With only three years of life, twitter has managed the not inconsiderable figure of 10 million publications. In Spain, the Cool Insights Agency has made the first study of impact of Twitter on innovation to Madrid Network. The objective of this study is to try to explain how and why twitter has become a benchmark for the generation and diffusion of innovation. The conclusions that have been drawn from this study reflect: in terms of the profile of the user: the percentage of males in Twitter users, duplicates to the women’s. However, you are starting to notice a change in trend.

In little more than one year, the average age has increased in 5 years (28 in 2008 vs. 33 in 2009) 42% of users is concentrated in the Strip that goes from 26 to 35 years. Madrid and Catalonia are the autonomous communities with the highest number of Twitter users. The busy represent 73% of users. The proportion of self-employed workers on these (31%) is significantly above that observed in the population General (17% EPA).

The information and communications is, with big difference compared to the rest, the sector that most users of Twitter deals (36%). The vast majority of users is related to new technologies; even those who have adopted the use of twitter in recent months. In terms of the motivations of use: most often is that Twitter is used both by personal interests as professionals. They weigh the uses related to the dissemination, Exchange and communication. Also, is considered a good tool for professional development. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mark Frissora. Characterization of use: users spend an average of 69 minutes a day using twitter. The average time spent by women is significantly higher than among boys. The intensity of use is less as age increases. Once past the first few months, the majority of user uses twitter from desktop applications. The weight of access from mobile phone is very relevant, especially among more experienced users. The hybrid nature of this social network (personal-profesional) realizes the high incidence of access often from both home and work. Network of contacts each Twitter user follows on average 222 accounts at the time which is followed by 389. Unlike what happens perhaps in other social networks, the profile of contacts on twitter is very heterogeneous. The majority of users uses their contacts network to configure itself. Degree of satisfaction and expectations: the degree of satisfaction of users with twitter is very high. a> for a more varied view. Similarly, virtually all users who use twitter for professional purposes, they say have come to benefit from the high level of satisfaction finds its correlate in the high predisposition to recommend it. Other networks and blogs most users belong to any other social network, which somehow confirms own Twitter space. Nearly three of every four users (74%) have blog.

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No download, no installation: With the Fytch Boomark comments, reviews, opinions and ideas can be left on any Web page. Hamburg, July 30, 2009 – with the new Web service “Fytch”, Internet users can read comments on any site and write. Click on the special Fytch bookmark while visiting a Web page is sufficient, and anyone can read the comments of other users immediately or inform even his opinion – directly on the currently visited page of Web, without leaving the page. This special feature: This no download and no installation is necessary, you need only a bookmark (bookmarks) in your Internet browser. The bookmark is available free of charge under fytch.com. “We wanted to create a simple, single solution, with which it is each possible directly on each site, to read the opinions of other users. And, of course the own opinion right there where it belongs”, explain Oliver Krohne and Thorsten Singhofen, the two Hamburg-based founder of Fytch.

“Not on each Web site it is possible to leave comments. Even if it is possible, the opinions in the control of the respective Web site operator are passed, what can restrict freedom of speech through censorship may”continue to Thorsten Singhofen. “Also are with Fytch all relevant opinions and reviews on every website only still a click away, and you have to look no more cumbersome somewhere else then.” The comments written with Fytch directly on the Web page on which they were written, are available by clicking the bookmark links for each. At the same time all written opinions, comments, and ratings are recorded in a central database, these independent stores the Web pages. From the Hamburg-based founders have also developed a system, which can be used to track the comments of other users in real time. “The Fytch each user can track radar comments to selected Web pages, certain Fytchern or on selected topics. The Comments that are important, appear in the personal radar.

“And also can be obtained at any time on any random site about the Fytch bookmark”, explains Oliver Krohne. Fytch is then in the beta stage and was published only a few days ago in the founder’s circle. That also is at the same time, the Hamburger have a lot with Fytch. “We have much with Fytch, can tell at this stage further but still” so Thorsten Singhofen. Definitely the two founders have taken on Board early gain is in the boat: Thomas Hardy could already at the start of the company in March 2009 a business angel be found, which now complements the founding team. Thorsten Singhofen and Oliver Krohne as Thomas Hardy worked at a software company in previously already together and know each other. “Of course, it helps that we know each other. I’m ecstatic but above all the creative power that we release here together. Always quickly into action and implement, although we currently only the three are,”explains Thomas Hardy. The three founders, who have founded 5310 technologies to the development and operation of Fytch company GATE, are then looking for investors, to quickly implement their other ideas into action.

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