"Happiness – it's when you understand." From the film "will live until Monday," My friend, forgetting to wear glasses, read a headline like "Ten girls prom …" Hey, where's my seventeen years? No, my friends, we want to tell you exactly the problems that accompany all of the organizers of the prom. Problems, of course, much more, and all of them, in general, be solved, but you can not forget them. We list the top 10: security, alcohol, boredom, guests, guerrilla, bad music, the program, the masses, megalomania, the end – the cause of the crown. Briefly go through each problem. Wells Fargo is likely to agree. 1. Security. Airmen say that the best aircraft in which the number is the number of takeoffs landings.

The best graduation party, in which the number of graduates who attended the last call is the number of graduates razvezennyh home. All the problems of the exhaust is better to entrust professionals, but too safe – in the first place. 2. Alcohol. Guys need to feel that they are adults and are allowed a little sip. Unfortunately, some seventeen macho understand the word "sip", as "Kick".

Some would-be graduates even boast: "I kicked that prom do not remember!". Yes, this "achievement" wonder proud. You should not spoil the exhaust themselves or others. In adult life, reason will be plenty of kick, and the joy prom lost forever. 3. Boredom. Serious danger. Think about the surprises that will enliven the evening. Remember that at the outlet, if the "people" bored, something to think would be too late. 4. Bill Phelan may help you with your research. Guests. Good evening, guests will decorate the bad … And guess easily. I remember we invited well-known poet, graduate school, and she suddenly started to remember how she worked on the railroad … In my opinion, none of the graduates of that year to train and did not come close. 5. Guerrilla. If the class is friendly, the trap is easily avoided. We can not allow the division of children into groups of interest. 6. Bad music. Consider interests of seventeen. Do not invite rappers and symphonic, unless your school is not in the conservatory. Speak musical preferences in advance. 7. Program. It should not be prolonged (see section 3 "Boredom"), it should not be transient (see Section 5, "guerrilla"). You can give a lot of practical advice, but is best left to professionals. 8. Masses. Prom night the whole country celebrates a day. If your class or school will join the a lot of the same graduates in the central square, waterfront or near the monument to Prince Rurik in his entourage, then you do not collect them. 9. Megalomania. Do not try to cover in one night everything is done for eleven years. The evening should contain no more than two or three major projects. Assume School – banquet hall – a ship or a school – the Kremlin – Berendeys forest, or math lesson – the school canteen – a spaceship … but not anymore. 10. End – the cause of the crown. Remember graduation ceremony ends with the return of all (absolyutno!) home. Do not relax too soon. Believe me, the final trapping many more, to be absolutely accurate – 247, but there is a right and a universal way of coping with all – trust the professionals!

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SEO Search

And while some visitors, more efficient may be a small ratings, which involved not so many sites. Put the meter – the same Rambler, Spylog, One.Ru. Some steady number of visitors will be given banner exchange system. Frequently Bill Phelan has said that publicly. But to do this, your banner show up at least 400-500 times a day because effectiveness of banner exchange is usually not more than 1% – ie click on it 4-5. Again depends on the banner – a draw! 🙂 Now let's talk about exchanging links. This factor is the second most important after the contents page.

The fact is that search engines determine the relevance of low contents of your site in relation to the search phrase. Give him more to be on your page as much as possible links to external sites! Since it shows that you are popular in your link, you are – that is, you are an authority in this area. And the more of these external links, the higher the site rises in search results ceteris paribus. Therefore, at any price you want to get more inbound links and preferably non-reciprocal – that is, you link to, and you in response to the site – no. Such links are valued higher. Link exchange can give you some extra visitors.

Try to vary with sites similar theme (but not the one to one) and, preferably, with more high-traffic … List your site in a few dozen, and preferably hundreds of directories. (Just choose the folders, which put a link to you without a redirect.) One of the types of link exchange: if You are doing the programming, register their programs from the servers of software (and their attendance of a-ho-ho!) And leave it on your page can credit. If the applets interesting – traffic will be hoo! And search engines that will be celebrated. The same glaring example – my home page. 🙂 You can leave the links in the guest, forums, message boards, in letters at last … Very effective in increasing attendance can be e-mail – newsletter, which will periodically return visitor to your website. But this requires that the content of it is periodically updated, people will not lose interest in the site and did not disappoint. In search engine optimization (SEO) is the still a huge mass of subtleties! To learn at least some of them, I advise you to pay attention to a terrific video course Yusuf Gubaidulina 'Strategies of effective promotion. " More than 7 hours of live video, purely practical orientation will help you learn the basics of SEO. Good attendance you!

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Dazzling styling of hair and makeup is thanks to Marco Aldany. This has appeared Estibaliz Rabade Pereira, Miss Spain 2009, in the presentation of clothes that will look at Miss Universe. a And is that the artistic team of the chain has managed to combine perfectly with the know-how signature clothing designs M & M Puerto de la Cruz that will look brand new for the occasion Galician. I look very pretty with makeup and hair, I am a flirt and I love this. I never miss my vanity makeup bag and today especially I loved the styling says Miss. a A look that Aldany Marco, Artistic Director of the shows, is synonymous with perfection.

Estibaliz has a very personal traits among which their large eyes and thick lashes and endless. It is certainly a face with lots of possibilities. In addition, we must highlight your gorgeous hair, healthy hair, care, body and volume that allows any style. a With this touch can not be doubt that the most beautiful woman in Spain highlight on 2 August in the Bahamas among the other 80 candidates from around the world and will be closer to winning the title Miss Universe. a Aldany About Marco Marco Aldany, chain ownership of The Chic Corporation, is the leading company in Spain in the hairdressing sector.

It currently has more than 400 operating rooms in our country, is also present in Central America and Portugal. More than 50 years of presence in the sector has given him the experience, structure and resources that allow you to mark your own pace, achieving a steady increase, year to year in revenues.

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