Founder and former CEO of PC-Ware passes experiences and know-how at Leipzig company Leipzig, 25.10.2010 the Stratos business solutions AG, Web portals and electronic document archiving solution expert, voted at its annual meeting beginning October this year Prof. Dr. Knut Loschke as a new Member of the Supervisory Board. The native Leipzig will wake next to Prof. Dr. To read more click here: Robert Kiyosaki. Martin Schutte (consultant) and the Supervisory Board Chairman Axel Preuss (lawyer specializing in tax law) about the future development of Stratos and supportive to assist the company with its long-standing knowledge. We are pleased that we have gained a so experienced IT entrepreneurs for us Dr. Knut Loschke.

He has shown how to successfully directs a company for many years and firmly established on the international market. To organize growth solidly by his experience and his competence to implement visions into reality, we can benefit emerging businesses”, tells Torsten Woitag, CEO of Stratos business solutions AG. Prof. Dr. Knut Loschke founded the PC-Ware information technologies AG in 1990 and developed the company as Managing Director and Chairman of the Board until 2009 to an international IT company.

This year, he is member of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bahn AG and Executive Board of Softline AG. About STRATOS business solutions AG, the Stratos business solutions AG was spun off in 2003 with a focus on document management from the Stratos group. Headquartered in Zwenkau, in the Leipzig New Zealand is solution expert for online factoring, enterprise content management (ECM), Web portals and travel management. It aims with innovative software solutions providing customers with a smooth electronic processing of all business processes. In addition to the continuous development of the products, the 25-member team as well as for marketing, sales and support is responsible. The Stratos AG serves customers in Germany, Austria and around 1000 Switzerland.

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PR alarm goes in Germany at the start of the new PR service provider PR-alarm for customers in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland supplemented its range to three new low-priced promotions. New customers also receive a discount on their first order by 10%. It is no secret that the website gets increasingly in the center of the marketing activities of companies, institutions, organizations and associations. “But this flood of new sites has its drawbacks: the website may in the sea of Internet” soon perish if not regularly updated news and interesting news are available to site visitors. Exactly for this purpose, PR alarm developed new offerings that might be interesting also for small and medium-sized enterprises. Since it is professionally written and search engine optimized press releases that generate new visitors to the website and provide for higher rankings in search engines in the first place. Already from euro 149 (plus VAT) PR-alarm customers can a professional Create let press release or news message for your site. Advantage for customers: In contrast to online ads, which appear in limited and again raise advertising costs at renewal, press releases and news on the Web remain existent and point out sustainable on their own website.

So to get a higher and especially sustainable return. Prerequisite: The news or press releases are professionally written and tailored to the requirements of the Internet. This professional copywriter and PR professionals who have years of experience and successfully worked for a variety of subjects and clients the special player in a niche industry to DAX companies provide PR alarm. The promotions of PR alarm run initially until the end of 2010. More offers and information under: PR alarm headquartered in Stuttgart is the new PR services for small, medium and large companies, institutions, organizations and associations in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland.

Belongs to the core business the creation of professional news and press releases for customers in all industries. Objective: Sustained more visitors on your website and higher search engine rankings. Industry focus are IT, Bauen & Wohnen, automotive, financial services and non-profit organisations of PR alarm. The range create news and press releases to the development of newsletters and customer magazines and other classic PR services. Burkhard Anderko

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Autumn seminar of in Business Informatics of at Reutlingen provides latest methods for corporate management against Reutlingen. With the latest scientific findings to management and experiences from the entrepreneurial reality, the autumn seminar of economic computer science at Reutlingen University waiting on Wednesday (27.10.2010). With this again representatives internationally operating corporations, such as Dr. Michael Gorriz, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Daimler AG and representatives of medium-sized companies, such as Dr. Andreas Rebetzky, Director Gobal IT of the Sto AG in Stuhlingen. About the meaning and purpose of power point, Prof. Dr.

Rolf Hichert also lectures presentations. His provocative thesis is often so more obfuscated than declared. The autumn seminar of Business Informatics is aimed primarily at executives and decision makers from the business and research. Central theme this year of the process and code-oriented corporate management. With the special concept, the mix of theory and practice, the initiators of the seminar, want to Prof. Armin Roth and Prof.

Dr. Herbert Glockle from the Faculty of computer science show how business management concepts with the help of information technology be implemented in companies. Us it is important the entire bandwidth to show, so international corporations as well as solutions in the Midmarket Solutions“, as Armin Roth. Accordingly also the speakers and list of topics of the autumn seminar of science are made up. Dr. Michael Gorriz (Chief Information Officer of Daimler AG) will inform how using a balanced scorecard (concept for measurement, documentation and control of the activities of a company) the IT world can be controlled in a group. Alexander Klaus (head of controlling Europe) and Thomas Kammerer (head of strategy Europe) report how a medium-sized mail order company has built up an effective targeting at the autumn meeting of the E.M. group in Wertingen. Also they inform the process responsibilities and the success factors of this necessary anchoring. Also out Dr. Andreas Rebetzky reported a medium-sized company. The Director who is IT global talk at the meeting on Wednesday about the challenges involved in implementing a successful BI strategy. The lecture by Prof. Dr. Rolf Hichert is dedicated to a very special and almost everyday aspect in the work world. He enters presentations on the meaning and purpose of permanent power point. He represents the thesis that with power point presentations are concealed information in controlling, rather than to make them clear. Also, the so-called power point culture causes considerable costs. Hichert shows alternatives of a presentation without power point in his presentation. The practice reports with the latest scientific findings from the corporate management, which will be presented by Prof. Armin Roth and Prof. Dr. Herbert Glockle from the Faculty of computer science are complemented. Both are at the same time, the organizers of the event. Learn more about the autumn seminar of science are on the website of the Department () autumn seminar) available. There you can register even at short notice. The one-day meeting begins on Wednesday at 09:30 in the Auditorium of the University of Reutlingen.

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The comparison of credit cards makes it clear everyone wants to yourself something something nice, like for example a great vacation to the South Pacific, a new brand car or your own condo. Yet you must save money for this dream and it takes is known a long time. Because the average citizen can hardly afford such high investment and must keep much money for decades. But this problem must not be, because you can either conduct a financing such as a leasing business or make financing easy by means of a credit card. However there are now many different types of credit card and lose the overview as a consumer easily. But want to get an overview of the different types, you have this very easily on the Internet. Because there are now many different Web pages, where the loans and the conditions of a credit card are compared and are very clearly displayed. Thus you can be sure, that you When choosing the right decision was made.

This one also receives the kinds of a credit card, which you probably previously knew nothing. Therefore it is advisable in any case in advance in the Internet to research and to inform about the different conditions. There are for example the Barclaycard for students, which is especially for young students. Because who wants to spend the not even one or two semesters abroad in his studies. But that requires investment and money. You can make easily easily this with the Barclaycard for students.

Thus, the student with the obtains Barclaycard for students very low contributions and very low interest rates. Thus you can easily withdraw money all over the world and thus has a financial independence. So also find today on the Internet on various websites. Patrick Berger

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In the height of the Christmas, or in other occasions, it is always good for adding a little of sophistication and classroom to its table of supper. However, to prepare a table does not have of being a intimidante task. The rank correcta of the utensils, cups and napkins maximizes the efficiency and the pleasure of its supper. For example, a basic rule that you must follow is to use a table track. Another one would be to place the places setting & ldquo; of it are for dentro& rdquo; that is the ones that you go to use more first far from the plate and the ones that to use later must be placed next to the plate. Get more background information with materials from JPMorgan Chase. To understand & ldquo; mapa& rdquo; of the table you will go to help to create a worthy elegant environment of its familiar and/or boyfriend (). Some basic rules (Note: these rules are written as you were looking at from above for table. Not to confuse & ldquo; superficially & rdquo; with & ldquo; on & rdquo;) : In relation to plates: – To place the plate in front of where directamente you go yourself to seat, about 5 the 10 centimeters of the edge of the table.

– To place plates of salada, to the left, over the yokes. – To place the bread over the yokes. – You will be yourself to serve a soup plate, you exactly place the soup spoon over the plate – He cleans plates after each meal. It changes plates if some meals will be served (also entered and desserts). In relation to the places setting: – It places the yokes to the left of the plate and the knives to the right, always with the turned cutting side for the plate. The dessert spoons must be placed, together with the knives, to the right of the plate being exception the spatulas or knife of butter and the soup spoons that must be placed in the top of the plate. – It places the places setting for the order that goes to be used of form that the item more far from the plate are the first ones to be used. – It places the places setting for dessert about 2 centimeters in the top of the plate in the horizontal line.

It places the spoon with the part that you handle turned for the right and the yoke of dessert, in contrast, turn for the left. Of this form, when its guest to catch in the dessert places setting to turn and them for it (), the yoke will be always to its left and the spoon to the right. How much to the cups: – To place the cups of water to the right, over the knife. – To place cups of wine or other cups to the right of the water cup – Superficially To place napkins (not on) of plates.

The portal provides a platform for the exchange of business ideas, tips, news and experiences of entrepreneurs, self-employed and freelancers. Wurzburg: The comprehensive entrepreneur inform yourself, the higher their chance of entrepreneurial success is. Therefore, the portal offers a forum, which also offers room in addition to current news and valuable tips for exchanging useful experiences and new business ideas all entrepreneurs, self-employed and freelancers. Interested find here answers to the different questions around the topics of entrepreneurship and self-employment. In addition, the community offers the opportunity to discuss with other participants, or to publish their own contributions. Initiator of the portal is the Wurzburger MIRACLE MEDIA Publishing House. The newly decorated founder forums with community is managed by our team of experts and is existence founders and all interested parties with professional advice, “explains Marina Christian, press responsible for the miracle media publishing house. Christian also supported Sylke Zaheer moderated and content by the professional writer, which is responsible for most of which appeared in the publishing practice guides for entrepreneurs”, continues.

The portal through the Web site is available. Interested parties who wish to register in the community, can do so at: founder forum / do. A specialist publisher for sub founders focus on field-tested advice trade publisher which 2006 founded Miracle media is publishing. The program focuses on innovative business ideas and proven concepts and guidance of entrepreneurship. Information, advice and practical help are in the focus of the Guide.

Which business ideas can be realized, what are the market prospects, how can I map almost independence, where can I find support and how can I avoid typical mistakes – are only a few questions, the the Advisor take up and implement for each target group needs and informative. In-depth expertise of author Sylke Zaheer as well as the extensive wealth of experience already successful entrepreneur are based. All guides are available through the Publisher website or at Amazon, Libri, and in bookstores. Miracle media publishing press auskuenfte: Marina Christ Tel: 0931 / 9911040 fax: 0931 / 9911044 E-Mail: Internet: and

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The actor and activist would not go to pick up a rifle. He has criticized the Spanish Governments since Franco’s dictatorship, especially to the Socialists, for abandoning the Saharan people. The actor and activist prosaharaui Willy Toledo said this Thursday at the Social Forum of the festival Rototom Sunsplash he would not support an armed uprising of the Sahrawi people because he would not go to pick up a rifle, but that if they wish to return to arms, my help will go to get the weapons they need to defeat the invader. Toledo has participated in the Sahara debate: a village in fighting that has taken place in the first session of the eighteenth edition of the music festival reggae Rototom Sunsplash, which is held in Benicassim from 18 to 27 August. The actor, who has been accompanied by the Sahrawi activist Hassan Duihi Pasap and the journalist Susana Hidalgo, has done a review of the recent history of the Saharan people and has criticized the Spanish Governments since Franco’s dictatorship, especially to the Socialists, has pointed out, by abandoning the Saharan people. Toledo has been especially forceful in the rrirse Felipe Gonzalez, since in his view his promises were trampled from the first day that came to the Government and decided to ally with the Moroccan royal family. Since Francisco Franco died, the activist has explained, Spain is being an accomplice to the crimes that are carried out by the Moroccan Government. To the rrirse to the possibility that the Sahrawi people resume weapons to fight against the Moroccan occupation of their territories, the actor has ensured that they abandoned them precisely because they are a peaceful people. The Saharawi, explained, relied for many years on resolving the conflict by peaceful means and the rrendum to which the Moroccan Government should submit to the people to decide about the occupation, but have been cheated this time. Source of the news: Willy Toledo: “If the Sahrawis recoverd arms against Morocco, would have my help”

A great recruiter is not waiting for his posting notice on the Internet or newspapers. He also uses a database only as an auxiliary tool. He understands that an active, direct search is often better, know where the "inhabited" the right candidate and looking for the best approach to them. OP – not "collector resume" and "hunter" for the best professionals. OP understands that good shots are not sitting idle, and in order to These people just even considered their proposal, it will take much time and effort. Good recruiters consider themselves primarily sellers. A great recruiter is constant, fast and intense learning. He is always up to date recent trends in the labor market, personnel and salaries regularly read news and reviews of literature business magazines.

In his computer – more than 100 articles on fresh recruitment, downloaded from the Internet. Excellent Recruiter regularly works to support and develop a positive image of your company: writing articles, speaking at seminars, talks on the Internet. He always leaves a pleasant impression on candidates and employers. Great recruiters are making decisions based on facts and accurate data, but not on the basis of experiences, opinions and hunches. Continue to learn more with: Wells Fargo Bank. They monitor the quality of the sources of information. Should be used only the most efficient and reliable sources. An excellent recruiter as long traces the path of employed candidates, evaluates the quality of their work and compliance positions in the long term.

Thus, they check your selection and draw conclusions from the mistakes. Great recruiter uses the latest labor market research. He accurately predicted the coming shortage or a surplus of labor and the demand for certain professionals. Excellent recruiter determines the basic motif of the candidate to change jobs at the beginning of communication. Recruiters review all rejected the proposal and determine the critical factors for applicants. Great recruiters are looking for the best candidates throughout the country and sometimes beyond. Excellent recruiters actively use modern technology and the Internet. They are looking for candidates not only on the sites – a summary of the message boards, but also on corporate sites, forums, chat rooms and blogs. They use the latest software for the job. Great recruiters are constantly experimenting and trying something new: new methods of interviewing, the search for new tests … The best recruiters are watching competitors, draw conclusions from their mistakes and adopt best practices.

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Brazil Book

This indebtedness appeared in function of if collecting less of what it spends yourself, as if a person who gains a minimum wage lived with two. Great part of this increase of the debt was for helping institutions and to ahead stimulate the economy of the crisis of sub-prime American of 2008, present one of U.S.A. for the world in that year. With the increase of the expenditure and fall of the collection, the countries had generated papers that had been negotiated, but that after some time the investors they had started to distrust that they would lose money in this business. Greece was accused in 2010 for the periodical of The New York Times to close agreements with the bank of Goldman Sachs investments (the greater of the world in its category) to hide given of its debt. In the center of the European Crisis they are: Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain, one mix of strong economies, as the Italian and of simple, as the Portuguese, for example. In the center of the negotiations to contain the crisis they are the governing of Germany and France, the two main economies of the Zone of the Euro. To stanch the crisis, two emergenciais plans, one for Greece had been created, with aid of the European countries and FMI (Fundo Monetrio Internacional) in the value of 110 billion Euros and another one of 750 billion Euros, represented for a deep emergencial for this type of situation in the Europe.

The Europe that if grouped to redeem itself of the past, faces in the height of the economic and monetary union pane of its currency, the only one of the one after war to be international as the United States dollar. Of the union of the great European countries euro must be kept and the proper European Union, therefore in case that contrary, the economic blocks will lose its illustrious representative greater the international dynamics of the regionalizao block-type supranational will be reviewed. Prof. Ivan Santiago Hisses is gegrafo and author of the Brazil Book, Imperialism and Integration in Latin America

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The GETUP Congress, finds exciting presentations at the open Conference on the 15th and 16th April 2011 on 15 and 16 April the open Conference for the industry of the future prevention, health, food and fitness instead. On the second day of the Congress the Forum is again in addition to nutrition and management forums movement on the varied Congress programme. This year, the lectures deal with the science update: current aspects and issues of sports science as well as possibilities for implementation in the gym. Athletic training is a process based on experience and knowledge as well as empirically secure knowledge. The increasing professionalism in the fitness, recreation, and health sport requires a stronger focus on current research results in the future to increase the effectiveness and thus the efficiency of movement and training offers. But also the extensive experiences of pragmatists should provide a reminder to the realization of their own exercise activities and training programs.

Also doing the alignment Deals on new target groups the steady transfer of knowledge and the acquisition of practical skills essential. The Forum aims movement, based on selected sport aspects and issues, to stimulate ideas for new and innovative training programs or new target groups. “The Forum will be moderated movement by Arne rotten, lecturer of the BSA-Akademie and German College for prevention and health management presentations in the Forum movement: speaker Dipl. instructor Christoph Eifler: sports specific strength training offer represent an alternative in the fitness club certified instructor Christoph Eifler, lecturer of the College/BSA-Akademie, is in his lecture, what are the requirements for sports specific strength training” are necessary, and the specificity of this training on the basis of selected examples illustrate. More information for this presentation here:…

. Speaker Prof. Dr. Sven Fikenzer: relative VO2max in performance diagnostics which reference is useful? Prof. Dr. Sven In his lecture, fancier, lecturer of the College/BSA-Akademie, will present the possibilities and limitations of VO2max in relation to fat-free mass (FFM).

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