In the GSM-phone difference between the initial and maximum power level of about a hundred times. CDMA-phones emit less, but regulate the output power the same way. Remember the simple rules when call in areas with poor coverage:-Do not cover the antenna arm. Unplug the unit-cell wherever connection is lost: the subway, bus, train, shopping malls. Call-standing at the window. 2.Do not hold the handset to your ear until you start conversation. At the time of connection emits more than conversation.

Incidentally, this is the reason next to the telephone begin momentarily wheeze headphones and speakers. 3.Derzhite phone away or put on the table in while using the mobile Internet. Phone emits more when using GPRS / EDGE or 3G. 4.Pravilno use accessories. -Do not carry the phone in the pouch on his belt. Some studies have shown that due to worn on phone belt for men is reduced semen quality. -Use the stereo headphones, wired or wireless, and speakerphone. Radiation from Bluetooth should not be afraid, it is a fraction of the radiation device.

-If you are paranoid, you can wear phone pouch on the leg. Appear to be extravagant, but you will be assured of their safety. 5.Ekonomte money and health – send messages (SMS, ICQ, Twitter), but do not call. For these purposes it is better suited phones QWERTY-keyboard. Now many of these models – not only in the segment of hi-end, but the low-end. 6.Kupite phone with low SAR. Some information is on sayteEWG, FCCiFreesheild. Also, the data in terms of SAR can be found on mobile phone manufacturers. For reference. The radiation level Apple iPhone 3G is almost 1.5 higher than that of the first iPhone. The most secure phone in the U.S., according to EWG, Samsung Impression (operator AT & T), and Motorola Moto VU204 (Verizon) and the google phone HTC myTouch3G (T-Mobile) – one of the most dangerous. 7.Pomestite phone in a special case. The fact that the antenna cell phone radiates in all directions. A company has created a Pong Research holster, allegedly outlet radiation antenna away from the user's face. Case, according to the company, reduces SAR by 60%. Interestingly, the FCC approved the invention. This fun for the iPhone 3G/3GS will cost $ 60.

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while driving at night with headlights off on a well-lit streets and roads, rear (red) lights, indicating the size of aa from the rear; indicators (lights with flashing lights, the front and rear, and sometimes on the sides AA); lanterns light the stop signal to alert you to stop. In addition, can be mounted fog lights, marker lights and reflectors, as well as special luminous signs (road train, taxi, etc.). Some countries have flashing rear red lights to indicate the standing in the way A. The degree of perfection designed by estimated by the compact design – rational use of size and weight, providing the necessary cargo or passenger capacity aa at a minimum cost of materials for its production; of dynamism – the intensity of the crackdown, stability motion to direct transmission, maximum speed, pull on the hook (for trucks), and fuel economy – fuel consumption for transport operations performed (trucks and buses AA) or 1 km (passenger AA), and terrain – the geometric parameters chassis and body (ground clearance, angles of overhang, the radii of the longitudinal and transverse cross-country), traction characteristics, ground pressure, the convenience of use – the degree of ensure the safety of goods in transit and ease of loading and unloading, passenger comfort (size of the seats and aisles, the height of footsteps, door width, softness of the suspension, heating, ventilation, etc.), and ease of operation – the size and amount of effort required to manage the actions of the driver, agility, A., ease of starting the engine, range, etc.; Traffic Safety – Sustainability controlled motion, reliability, braking, and the length of braking distance, road visibility, efficiency lighting and alarm systems, etc., to adapt to the maintenance and repair of the car – the frequency and complexity of maintenance car repair, ease of access to units and units under their inspection, adjustment and repair of vehicles; for durability and reliability – terms of service, turnaround, the need for repair work, the stability of work processes, the failure rate, defect-free, and others designed by Improving provides maximum automation workflow assemblies, tools and systems, as well as traffic control A. Alexander created that can run on a given route without a driver or with the minimum of its participation. Much attention is paid to the design of new models of A. improve the overall reliability and to minimize the required maintenance operations. In prospective models are no nodes that need to be adjusted in a systematic addition of oil (used anti-friction materials or long-lasting lubricant), and liquid oils (engine, transmission) can be replaced by a longer period (30 – 50 thousand km).

In the Soviet Union created and periodically updated promising type aa, based is full satisfaction of the national economy and population in the aa for different purposes, capacity and passenger capacity. This type provides reasonable and economically justifiable number of base models with a large number of modifications on the basis of broad structural unification of units, assemblies and parts. T. Fr., Ensure reliable and effective work of A. under various climatic and road conditions at minimal cost to their maintenance and repair of the car.

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