Working from home gives you a number of benefits, both economic and quality of life, unimaginable in a traditional business, and much less even self-employed work. At the economic level: Not having employees, thus saving money and energy that this entails. Not have infrastructure costs (rent of premises or industrial buildings, offices, stock, machinery, etc.). Not having to scroll every day to reach the local or trade a savings of time and money. milar insights. Start with a reasonable investment, avoiding loans and economic troubles. At the level of your quality of life: Work without fixed schedules, you mark your own hours. Being able to combine family life, children and hobbies with your business.

Have no limit of age to begin. You’re always young to get into the business. Accessible to anyone with any training, without knowledge or previous studies, everything you need to know will learn it hand of your team. You just need enthusiasm and motivation. Obtain a median income between 800 and 2,000 euros for the first 8-10 months.

Not having to sell, because then it would be a direct selling business and already you would not be at home, but on the street doing product demonstrations. If you are considering you work from your home, he studies very well if the business opportunity that you have met all these requirements, and offers you all the advantages you’ve described above. If you’re already doing it, but without getting all these benefits, you should consider if you are in the right business, or on a computer that is paying you the training and support needed to achieve this.

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There are many educational institutions that offer hospitality hotel management careers in Peru. But not all are very good to say.Many young people are trying to know if studying Hotel Administration is worthwhile, above all want to know if they’ll get a job, if they may be used. That if they may or not work in hospitality I cite an interesting report that may throw light on whether there is future or not, hotel management career. They say connoisseurs in the economic sphere that tourism is going to be one of the keys to leave the crisis behind, and they will need in the coming years to 600,000 new directors of hotel around the world. Excellence will be required, as a minimum: in your work performance both formative level. Only way they will contribute in the economic recovery.

In fact, the search for professionals has begun. The problem is that the candidates do not give with profile demanded by the hotel centres. It is essential to have taken a few studies of quality, with a clear practical vocation and have completed training with other complementary studies. This means that if there is a future in the field of hospitality, and of course to those who study hotel management. But that kind of professional is required today in the field of hospitality? Who is the ideal candidate? Someone who has conducted studies of hotel management, which evidently dominates more than one and two languages, and who also have skills for leadership and command, and has supplemented his education with courses in business management. We are not talking about do a little course, but devote an entire formative career management of tourist business. Start slowly, and be completing your knowledge with new courses over the years. Without a doubt, the result may be worth much. If you enjoy it, you can become the head of a hotel anywhere in the world so far us is more than clear that if we should study hotel management, because demand for professionals with studies University, is on the rise.

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There are many excuses, complaints that indicate managerial leaders, managers, that time does not reach them in their functions that allow them to carry out their plans and achieve their goals, all this cause them stress, tension and many times is projected in an organizational behavior that has given way to a negative organizational climate. Jose Vecino tells us, is to be aware, that time as such is not manageable, is a category of knowledge as says e. Kant, and its structure is the same for all; the years, months, weeks, days, hours, etc. lucky that we all have the same resource and under the same conditions, the difference is in the way how we organize ourselves to take advantage to the fullest and with the best results, actions that we perform in that time to analyze this reality, happens that the vast majority of managers do not know to manage, manage your time, neglecting that reminds US of Sergio Valdivia when referring to aspects that are considered significant are forgotten, as the five that gives us to know: 1. have a clear determination towards the goal: to achieve a high efficiency we need a great purpose. That goal revives all the processes that we perform. Perhaps there are two great days in the life: the day that you were born and the day that we discover why was born.

Discovering our mission in life, comes the passion for performing it, efforts are focused on this and commitments are defined. The result is greater efficiency in the administration of the time. People who use time wisely spend it in activities leading towards their global purpose in life. Time makes the most time and energy channelling consistently toward a purpose or goal.To achieve a high efficiency we need a great purpose. That goal revives all the processes that we perform.

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THE management and administration of the time Carlos Mora Vanegas does not surprise us to listen to many managers, justified it not reached them time for activities that were planned, or that don’t know how to manage time that favours him in his role and can efficiently perform their functions. Indeed, many management activities do not reach expected, results because management has simply not been identified in the way as it should manage your time and how to make that its staff also make them. That gives much on Venezuelan management, especially in SMEs. In where is noted, an absence of well-defined organizational culture and a waste of time which results in cost, results, stress. About it, Jack Fleitman tells us, that the time management must be conceptualized as a way of being and a way of living. Today, can be considered at the time one of the most important and critical Executive resources.

Adds us, it may be an enemy to defeat or an ally if we succeed to organize. It can be a resource scarce, if not is controlled according to the priorities assigned to it to the daily activities of the executives. You can be a friend or an enemy in the achievement of the goals and objectives that arise. You can not buy. You can not catch, stop or return. It is the more valuable that has individuals, so it must be used with the highest degree of effectiveness. It is said that no one has enough time, however everyone has all the time that there is. This is the great paradox of the time. To this is added, that the problems more common to have the majority of executives to manage time are: estimates of time posed will be needed for an activity to be transported, to resolve situations or decisions, are unrealistic and are part of the most common time consuming.

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