Chapter I the selective process. ' ' _ Mr. Jose Da Silva, we thank immensely its participation in the selective process of our company, but, however, Mr. does not have the profile that we look for, even so has a very good resume and is certain of that he will find, soon, the rank that as much longs for. Its resume will be registered in cadastre with us for future chances that if incase in its profile. Debtor! ' ' The Analyst of RH of company K said. This age the life of Jose, our protagonist, to participate of innumerable selective processes in search of that it guaranteed the sustenance to it as well as the family. This was not 27 ' ' NO' ' perhaps in an end of selective process that listens in the life, this number was well superior the 49, arrived the 53 The truth is that we do not know how many times Jose are defeated in a selective process only know that they had been many times! If it allows me, my expensive and patient reader (a) (it has patience in reading these pages, laughs) I will make some ranks mine, concerning selective processes, because I am certain that it was read until here is because the heading, in such a way suggestive one, seduced it or the synopsis behind the book that until not yet I wrote here. A selective process is a situation similar to the one of a fight between a lion and a tiger back in the distant African savannah for an antelope, a buffalo or any another canine tooth It has, in this well similar fight between lion and tiger, things to a selective process that are they: Search for the sustenance, proper and of the offspring, a bloody competition where if it hates and it twists for a slip of the adversary and what it scares more me and that has in both the situations: a terrible fear of failure, a fear that freezes the spine, one distresses front to the uncertain one that it is never certain the object of this fear and anguish is not to obtain another chance as this, a fear of this chance (a canine tooth or a selective process) to be the last one of the world.

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With the constants technological evolutions that the world got, the art to negotiate moved considerably, the companies had moved, the world moved. The customer if became more demanding, with reason, therefore the companies had grown and with them the competition increased respectfully, now the administrator has as referencial a company of ample dimensions, beyond facing the diverse requirements in what it refers to the preservation of the environment. It is undeniable that the system of information if becomes each time plus a priority in the company, therefore the market beyond all the difficulties that present, it is in constant change, and is having this as premise that the manager of a company must usufruct of the information who it possesss regarding the company as base of a taking of cautious decision, based in trustworthy sources deriving of the data bases that the company registers. However it has that if to place in guideline the importance of the diverse information that if make use, being important, as much the ones that say respect all the financial part of the company with its apparatus countable, how much the one that deals with external aspects as for example the changes demanded by the market, or also the internal information that tell the characteristic of the company, who discloses its culture. All these information must inside be considered important by the administrator when taking decisions of the company, which must establish ways so that the different areas of performance interact harmoniously. 2.Desenvolvimento. Each human being, as part of a company, backwards a cultural luggage, a set of estimated values and that it was attributed to it in transcorrer of its life, consisting of experiences that had in its life is through its creation or any another type of externalidade, positive or refusal. Each one of them is different of the others, everything this occurs from the culture where the human being is inserted.

Copyright and the TRIZ the Rights of Copyright possesss basic prominence in the context of the societies contemporaries, either, due to increasing necessity of technological development, either, for the necessity to recognize the importance of the guardianship of the expressions of the spirit and the personality human being. In this context, the interoperabilidade is distinguished as essential mechanism to the combat to the piracy, in intention to allow the adequate private use of these Rights, and as half viable of overcoming of the related conflicts, mainly, in the use of the digital workmanships. This because, the related protection to the private use of the Intellectual property rights, searchs to allow the implementation of the technological development in the country, correlating it with the incentive of the intellectual creation and the access to the cultural goods and the information for the society. The complexity of the subject sends to the central subject of the subject, that is the quarrel concerning the method more adjusted to conceive Models of Businesses that allow the practical one of the Innovation with Social Responsibility. The problem becomes bigger the enterprises of technological base, where the changes are fast, with constant innovations and these entrepreneurs techniques and methods need that allow to incorporate the resource knowledge. The organizations face difficulties in the speed of its adaptation to the new reality. The unfamiliarity of the future, the permanence of traces of the previous culture, moments of enterprise difficulties, the incredulity in a shared vision of future, the lack of qualification for the new papers and ' ' it lacks of tempo' ' they are some of the phenomena that (to the times symptoms, to the times causes) are part of the perceived difficulties. This new enterprise context redefines the profile of the worker of the age of the knowledge. It is needed professionals who learn of not conventional form and that they know to work cooperatively to generate innovative solutions.