By the method of installation they come in vertical and horizontal (model 30 – 200 liters) over the sink and under the sink (models 5 – 15 liters). wall and floor. The shape of water heaters are "round" (barrel-shaped and narrow) and flat. There are more models and square. It should be noted that for the same amount of model square section will not compact the round. " Flat same models have a convenient form for installation into all sorts of niches and valuable that they have little stick out from the wall. Once you have identified the place of installation, you should measure the length, width and depth of free space in this place.

Choose a heater to a size that the width and depth, he was several inches smaller, and the height it should have stock of 10 cm above and 30 see below. 4. The next important parameter is power – is the power cylinder. Typically, power water heater ranges from 1,2 to 3,2 kW. Powerful heater for the same time prepare more hot water than the less powerful. Therefore, theoretically it is more preferable, but before the final choice should be to check the condition of your electrical wiring. Recently, more and more often you can meet with several stages of capacity.

It is very convenient if you have a weak electrical wiring. When you have at home includes powerful appliances, you can switch the heater on low power when the powerful technique is off, you can turn it on full blast. 5. The warranty period products offer a guarantee on their storage water heaters from 3 to 10 years depending on the quality of the inner tank. As mentioned above, the water heaters with stainless steel inner tank warranty is almost always higher. You should also pay attention to two important points: first, the stated warranty always applies only to the inner tank, the warranty is on the electrical side is usually 1 year, and secondly, to guarantee continued, it is necessary to carry out timely maintenance (clean the inner tank and the heaters, replace the magnesium anode in the water heater with enamelled inner tank), in Otherwise the warranty is reduced to 1 – 2 years. 6. Price and brand Once you have chosen a number of alternative models for the above characteristics, you will just call our office to ask all your questions, to clarify that there is now available and choose the heater that you are more comfortable with the price and by brand.

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