics and conflicts continue in the future – as long as there will be a human Society (and his days are numbered until, although a large space, environmental or nuclear catastrophe can abruptly stop the historical process or discard the humanity in a few cycles ago). A similar approach to the periodization of history, holds IM Deacons. Counting them is a historical time from the appearance of modern humans, Homo Sapiens, but not with the Neolithic revolution (or added to the first stage of a major story – Almost thirty thousand) it is not of civilizations, and the phases of the historical process (which can be understood as. life cycle phases of humanity) there are differences in understanding the timing and content of individual phases and the world civilizations. This approach is justified, but it does not preclude the approach set out in this tutorial. Future studies and experience will help determine who is right and will probably be found a third, more convincing explanation of the logic and periodization of historical progress.

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Using the screens, you get the ability to display high-quality, vivid video images on the big screen in direct sunlight or artificial light to create images of any size to work with any weather conditions, use the latest technology for work with image, etc. Currently, LED displays have become an integral part of the image of stadiums and other sports facilities. Sports scoreboard for stadiums, gymnasiums, swimming pools, schools can be designed with different size and color display, a different set of information fields, the various features. Sports scoreboard provided for display game information (account number, and the game, fouls, etc.). rapid control of the displayed information is from judicial panels.

Informational messages and advertising displays running string, using Russian and English alphabets. But sports scoreboard made based on the LED screen, allows you to play not only visual information or account, and direct video stream, close-up replay of the most interesting moments of sporting events, video information about the sponsors of the club, etc. Display advertising on the scoreboard during mass events, of course, advantageous for sponsors and advertisers advertising companies will see both the fans present at the stadium and television viewers software allows calculation of statistics. In the timer, an indication of direct and reverse play time, time, per-second countdown to the last minutes of the game. Sports scoreboard allows an audible alert, control lamps, goals scored, to connect several consoles for judges. Sludet remember that electronic sports scoreboard made based on LED screens, must meet the highest requirements for reliability and information content, to have sufficient brightness, as well as different ruggedness to weather conditions.

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Marketing by e-mail, a form of Internet marketing, is a product of the evolution of what in the world of marketing is known as direct marketing. Before the advent of the internet, direct marketing predominated in written advertising. It was common to get to open our email box, we find large amount of correspondence, which, most of the time, was not in our interest, because it is pure advertising, unsolicited (in fact, now rarely open my mail box). We could say that, that type of correspondence, which constituted a form of marketing, for receivers, to those who sent it was what is now known as S * P * to * M, or spam. However, we must admit that many times, some of that correspondence drew our attention and led us to buy any product or service offered. With the arrival of the era of information technology (technology and information), those who practiced this way to do marketing, which we might call, direct marketing, found a new way to carry out their tactics, using some adjustments to the systems, which were mandatory.

It was not difficult at all to these marketers adapt the new technologies to their precursor marketing practices, but if you had to work hard in order to merge its methods with modern media technology was putting at your disposal. It is easy to understand that there is a significant difference between publishing online for a large audience, and writing for a smaller consumer audience. On the other hand, same accompanied by informative social development, technological development, and the pressures of the daily activities, began to create in people, a focused culture to get things quickly, mainly by the knowledge of having many more options to choose, in comparison with previous offerings, before the development of the internet. It is thus as a mode of writing short articles, a few paragraphs, but through the use of more powerful techniques of persuasion.

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