Some times these teachings pass to be written. The proper Bible is an example of this practical. Historians who work with verbal history must a bigger attention to the question of the implicit subjectivity in the speech, that in the case of the orality is very bigger that in the registered sources originally. The data bases also can be a source of registered memory. Literature, even so is not a science and yes one of the artistic categories, also is taken in consideration in the confection of a historical work.

It is important to have in mind that in literature is implicit the aspects of the society of the time where it was conceived or of the time which the author if dedicates to describe. The social advent of half modern of communication and changes including space urban had brought important changes in the society and the perception of the individual and its world. In the transistion of the Medieval Age for the Modern Age, the society that if based on the verbal transmission of its knowledge and to know necessary to its necessities? that generally summarized its local work? it was seen in new occupations, such as the commerce and the life in the cities. This simple fact demanded registers of operations, transistions, etc. that a development of artifices each time elaborated provoked more to keep and to spread the memory in texts and in images. In certain way, the memory of the daily one became a little more concrete and needs. This process culminates, in a relatively recent reality, with the computer, capable to keep ample amounts of information and to enclose all the invented ways previously to register and to store the memory. The development of the memory in century XX, according to Jacques Le Goff, ' ' it constitutes a true revolution of memria' ' 1, being the electronic memory the element most spectacular.

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