Today, we communicate more and more via e-mail. I believe that it is the most common method of communication today to communicate with friends, relatives, colleagues, clients, etc. Whoever the recipient always it is important to write emails in an effective manner. As we all know write effective e-mails, saves us time to us and to the other person, and also gain more confidence with those who we communicate. Always give e-mail reply as soon as possible each time there are more people who are put in contact each other through email, and most of these people expect a prompt response.

One of the study by Jupiter Research indicates that 35% of customers expect a response within a period of six hours, a 55% expected a response in 24 hours. Although many people are focused on the response time, the content is equally important. The same study indicated that the lack of a complete response (45%) will customers in line to see a company in a negative way for future purchases. Learn the art of writing an email send poorly designed emails (information incomplete or sent late), have caused subsequent mailing; What is more, in some cases in order to solve these incidents, we have in many cases that appeal to a more expensive system of communication (telephone); already at this time you find with angry and frustrated customers. Here are some tips to write appropriate and complete e-mail: 1. create a response of easy reading format. Do not write very long sentences for each line, each line should be short, ideally, write 5-6 words in each line and not more than that. 2.

Make sure that the subject is concise and meaningful for the recipient do not place a generic matter response’s marketing team, since this can be seen as spam by the customer. 3. Write a topic per paragraph. Each paragraph must treat a unique theme and should be separated by one or two space, this in order to give the reader an easy reading. 4. Be brief. Try to always on your emails using the exact words and be concise with information delivery, customers do not like to waste your time reading irrelevant things. 5. Use simple sentences. Try to write for an audience as if out of third or fourth grade, especially if you are creating templates that are sent automatically. You do not know the educational level to which your emails reach them. 6. Be sensitive to the tone of the original message. If the sender is angry because of an error on their part, recognize the error. State clearly what you are doing to correct the situation. 7. Be sure to answer all questions raised. A partial response frustrates the sender and this can lead to not read emails later. Work from home if wants to start his own business on the internet already and also explain in detail through videos and conferences as do a proper marketing on the internet and be able to earn money on the internet, enter now to:

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For more than five years, Banorte accustomed us, their customers, to online banking service really seamless, and when I lean in that term, I know what I mean. , Company to which I belong as a webmaster has in its catalog of services an online store () by means of which we are constantly online payments and bank deposits, which, every half hour access our account online to Banorte review recent transactions, and thereby gain our customers’ deposits. That is why we can see we never had failures with the online service Banorte. Obviously, there must be time to perform the maintenance for any system or server required, so we assume that Banorte do this during night hours. Today, August 19, 2009 at 12:00 pm approx. I was as usually do, answering user questions on Yahoo Answers service when I found this entry: where it is reported Portal the fall of Banorte, which made me react immediately and think that this situation affects us directly to us. I proceeded to delve further into the issue by calling the customer area of Banorte and as they tell me is that there is no error in the portal, you are simply updating the information, however, I noticed a nervous tone in the person I attended that gives me confidence, because in addition to my knowledge did not have time to restore service, which makes this situation more rare and I had to ask if it restores Perren today right? and as if it were a recording told me. As I told Mr.

Rivera, we have no estimated time for restoration of service. Of course, not hours or days answered truthfully? after a semi-laugh Nervous I wonder if he wanted some additional information, said no and end the conversation. I want to clarify that I am not complaining about the service because as online banking there is no bank in Mexico that is better than this (well at least I tried Banamex and Bancomer) but my concern for the external security of our bank accounts. No doubt the outcome will add as soon as it knows something.

In the current situation of the statutory pension insurance is always recommended over an additional private pension provision. A private insurance is currently possible, the Riester pension. Not everyone can still benefit from the additional security. Entitled to the retirement allowance are provided according to 10a Income Tax Act the following persons, to the liability to tax: pension insurance worker, to compulsory pension insurance self employed, compulsorily subject to the law on the age security for farmers, child carers for most the first three years of life of every child in receipt of unemployment benefit recipients of sick pay, Non-commercial active caregivers (for example, in the care of relatives at home), military and civilian service, marginal workers, those on early retirement benefit with prior mandatory, officials, judges and soldiers, officials and Hartz IV recipients. Linkedin can aid you in your search for knowledge. Not entitled to the promotion of the Riester pension, however, have not compulsory pension insurance self-employed, voluntarily insured in the statutory pension insurance, compulsorily in occupational pension institutions, social assistance recipients without pensionable income, age pensioners, recipients of a pension for reduced earning capacity without compulsory pension insurance activities and students who do not have pension insurance.

An employee in receipt of SV-liable previous year’s income in the amount of 35,000 and whose wife is a housewife and both have a 4 year old child would this year pay according to the Riester pension following co-payment every month: his salary of 35,000 euros multiplied by 3 % is 1050. Of these, the handsome go-funded allowances as follows. Basic allowance of the man of 114, for the same woman who, thanks to his income also be entitled to the Riester pension and 138 for the child. Such a co-payment is 684 per year, ie 57 per month.

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Sounds that heal by emitting hertz, Mantras, Transcendental Meditation. Cats. It turns out that reading one of the favorite books that do not turn away from me. Quantum Healing Dr. Depak Chopra, in the last chapter featured a young female patient who makes a referral for bone cancer with the practice of TM, Transcendental Meditation, visualization, Ayurveda, among other things that were very rich and very soportablesa more than traditional Western medicine, like chemotherapy, radiation, to which the patient had already been rejected and he was very determined to quit. As detailed meditation did not come and wanted to know where was I began to request books from all the meditations practiced in India and traditions are based on the vedas. The fine is transcendental meditation, which consists of mantra, repeats widely practiced by the monks of Tibe and also in the so-called Gregorian chant, I continued my research by reading studies that have been made in three universities of the United States by neurologists, and cardiooogos, finding clinical trial results highly beneficial to humans in the process of healing, healing or lead a life with better health, and that sounds great importance UNAA tienena.

Discoveries that give a contrast to real things, and we can really feel in our body. Everything in the universe is so well placed and perfect as the great metaphysical said Conny Mendez, in his book number seven. seven days in a week, seven months' gestation to be born a man, seven are the musical notes, seven primary colors that make up the rainbow, and we could continue mentioning much more, but let's stop with the sounds of musical notes.

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Whether your blog contains tips for newbies in your field, expert advice for veterans, or success strategies that rely on each other, you may be able to meet the demand for information. There are a couple of tricks that you have to learn to convert your archived blog entries in an electronic book, but you’d be amazed at how easy this process can be. Method Four: Your whole blog into a printed book I know what you’re thinking. “Why would anyone pay for my blog as a book when it’s free on my site?” Under certain circumstances, you may be surprised to find how many people would rather have a portable collection of your blog when the quality is consistent. The online version of your blog is the ultimate free trial.

Many sites have been using this logic, long before the session was to allow Internet users to preview their services. For example, the volume of free generation leads traffic to my site has been described on numerous occasions during my informal poll as “overwhelming.” One thing is trying to read 2000 web pages in the front of the computer, but is not as daunting to look through a book of 400 pages in the comfort of your home. Turning your blog into a yearly volume may be a viable solution if the amount of consumption data in its archives is a daunting task. And there are ways to accomplish this with no startup costs. If you’re still not convinced that it is not worth making a point of turning your blog into an electronic book or magazine print edition, consider this. On Monday morning issued a press release regarding the transformation of my blog to a book, as a test to measure interest. It’s almost 4 am Pacific time as I write this, and so far has been read over 23,000 times, resulting in increased traffic, not to mention the best initial sales debut any product on my site since last summer. Imagine what that kind of interest could do for your site – and how much money can be left on the table now. Make your blog into other formats, it is worth a look.

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Causes of obesity and overweight? The fundamental cause of obesity and overweight is an imbalance between income and expenditure of calories. Global increases in overweight and obesity are attributable to several factors, among which are: The global shift in diet, with a tendency to increase calorie intake of foods high in fat and sugars but low in vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients.

The trend towards decreased physical activity due to the increasingly sedentary nature of many jobs, changes in transportation and increasing urbanization. What are common health consequences of overweight and obesity on health? Overweight and obesity lead to serious health consequences. The risk increases progressively as BMI does. Raised body mass index is an important risk factor for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases (mainly heart disease and stroke), which constitute the leading cause of death worldwide, with 17 million deaths annually. Diabetes, which has rapidly become a global epidemic.

WHO estimates that diabetes deaths will increase worldwide in more than 50% over the next 10 years. Musculoskeletal diseases, particularly osteoarthritis. Some cancers, including endometrial, breast and colon. Childhood obesity is associated with a higher chance of premature death and disability in adulthood. Many low-income countries and middle now facing a double burden: They still have the problem of infectious diseases and undernutrition, but at the same time they are experiencing a rapid increase in the risk factors of chronic diseases, such as overweight and obesity, especially in urban areas.

It is not uncommon that undernutrition and obesity coexist in the same country, the same community and even within the same household. This double burden is caused by poor nutrition during the prenatal period, infancy and early childhood, followed by consumption of high-calorie foods high in fat and low micronutrients, combined with the lack of physical activity.

How to reduce the burden of obesity and overweight? Obesity, overweight and related illnesses are largely preventable. At the individual level, people can: achieve energy balance and a healthy weight. Reduce intake of calories from fat and change in consumption of saturated fats to unsaturated fats. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains and nuts. Reduce intake of sugars. Increasing physical activity (at least 30 minutes of regular physical activity of moderate intensity most days). To reduce weight may be needed more activity. The implementation of these recommendations requires sustained political commitment and collaboration of many stakeholders, public and private. Governments, international partners, civil society, NGOs and the private sector have vital roles to play in creating healthy environments and making available affordable and healthy diet options. This is especially important for the most vulnerable sectors of society (the poor and children) who have limited choices about the food they eat and the environments in which they live are more limited.

Initiatives by the food industry to reduce portion sizes and content of fat, sugar and salt in processed foods, to increase introduction of innovative, healthy and nutritious, and to review current marketing practices could accelerate health gains worldwide. one more link below for information on how successful removal of all of your life obesity, luck and success.

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