Showroom in Kuala Lumpur is one of the largest and most prestigious gunmakers congresses organized by the Asian continent and the Pacific Rim. The exhibition under the patronage of the Ministry of Defence of Malaysia held every two years. In April, more than 20 000 square meters of exhibition space have placed their exposure of about 500 companies from 40 countries worldwide. According to Defense Minister Najib Tun Malaysia Mr Razak, opening the DSA, number of participants compared to the previous event has more than 1.5 times. The interest that arms manufacturers to show the Asia Pacific region (APR) is associated primarily with the return of many South-East Asia to implement the major defense programs, paused in the midst of a regional financial and economic crisis in the early 90s. the last century.

In this regard, the main theme was the cabin upgrade (upgrade) existing models of weapons. Russia – a traditional participant of exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur. At DSA demonstrated the possibility of domestic defense industry in the context of military-technical cooperation with countries in Southeast Asia. Under the auspices of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosoboronexport", an organizer of Russian expositions at DSA was attended by 16 leading defense companies Russia. They are presented in the form of natural samples, models, promotional material about 150 types of weapons and military equipment for land forces, air force, air defense and naval forces. Armament and arms showed growth in the market-Pacific, which is associated with a visit to our country, the prime minister and defense minister of Malaysia.

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Patent Act

Obtained by the applicant as security documents to protect the appearance of industrial products (Design patent) and the subject product design (Certificate for utility model). Comparison of the essential features of the design and utility model held for the following reasons. Firstly, the buyer, usually assesses the external trade dress, as well as its functional value. Therefore, a developer on the stage of creating the design documentation is important to provide a product advanced technical solutions, which improve the properties of both industrial design and utility model. Second, unfortunately, in the Patent Act EFR does not provide for conversion of industrial design application in the application for utility model and vice versa. This fact can not avoid cases of loss of national priority and a more flexible patent policy in the economic development of industrial Enterprises P F. It should not be forgotten that in some cases, foreign legislation on industrial designs is moving closer to patent law in respect of legal action – declared the registration of technical making, issuing security documents, maintaining them in force and the cessation of their actions. For example, in countries where patent law provides protection for utility models, possibly transform application industrial design in the application for utility model and vice versa. The criterion in such cases is the following provision: "If industrial product is more useful purpose than decoration, it can be protected as invention or utility model '(1). In general, the protection of industrial products like industrial design patent and utility model certificate can prevent plagiarism, and the coincidence with sufficient similarity. Patent Attorney Chelyabinsk CSTI Skripkina NK

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