Syllabus Strategies in Corporate Identity and Advertising Policy 3 ECTS Credits. 1st term Coordinator Professor Victor Curto Objectives Knowing and elaborate the concepts, history, players, strategies and techniques of political advertising. Locate the institutional advertising government today: concept, importance, functions, management. Study the strategies of political advertising and the dynamics of electoral campaigns. Carry out a practical project of institutional advertising. Contents. I. Theoretical background and history of political advertising. (14/10/08) Victor Curto. 1.The term “institution”. Public administration models and correlation with the functions of institutional advertising 2. Institutional ads vs.. Propaganda. Definitions, definition, scope, and advertising features metapublicitarias 3. History of institutional advertising 4. Legal framework of institutional advertising in the Spanish state II. From theory to practice institutional advertising. (21/10/08) Victor Curto. Specific features of institutional advertising. Strategic management of institutional advertising The practice of institutional advertising Analysis models of institutional advertising Briefing the case study III. Communication in electoral processes. (28/10/08) Mario Herreros. Conceptual framework of political marketing Political propaganda to political advertising Forms of political advertising advertising Political Propaganda Techniques IV. Campaigns. (4/11/08) Marc Puig. Strategic management of election campaigns The vision of the party The vision of the advertising agency The vision of the voter Future trends V. Political marketing: a view not advertising (11/11/08) Toni Aira. Political Communication. An overview Journalism and Political Marketing Political communication: the role of media Spin doctors and advisory teams New formats for political communication VI. Institutional communication. Government as advertiser. (18/11/08) Enric Casas. Government as advertiser: specific features The citizen-institution relationship from the perspective of institutional advertising The poster institutional management processes Case study: The City of Barcelona VII. Case Study. (25/11/08) Victor Curto. Consultation and tutoring of the course work VIII. Oral presentations. Conclusions. (2/12/08) Victor Curto. Josyann Abisaab Methodology Master Class. Be enhanced also, discussion and class participation. Group work to do outside school hours. Tutored. Rating: A. Reports / group work B.Final Draft Announcements Date course evaluation (first call): Delivery of final draft on December 2, 2008 Second call date: September 15, 2009 Bibliography Each teacher will present literature according to its specific material. As introductory bibliography: STATE GENERAL ADMINISTRATION. Annual Plan Institutional Advertising and Communication 2008. Online Madrid: Administraci n General del Estado, 2007. Consulta: 15 April 2007 AIRA, T. Marketing pol tic: L’art de guanyar eleccions.

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Do you have your best body? And I do not mean only how it looks, but how it performs. Can you perform your activities with ease and energy, or cost you deal with them? Get the best version of your body does not necessarily mean having the size smaller or more muscular body. It means having a body that does what you need without discomfort or pain. The good news is that it does not take long to get the best of your body. For your best body, lift weights Strength training is essential to get your best body because it improves both the appearance and function. When you do build muscle tissue, which increases your metabolism and helps eliminate body fat.

At the same time strengthen your bones and joints, providing a solid foundation for your daily activities. Some strength training has become popular because they are focused on emulating the movements of our daily activities. Instead of isolating one muscle group, exercise your body as a whole, as it functions in everyday life. The beauty of these exercises is involving large muscle groups, in addition to burning more calories and train your body to be strengthened to perform dynamic movements in a typical day. How to make your weight is more functional when you isolate a muscle, what happens is you train that muscle, but not the movement. One way to change it, look for ways that these exercises are more functional: It incorporates free weights. The machines have their place in training, but often offer both support that the body has to work to maintain balance and good form. In real life do not have that support.

Using dumbbells bars and forces the body to create its own support, leading to a stronger body overall. Combines movements. We usually do a combination of movements throughout the day, so they be in the gym is the best way to ensure the strength to carry them out in our daily activities with ease and without effort. Some examples of these exercises are squats, lunges, flights side with dumbbells, bench press chest that also strengthens the core and stabilizers used, exercising with medicine balls is also a good alternative. Be creative with your exercise routine can give you functionality and make your workouts more enjoyable. Now you know that the exercises man calories, but also can make your life easier. To learn more about and have more energy and vitality you need to read Your Ideal Body. There is now a healthy and safe alternative to exercise and without diet or pills. Your Ideal Body.

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A good bodybuilding shop has a wide range of articles, including in the field of amino acids. Amino acids are used for many years in the sport and especially in bodybuilding / weight training, over the years, there were many advancements, the products were always better and more versatile. Amino acids can be incorporated in various forms. Amino acids in liquid form can be quickly absorbed by the body, they are mainly used when rapid absorption is important, for example, directly after training. Liquid amino acids in individual vials (very expensive, since complex packaging) or in lower-liter bottles. Also very common are amino acids in capsule form. Compared are liquid aminos here is mainly to simplify the operation in the foreground. Thus, it is far easier to take after training a few amino acid capsules with fluids, when to use the liquid aminos. Amino acids in tablet form, by contrast, is rather slowrecorded. Tablets rather rely on those athletes who shakes at least partly to do without. In addition, by amino acid tablets may not be nutritionally high quality food (as far as the protein content) will be upgraded. Even single amino acids can occur in a sensible diet sportgerechten used. Particularly noteworthy is glutamine, which include improved regeneration after training.

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The automation also agree watering systems, sensors and programming to the house in general to act in case of accident. This process is compounded by the integration, since all the elements that are part of the housing can be combined. For example, from your mobile home is monitored or if someone you know comes to your home and not found, is allowed to enter through the telephone. The Home automation in homes are used for access control, meteorology, air conditioning, motion detectors, alarms, zone heating, blinds, solar panels, home theaters, lighting and status of doors and windows. Having all this offer does not mean you should put everything in the home, because people can opt for simple devices that allow you to monitor the housing only with a camera. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wells Fargo. In Argentina people think is something inaxesible q and I q aceguro smart home can get started with $ S 300. There is a growing interest in having this technology, but people do not buy because they think they are expensive. However, medium and long term benefits are significant, especially for the savings generated especially with the recent increases are super high q and q assure a house automation systems casacon save up to 40% of energy.

For example, in water, a company has a toilet that lifts the lid automatically when you go to use and has sensors for determine what amount of water discharge, depending on the material to dispose. Without hesitation JPMorgan Chase explained all about the problem. In the case of irrigation can be scheduled for some time, season and length to avoid waste of water rights. In the case of lighting, have sensors to determine when, how and with what intensity you have to turn on the light in certain areas of the house. The same applies to heating. The smart home is an evolving concept, and with it, any team can perform a specific function on a particular date and repeat the process as many times as it is set. The most common devices that perform this type of processes are incorporating radios coffeemaker and alarm clock. These features are more common in televisions and other equipment such as irrigation systems, alarms, air conditioners, washing machines, curtains, etcetera. This industry is growing at the interest of the people.

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