Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you want to plan a good advertising campaign with your company because you have planned in the near future to publish a series of new products or brands, which is very tough in this day and age not least due to the international financial crisis, the market then you should note some better points, because it is not always easy, to be successful with new products. For example, a major problem is that poorly can increase sales with new products, as long as the products are still unknown. Therefore, it is important that you plan a good advertising campaign and perform, for example by buying clothes and use as a giveaway. This method is usually very successful, because it can so easily attract potential customers and clients and convince. It is important, however, that you noticed a number of points in order to plan a successful advertising campaign with the textiles is characterized well. For example, note that Depending on what kind you advertise the giveaways wanted, adjust accordingly. If you for example to have, with your advertising campaign on a major event such as a fair or another event, where many hundred or thousand people show up to show much presence, then, if you buy clothes, be sure, that with the price exceed not the budget, that the firm for the advertising campaign available has provided you with. In your advertising, you should use also the versatility of these freebies for you can advertise with these gifts not only at major events and events, but use excellent these giveaways, to persuade key business partners and other personal contacts.

Thus, this giveaway is very versatile and is used for exactly this reason of many large companies, and by small companies, to achieve a good advertising. But of course, you can reap many more benefits, if You buy clothes and accommodate as promotional material in your campaign. Because the fabrics are also excellently suited, if you need a gift, they are your employees can give to motivate them. This in turn form a series of very interesting aspects, because in this way you can not only very slightly improve the motivation of your employees, to provide even more good services, but you can also make sure that the work ethic and the atmosphere in your entire company can be improved. This advantage is again reflected at the end of the year completely sure especially positive in the sales of your company. In addition, you will, if you buy clothes, and according to figures in your company improve also the teamwork because with proper design of textiles make sure that they have an effect such as jerseys at a sports team. Therefore the use of this promotional gifts may be worth right in several ways. If so the next time you plan an advertising campaign to increase the success of your company, so try to accommodate these resources in the strategy of your advertising campaign. The effect will be guaranteed very impressive. Oliver Smith

dom launches new Web2Print shop Waiblingen, January 2010: launches the Waiblinger dom Deutsche online Medien GmbH two new online shops to the beginning of the year and thus sharpens its profile in the fast-growing field of Web2Print. The two recently launched myberryprint and Sir platforms offer paper both end-users and business customers customized printing solutions for a market this year expected to be 10.5 billion euros. Fruity W2P forged with myberryprint the southern printing experts focus private, female consumers. On the domain, the audience enters a new, clearly structured and easy-to-use shop. With business and post cards, letter blocks, letterhead and envelopes, the product portfolio includes a deliberately open held selection of articles. User to combine them with many selectable professional designs by classically clear to modern playful and make their personal foundations to write articles in less than two minutes. Premium online printing with level convergent to the as a Highclass-shop presents itself raised expectations of demanding business customers.

Medium-sized companies, advertisers and marketers in companies print high-quality printed products, advertising and stationery. Dom live advice of design specialists, premium data check and expert hotline ensures comprehensive service. Through guaranteed compliance with agreed delivery dates and exclusive finishing techniques such as painting, the recent Excellence solution of dom stands out punching and embossing from the existing market. Ten percent of all German media services currently employ Web2Print applications. “Strengthens our belief to have embarked on the right path, to meet the large demand for customized print solutions with our two new webshops, so Managing Director Agneta Lindberg. About dom dom Deutsche online Medien GmbH is a service company in the printing industry with a focus on photography and web2Print products. Business customers are bespoke online solutions to the personalization of products available. dom offers personal and continuous project support and many years of experience in the IT, logistics and marketing segment.

Dom as a B2B supplier produced throughout Europe by strong networks in different locations. As HP development partner of Indigo-pressure systems the Waiblinger boast one of the largest capacities in the area of liquid toner digital printing. Also in the field of offset printing convinced the renowned service provider by savvy expert teams and modern printing machines. With more than 200 photo articles, dom also has one of the widest product portfolios on the market. More information on press contact: Tanja Deilecke Borgmeier Public Relations Rothenbaumchaussee 5 20148 Hamburg phone: 040 / 4130 960 fax: 040 / 4130 9620 E-mail:

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