Thursday, November 22, 2012, Munich ‘Riding Hall’ brandamazing brand consulting sustainable brand personalities who have unique and exemplary profiled, who also currently and for all to understand makes a significant contribution, it better is the society a piece, (and) qualified brands Awards 2012 for the best human. On the evening of 22 November 2012 the outstanding brand personalities of the year in Munich will be awarded within the framework of the festive award dinners: guest in the historic Munich riding the best are Prof. Regina Ziegler, Christian Vater, Prof. Franz Josef Radermacher and Professor Hellmuth Karasek human brands 2012. “The award winners and Lauda Gates 2012, strong brands and live in Munich:-best female human fire: Prof.

Regina Ziegler, Ziegler Film – Christian Berkel, actor, Director and producer as laudatory – best newcomer human fire: rounds Christian Vater, founder and Managing Director of the Foundation of Germany” -. “Dr. Fritz Pleitgen, former Director General of Westdeutscher Rundfunk and ARD Chairman, as laudator – best male human fire: Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher, advocate of the eco-social market economy, a member of the Club of Rome – Felix Finkbeiner, future Ambassador of plant-for-the-planet”, as laudator – best human fire LifeWork: Prof. Dr.

Hellmuth Karasek, journalist and author – the laudatory will be announced. The program – 19: 00 reception with the world-famous Geheimrat J. Riesling champagne brut – 20: 00 gala dinner and awards ceremony – approx. 23: 00 get-together (open end) which brands Awards human best already for the second time is the brandamazing brand consulting the true brand personalities of everyday life with the best human brands awards from. Award-initiator and human branding inventor Jon Christoph Berndt, Managing Director of brandamazing: the all praise human fire characterizes their profiled appearance and effect particularly because of the exposed role of the wearer in the society. This role is a serving role: the personality is their Role aware. They invested their privileged position that others participate to leave and to benefit from.” The awards are presented in four categories: best female human brand, best male human brand, best newcomer human fire and best human fire LifeWork. 2011 brands awards were awarded the first best human Dusseldorf Andrea Petkovic, Ina Muller, Ernst Prost and Mario Adorf. At the evening award reception we initiate breeding on the winners with the world-famous Geheimrat J.

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Presented in the eponymous book called who is who of the industry deadline don’t miss the “TOP LIST of telematics” is! Hamburg, 26.02.2013. The 2nd Edition of the high-quality book “TOP LIST of telematics”, where again many TOP providers with their solutions and innovations in the areas of the vehicle as the HUMAN telematics together with companies from the sector will present themselves will appear in few weeks. At the end of the week is the deadline. This high-quality printed product is reissued by the trade journal telematics at two year intervals. In this book, the Publisher bundles the achievers of the telematics industry with the aim to provide a comprehensive orientation in the market users and interested parties. Readers learn and which companies offer the best telematics solutions. Readers also find stunning statistics, opinions, independent reports of users who have tested some telematics solutions in practice.

There are also trends, pioneering innovations and interesting Visions show. For the presentation of the telematics solutions the solemn ceremony events of the Telematics Awards of the last two years offered representative with the victorious telematics vendors and solutions. For more information about the first edition here. The TELEMATIK award gained importance, to be the leading and most coveted award of the telematics industry in German-speaking countries. In personal greetings Economic Ministers underline Jorg Bode, patron of the Telematics Awards 2010 and 2012, at the time of the ceremony and Deputy Minister-President of Lower Saxony (October 2009 to February 2013), German politician and member of the lower Saxon Landtag today. Dr. Get all the facts and insights with Michellene Davis, another great source of information. Kay Lindemann, Managing Director of the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie is our partner Association for the range of vehicle telematics). Sven Morlok, Saxon State Minister for economy, labour and transport and Deputy Prime Minister (patron of the TELEMATIK award 2011 in HUMAN telematics). More greetings and Follow assessments by reputable partners, experts and supporters. This book, use the telematics industry and their environment which as a “who of who of telematics” is designed for your company and product presentation. Book format: DIN A4 (B 210 x H 297 mm) Edition: 3000 PCs – buying copies deadline: 01.03.2012 placements are available in the categories of vehicle telematics and HUMAN telematics.

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Find the best telematics app: new service will go into the August online Hamburg, 30.07.2012 (pkl). After the online service has already answered many questions from prospective buyers, met the team of specialist media telematics, already a further desire of his readers and users, operator. The development of Finder No. 2: located in telematics currently. On this page, the visitor gets a competent overview of the range of telematics applications.

More and more telematics vendors follow the trend to provide telematics solutions as an app on pads and Smartphones. Thus, the industry responded to the needs of many users, who like to flexibly and from their mobile devices would use the opportunities of telematics or need to because it simply belongs to the needs of a modern economy. Telematics apps offer as Smartphones, tablets and pads can be used, handy and always are flexible on the man and the users are often familiar with the workings of the private use. He is on the side of telematics Operators, the media group of telematics, from mid-August for interested parties from the telematics apps available on the market. As all services from this publisher of course not only as a bare list. Caesars Entertainment gathered all the information. Journalists provide important information to the provider and to the offer in this service and recommendations one available to the user professional, competent in cooperation with an independent jury. The interested party can use ways of filtering, which it quickly leads to the desired display which telematics apps for its respective requirements in question.

The tested TOP party apps are marked, it is possible to read, as not only the different available solutions sift prospect, but to include also recommendations of ‘appointed page’ in the purchase decision independent practice test users. Currently, all providers who have telematic applications for private or commercial use in the program, can submit their telematics APPs at the editorial office. You get news about the development and completion, as well as all information about the industry through the newsletter of the telematics and of course from the trade journal. Click here to sign up. Mid-September the print edition to the Telematics Awards with the names of the nominated companies for the telematics award 2012 appears. Here, you can book your free ticket to the telematics award 2012.

The new August issue is published Hamburg, August 2009. Replaces the classical way, the look in the printed job market of the weekend edition of local newspaper the job search on the Internet? And: solution or email which application path is now up to date, which particularly promising? The current August issue of Economics journal devoted their cover story of job search and application via World Wide Web. If you can hear Insider to do so, one comes to the conclusion: when searching for vacancies the Internet has become already fully as an information platform, for the application path keyword online application will end soon the case. When an online application nobody must worry, that the documents be seen differently or perish in the General E-Mail flood “, for example Hendrik Doll, HR Officer at Eon energy says. “But it is important: the same care as for paper applications should be laid on the day.” To read the whole story is free of charge in the economics journal under A few “other topics from the current issue are: more Manager with personality in the studies is not only factual knowledge”; Regensburg elite master still on course”; “Four students, four weeks, a task the company consultancy project of ESCP Europe”; “2009 salary study: good prospects for graduates in spite of economic crisis”. DAAD award 2009 goes to student HHL”; “On Fridays, please never: bad economic news not for the weekend publish a study of Melbourne business school”. Also in the economics journal: the current advertising of posts, as well as a great summary of the event from August to October 2009. The economics journal can be read for free at. There is also the possibility of download as PDF.

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He is that the world do it happy. Go utopia! Because it goes against common sense. The person with high self-esteem suffers. By natural law a biological species, including humanity; It is oriented on solving the problems of its members. But did not devote too much time to meet the concerns of an individual in particular. And that is very much against what the person full of self-love would like. Probably why we find more happy people in other categories. In the category of people who are passionate about interests unrelated to his own person.

People who have a passion that is not focused on itself tends to be more happy. As also tended to be all those who dedicate time to help others to be happy. Look, the opposite to what the egocentric people does. To achieve the purpose of helping others find satisfaction self is more blessed. Appears an enjoyment that rarely gets paid only oneself.

When you view other happy people thanks to our modest contribution we share his delight. It will also be easier then others help us with our affairs. What’s more, many times will not have nor that ask for it. So already before we have earned their appreciation. Estimate that by itself can make us feel welcome. his is simply another of the secrets of the happiness. We get greater enjoyment of our acts when not only targeted at ourselves. When are not bursting with self-esteem. But when they also aspire to contribute, albeit on a small scale, to the welfare of others.

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Steve Jobs

The most optimistic see even in the appliance the future of network access technology, since it complies with the premises of mobility – that can be above all the time-, speed of access anywhere – when combined with technologies wifi networks 3 G and 4 G – and functional ambivalence; It is to say that both can be used for a movie to play a disc, sending an e-mail, edit a text, read the newspaper or consult wikipedia among many other things. To such an extent the enthusiasm of some that Steve Jobs, founder and President of Apple, dared to declare a few months ago now is the death of the PC, term which included both desktops and notebooks. Jobs for the future will be colonized by phones large Tablet-shaped computer brain. Of course, he would like that most were iPad. Virtues the results of the iPad in the months that active confirmed that its characteristics are excellent to enjoy its use, even among those who feel further away from the technology. Analog training people are accustomed to handling of a life where the digital component is minimal: they read paper books, periodic paper, they watch television in the TV, listen to music on compact discs, etc.

Technological change has surprised them cautiously and they run the risk of being excluded from a future that’s irreversible way passes through Internet. For this group the iPad can be a complement ideal that will allow them to continue with their analog habits in a support similar to that you have always used. Read a newspaper in this device is something simple and comfortable, because the screen has great definition and are retro illuminated, so you can see in low light, and the same thing happens with books. Not so much tired view as older screens, although it does not reach the perfection of electronic ink.

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