It manages by responsibilities. It is a powerful means to develop staff. It manages by exception. Prompts you to report only when there is a deviation from the plan. Practice the philosophy of continuous improvement. It improved a little each day. Take the time to listen to your people when they want to talk. This is a great motivator.

No plan is equivalent to plan a failure, what are your goals? Choose your staff with care. The proper selection is 95% of the success of a leader. The Administration is a mental game. The better you think, the better will be the results that you reach. Keep people informed. Everyone wants to know that it is happening.

I have six servants who taught me everything I know; they are called: what, why, when, how, where and who. Decisions are taken quickly are usually wrong decisions. Take your time. People often need feedback to know if you are doing the right thing and are on track. The demotivating number one in the world of work is not knowing what is expected of one. If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete. Practice management of the golden rule in all that you do. Directs to others as you would that you write. People can give results outstanding if goes well and it motivates him properly. Give excellent care to your health. The energy and vitality are essential to leadership. The two main sources of value are at present time and knowledge. Find new ways each day to make better use of them. The key responsibility of leadership is thinking about the future. Nobody else can do it for you. Read an hour each day on your field gives you advantages over your competition. The inevitable crisis. The only thing that matters is as loudias against it when it appears. The circumstances do not make the man; simply reveal it is likewise.

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There are many excuses, complaints that indicate managerial leaders, managers, that time does not reach them in their functions that allow them to carry out their plans and achieve their goals, all this cause them stress, tension and many times is projected in an organizational behavior that has given way to a negative organizational climate. Jose Vecino tells us, is to be aware, that time as such is not manageable, is a category of knowledge as says e. Kant, and its structure is the same for all; the years, months, weeks, days, hours, etc. lucky that we all have the same resource and under the same conditions, the difference is in the way how we organize ourselves to take advantage to the fullest and with the best results, actions that we perform in that time to analyze this reality, happens that the vast majority of managers do not know to manage, manage your time, neglecting that reminds US of Sergio Valdivia when referring to aspects that are considered significant are forgotten, as the five that gives us to know: 1. have a clear determination towards the goal: to achieve a high efficiency we need a great purpose. That goal revives all the processes that we perform. Perhaps there are two great days in the life: the day that you were born and the day that we discover why was born.

Discovering our mission in life, comes the passion for performing it, efforts are focused on this and commitments are defined. The result is greater efficiency in the administration of the time. People who use time wisely spend it in activities leading towards their global purpose in life. Time makes the most time and energy channelling consistently toward a purpose or goal.To achieve a high efficiency we need a great purpose. That goal revives all the processes that we perform.

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