With the constants technological evolutions that the world got, the art to negotiate moved considerably, the companies had moved, the world moved. The customer if became more demanding, with reason, therefore the companies had grown and with them the competition increased respectfully, now the administrator has as referencial a company of ample dimensions, beyond facing the diverse requirements in what it refers to the preservation of the environment. It is undeniable that the system of information if becomes each time plus a priority in the company, therefore the market beyond all the difficulties that present, it is in constant change, and is having this as premise that the manager of a company must usufruct of the information who it possesss regarding the company as base of a taking of cautious decision, based in trustworthy sources deriving of the data bases that the company registers. However it has that if to place in guideline the importance of the diverse information that if make use, being important, as much the ones that say respect all the financial part of the company with its apparatus countable, how much the one that deals with external aspects as for example the changes demanded by the market, or also the internal information that tell the characteristic of the company, who discloses its culture. All these information must inside be considered important by the administrator when taking decisions of the company, which must establish ways so that the different areas of performance interact harmoniously. 2.Desenvolvimento. Each human being, as part of a company, backwards a cultural luggage, a set of estimated values and that it was attributed to it in transcorrer of its life, consisting of experiences that had in its life is through its creation or any another type of externalidade, positive or refusal. Each one of them is different of the others, everything this occurs from the culture where the human being is inserted.