With a great passion and attention to detail was the author be punctual at the Leipzig book fair book ‘ Lavinia – abduction in the parallel world ‘ before the author of wilt, taking you into this fantastic world and take times colorful dazzling, but also time in dull gray through very different forms of life. In addition to the pure fiction it goes mainly to the realization that the self is not just black or white, but that each character has its strengths and weaknesses. There is a time for each of the fantastic is closer than reality. Jutta Schutz (JS): Mr wilting, you have published your first fantasy novel on February 16, 2011 tredition Verlag. Fantasy serves the people’s desire for heroes and a 12-year old human child named Lavinia is epics and your heroine. What has motivated you to write such a story? Thomas Welke (TW): One of our greatest gifts is our imagination. I can not exactly say when and how the first fragments of this novel in my head have originated. After I had begun to write once, and my wife has always encouraged me to write, most people have developed a life of its own.

At the beginning, I had an idea where I was going, I landed but am in a world that I didn’t even know. JS: what do you expect from the readers of your book? TW: Who reads always fantasy novels, should be ready to open up a new world and also allow the images that arise in the mind’s eye. And Yes, the successes of the great works of fantasy show most people that are able to engage in imaginary worlds. And it is still surprising that obviously just adults, often so rational-looking people, are among the biggest fans. The Fanasie can help relieve stress, to make his life positively.

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It is impossible to determine with what they want from life, attending interviews for which you wish to talk to the employer. The more you will have the interviews, the less you ‘ll understand – And what do you want to receive. The more scattered are your feelings, the worse will be the final decision.

It is important not the number of resumes sent out and passed the interviews. The challenge is to get invitation for the right job, not the maximum possible amount of work. . There is no more pathetic spectacle than the sight of fallen into depression, a person on the grounds that he was denied a job at a company where he did not going to get. No need to sell – buy! You can either buy yourself a job, or find themselves in the role of the purchased goods. If the new work will be for you a pacifier, “divorce” will be held for you much more painful than for the employer.

Therefore, we must approach the choice of “life companion” anxious than it does the employer. No need to sell – buy! Nothing is more impressive person conducting the interview as a candidate who knows exactly what she wants and why. No need to sell – buy! What exactly do you need to know about the work to be exactly sure of his happiness? Do not hesitate to ask questions. To make sure their thoughts, just check it out. No need to sell – buy! You’ll feel much more comfortable if you become respected people with whom to work: bosses, peers, subordinates and clients. You know who it is you love and respect? This is exactly the same people? No need to sell – buy! People do not care about your knowledge, as they do not know the extent of your worries. Enthusiasm and hard work, co sincere concern about his case, mean much more than the additional skills. Do not worry on the topic of whether you can handle their responsibilities: if a job you like, you’ll get along well with her. If zero interest in the work – or not deal with what conditions. No matter what you are strong, much more important – what you like. Do what you do not love – the most painful and senseless occupation. Especially if you have to do it every day for 8 hours. Any choice of work is associated with risk, so try to present their perceptions, if the choice turns out to be wrong. If you can say: “It’s okay in the end, the attempt – not torture,” settle for the job. If anything like that you can not say be able to – do not waste time in vain. Looking for something else. Remember, the main purpose of life – your own personal happiness and the happiness of your loved ones. No career or money will not give you that. All other goals (money, fame, status, achievement, responsibility) – only paths to happiness, and do not in themselves represent any value. Now, I’m sure with the attitude you have no problems. And the job of your dreams is not far off.

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The project "therefore choose a designer" is designed for a year and plan to finish it show, models in which there will be people who sewed clothes from these designers. Perhaps the club fashion over time grow into a private club where members would pay dues. Now, work more for fun than for profit. It's really cool when your hobby brings you more and some money. – Do you plan your time or more are running up? – Be sure to plan. JPMorgan Chase understood the implications. In business, it is very important. My friends often ask how you have time and there, and there, and also to dance some to go.

I just painted my time well. When you keep track of all that has to do is to reside in the nervous tension, because something can be forgotten. I recommend everyone to have diary. Devote the time needed not only at work but to rest. If you need more work – no problem, but then you have to give yourself more rest. I love massage, sauna – that renews strength. On the rest are not saving both – neither the time nor money. Because when you're full of energy, then you work faster and better.

Need to listen to yourself – what you want at this moment. – A spending plan? – Yes. For the past year, daily recording actual revenues and expenditures, and plan future expenses. When after the first two months reviewed its records and realized that I spend a lot of money at things without which you can do without. Now clearly know how and where to spend, where to spend money in next month. As they say teachers on business training, if you did not know how much you need money, then how can the universe know how you date? On its own look, when you know what specifically you want the money, always find where to take them. – What earned their first money? – When I was a student, recruited a group of people who want to have extra income. Was interviewed, even not knowing what kind of work. It turned out that it is necessary to questionnaires for autoclub. At the time, for it paid well. But to me it was very difficult to approach a stranger and talk to him. With communication skills if there were problems. Several days passed, not daring to go to any driver. Afraid that refused would think that something is not right. But then overcame his fear and forced himself. Then, perhaps, more happy that I still did it than to make money. Give the money to my mother – say that the first earnings necessarily need to give parents. – Do you believe in superstitions about money? We say that a wallet had money, they say, there must leave bill "for reproduction" and had never been to spend? – In superstition, not faith. But that need to constantly in the wallet were two hryvnia tried. Help!

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The Problem

After the rational of the problem as a whole analysis facts, head replaces the stomach in the establishment of a first response. This first response should be just that: an approximation to the solution, an act that refine the terrain in which they operate the facts, an effort to prevent the problem taken more proportions that has already reached start. This first response is a way of applying cold cloths to the situation. Trained person to address problems with advantage developed great skill in this. A classic cold cloth is the serenity that can be demonstrated (not the indispensable that should have but one that can display). This helps a lot to have the support of the people who are around us. Another useful cold cloth is active communication with all persons who may be involved in the solution of the problem, informing them of the facts and avoiding to take any action that projects the problem beyond the limits that we are imposing.

Another quick action must be set with clarity ducts licensed for treatment of the problem. The first answer has much to do with sorting the situation and avoid the chaos that frequently cause problems. Fund solution to the problem arises as the product of an exhaustive analysis of the causes of this has. Here the time should necessarily be an ally. This is a completely rational stage, the mind determines the conceptual guidelines and actions to follow.

Here arise deep responses, in the field and in time; solutions that not only favorably resolved the problem but also establish foundations so that the facts will not recur easily. By this last stated that the solution must not only solve the problem also has to overcome it, to an extent that the final State of things it exceeds in quality and benefit to the original state. Reach this level nor is simple and constitutes another factor which discriminates against many by very few.

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Everyone talks about how easy that is to build a website and make money online. It is really easy or pure propaganda? All I have to say is that it is not easy to create highly profitable web sites online. However, you can learn how to build a web site, as this completely optimized for the motors of search and high profitability in a couple of weeks, using the same simple tricks that I use on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if you want to build a website for free or for profit. To earn online, you have to build a web site that receives free search engine traffic, and apply all other simple traffic methods as: displacement to the forums, through ads in magazines, the submission of your website to link other directories, write comments on other products, reciprocal and pay per click links.

First you have to learn how to do the optimization of your site, and so will need to: 1) Insert keywords in the page title. To broaden your perception, visit Wells Fargo Bank. Me surprisingly, the number of sites online that have your keywords in your page title. Be sure to always include your keywords in your page title. 2) Add Meta Tags is not as important as it was, but I like to include them in every site I build. I add meta-etiquetas, and meta tags keywords. Use one or two words per page only. Add your main keyword in the description of your page.

(3) Header H1 tags use your tag H1 header on each page, always I like using a font size smaller, as 14pt. ((4) H2/H3 header tags try to use at least one H2 or H3 Tags in the first three or four paragraphs 5) begin and end their paragraphs with the same word. Be sure to start your first paragraph with the main keyword and put an end to your last paragraph with the same keyword.

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Pro Music

Mike Montes in the interview on radio EMS-Vechte-Welle many stars and celebrities were EMS-Vechte-wave guest moderator Ingo Mertineit in the Studio of radio. Who had on Saturday, June 26, 2010 in living Gelsenkirchen singer of Mike Montes in a live interview the opportunity the listeners of Star – and Pro-mise dung to present. “” In the luggage, the artist had except his current hit Yes my baby”also soon post songs you, me is so much for you” and dancing I just with even the last Fox Friends “doing radio premiere. In the nearly one-hour interview with a mix of music and entertainment, Mike told of his last appearance in Austria and also his current plans. Mahar was not only Montes itself, but also by its clear and significant kind to sing enthusiastically, a voice with a high recognition value. Mike of the other fellow of artists from the music scene sees not as competition, but as a community, that enchant everyone with their songs for a few moments “want, sponsored and organized the first German-language song contest Music Prize of the StimmSCHATZ” 2010. The Weser.TV will be presented on September 3rd in a TV recording from radio. There to see him soon again at Volksmusik.TV with its new hits.

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Frank Puscher, a journalist, in a conversation with Christian Rozsenich (CEO of clickworker.com) on the topic of Crowdsourcing. With an international network of more than 400,000 Clickworkers (Internet users registered at clickworker.com) is clickworker.com of one of the leading providers of paid crowdsourcing. Tasks and projects in the field of copywriting, Web search, mobile crowdsourcing, tagging, categorization, and translations can be commissioned in the large volumes and edited. Developed clickworker.com individual solutions for complex tasks and breaks down large projects into micro jobs. All jobs are then directly on the online platform, by many qualified Clickworkers parallel edited and reassembled according to strict quality controls. Frank Puscher, a journalist, in an interview with Christian Rozsenich, Managing Director of clickworker.com: the principal of crowdsourcing projects meet the market and have ever more specific requirements to service providers like Clickworkers.

Managing Director Christian Rozsenich observed also with voltage, what do Google and Amazon. Mr Rozsenich, crowdsourcing wins more and more importance in marketing projects such as at Edeka DIY. Can you feel anything? Christian Rozsenich: We put our focus more on the production of high-quality content through the crowd. The implementation of marketing campaigns through the crowd is not our focus. Our customers are still internationally active customers, such as GroupOn or yellow pages publishers. Newly added are first requests from media companies who want to work with us.

What is where? Rozsenich: You want to work on for example archives or tag libraries. The newer content, this information is already captured in the newsrooms, but this is often lacking for archive content. JPMorgan Chase has compatible beliefs. And if you are not well tagged, they are dead capital. Only when they are well tagged, you can the footage also profitable online market. Where is currently developing crowdsourcing landscape? Rozsenich: We observe different trends. One of them is certainly mobile crowdsourcing. We have conducted its own app launched and first pilot orders.

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Creating and shipping which is application – it usual by post or electronically “Hello Mrs. Meyer / Mr. Schmitz, thank you that you have applied to the advertisement”, so is may not only the introductory phrase of the confirmation letter on a shipped application but can be also the first movement in a telephone interview. Telephone interview, why this? In times of rising applications for existing vacancies in the various job fairs, print publications or on the company website, companies hire their own or external recruitment in order to crystallize in a telephone interview in how far the applicant for the vacant function or activity is. Furthermore can be clarified this potential gaps in your CV, or – should it be necessary for the new position – the actual level of foreign language required for the position of are ertmittelt. A telephone interview should be a / an applicant /-in not be underestimated. Also for this apply: prepare well and provide the appropriate framework. Some contend that Robert Kiyosaki shows great expertise in this.

Confirm appointment or sufficient time to propose an alternative appointment promptly here are some tips: after receiving the invitation to a telephone interview for the interview schedule. Usually this takes 20 to 30 minutes, on the day of the interviews mental care prepare. Half an hour before the contact takes place, distance to the previous activity win, so that is the concentration throughout the interviewee and his questions. establish reasonable interview: no errors that interfere with the conversation, reduce any music in the background, Strassenlarum or hide. Conversations in the background street noise distract the participants of the interview.

the name of the interview partner is not announced, this note at the beginning of the conversation and use every now and then during the conversation. This indicates an active listening and interested. pay attention to their own formulations. Colloquial or tongue-in-cheek remarks are taboo. Application documents in perspective so that questions can be answered quickly. should be one or more foreign languages in the notice of competition required and these are listed in the application, to adjust that suddenly changes the call from German to foreign languages. Basically, the phone interview is a small interview. It should be prepared with the same care as any later held personal.

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It is not just the physical violence, that can cause problems in interpersonal communication. Who knows it not, the emotionally charged situations in a dispute, the unsettled allegations in a relationship that never really addressed, the misunderstandings in communication with colleagues or employees. Honestly: who’s been fair if there are the respect for interests goes? Seemingly unbridgeable differences emerge. But the question is how a solution can be found to the well of all involved in communication situations. Learn nonviolent communication, this is an alternative way to learn the not so high art of communication.

Nonviolent Communication is based on the principle of empathy, because only emotionally coming with his counterpart in resonance, can respond effectively on its feelings and needs. The founder of the GRP as non-violent communication is called, Marshall B. Rosenberg, had quite idealistic assumptions regarding communication. He assumes that people are looking for the empathic connection to their fellow human beings. The form in which is communicated, believes he, is crucial for whether you can enter empathic to someone and which and which needs are and desires can articulate.

Also stands in the tradition of client-centric talk therapy was developed by Carl Rogers, GfK. Rosenberg believes that we are interested in an honest exchange with others and are willing to do, if it complies with the conditions of the call for these things. Not for nothing it is useful, E.g. inquiries as to formulate please and not as a demand to make. The GRP can help to listen empathically and to recognize the needs and desires that stand behind possible conflicts. GfKi st, a way to win win situations, in the partnership, in the circle of colleagues, the family, but also in larger related such as therapy, diplomacy, international conflict situations. Many coaches have the GRP in your program recorded so that peaceful ways of communicating are spread.

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Duty is the introduction of a quality management in practice? MedicalTalk24 interviewed on the subject of wife Karin letter, Managing Director of 5medical management LLC; Specialist for librarianship in medical / dental surgeries. MEDICALTALK24: good day woman letter. Welcome to the editorial staff of MedicalTalk24. You came to us today, to give our members an insight into the world of quality management. Karin letter: good day Mr Meyer, Hello Mr Akogul.

I look forward to being to bring a little light in the dark with you today. MEDICALTALK24: Woman letter, you explain to us but please as first point the current legal situation. Up to what point must a physician / dentist have introduced the quality management system? Karin letter: the Federal Government has with the health reform 2004 all practising physicians/dentists and psychotherapists committed, to introduce by 1 January 2006 on a practice-internal quality management (QM). Should any established doctor/dentist to December 31, 2009 a structured system fully introduced. Then, the directive granted another year for the test phase.

MEDICALTALK24: Have introduced only in practice, or be also certified? Karin letter: there is still no obligation for the certification. MEDICALTALK24: What resistance or obstacles exist from your point of view, against the introduction of a quality management system for doctors / dentists? Karin letter: the biggest opposition certainly lies in thinking that the practice by a quality management system has more work than before. These and other concerns can quickly clear out after a good advice. Certainly a very big problem is that the doctors/dentists are left alone. This means that it is a law introduced the QM are mandatory, but nobody says them really what they have to do. What is a quality management system and how it is to be implemented is not at all clear, most of the owners of the practice. It is not mentioned, that even time can save you.

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