Award of the most energy efficient flat screen TVs in Europe of the first Salem global efficiency Medal “competition awarded Samsung and LG for the production of energy-efficient televisions in Europe. The global award promotes the production and the sale of particularly energy-efficient televisions and chooses the most energy-efficient products in three size categories and four geographical regions. Commercially available flat-screen TV in Europe Prize winners were announced at the award ceremony on Friday, August 31, 2012, at the IFA in Berlin. “” “” The SEAD global efficiency Medal “commercial flat panel TV is awarded in the following categories as follows: small” (less than 29 inches) to Samsung for the following product: Samsung UE26EH4000W medium “(29 to less than 42 inches) also on Samsung for the following product: Samsung UE40EH5000W large” (42 to 50 inches) to LG for the following product: LG 47LM670S are the regional winners in North America, India and Australia in the autumn of 2012 through press releases the each region announced. Finally, an international winner from all four regions is determined in each size category. The international awards ceremony will be at the annual of meeting of the clean energy Ministerial (CEM) held in the spring of 2013, to publicly announce the award-winning products. It is not about to reward a laboratory product, but a TV that actually are purchased on the European market from the consumer can.

“, says per-Anders Widell, Oberregierungsrat at the Ministry of enterprise, energy and communications in Sweden. “Nevertheless we are also interested in development to promote the technologies that have the potential to increase the energy efficiency of televisions in the near future.” If all televisions available on the European market would be as energy efficient as those who were awarded today, the energy savings in Europe would 18 trillion kilowatt hours per year according to estimates of the Swedish Energy Agency amount. Worldwide, the savings were at over 70 trillion kilowatt hours annually. This is equivalent to the electricity consumption in Denmark and New Zealand together, says Peter Baharuddin ned by the Swedish Energy Agency. We could observe drastic improvements in the energy efficiency of televisions in the last few years, but the award winners show that the potential is still large.” The first Salem global efficiency Medal “competition aimed at flat-screen TV. The next round will decorate computer screens and electric motors with large global energy consumption two product categories.

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With the development of economic, social progress and people s living standards continue to improve, the scale of these two, three level cities are gradually expending, which has also greatly boosted the cement, building materials, sand and gravel industry; Sand the stone important aggregate for the construction of buildings and facilities, state highways, housing construction aggregate standard specifies more stringent requirements, making the job required the aggregate of the increasingly high demand for housing quality major decisive role. In the field of construction industry, the efficient fine crusher is the ideal production equipment of sand cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate. It is widely used in a variety of ores, cement, refractories, where the soil aluminum clinker, emery, glass raw materials, sand, stone and various metallurgical slag building mechanism. XPCF efficient crushing machine widely used in highway construction, suitable for extra-hard, medium hard and abrasive materials to coarse crushing and crushing operations. Good gravel is the premise of quality assurance of the entire project, produced artificial sand XPCF crushing machine is better than the quality of the sand river, energy saving and environmental protection are also required to produce gravel of different specifications to meet the needs of different construction. Our company has been dedicated many years to the crushing machine, sand system equipment R & D and production, the company mainly produces crushing machine, new sand, chippings Sand counterattack Crusher crushing equipment.

The new XPCF efficient Crusher combines the advantages of existing hammer breaker, ring hammer breker, impact breaker, using a stone at stone crushing principle, optimize the type of crushing chamber, greatly improving to crushing effect, which still maintains the four record of domestic clinker crushing machine industry: 1. The largest Crusher 2 largest production scale 3. The only successful export abroad 4. Hammerhead life ahead Efficient XPCF crushing machine structure is unique, have the high chrome hammer which is highly wear-resistant, unique counterattack lining is more suitable for hard rock crushing, unique and easy disassembly Maintenance window so that a more quick and easy maintenance of the equipment. Crushing sand making machine by a unique adjustable the counter plate design, the discharged particle size can be adjusted to simplify the crushing process. The XPCF efficient Crusher becomes two, tertiary crusher for crushing, production capacity, the plate hammer primary service life is long, environmental protection and energy saving, widely adapted to crush the granite, basalt, cement Guessed, quartz, silicon carbide, ore, iron ore..

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We absorb the advanced experience of home and abroad, optimize the design of Seiko manufacturing, innovation, finally produced the energy-saving cone mill, cement mill, batch type (ceramic) mill, impact crusher machine, the PCL vertical shaft impact crusher, and the other specialized mining machinery equipments. Our production pay many attention to the detail, emphasis on the standards and high requirements, strict supervision, molding, from raw material to products in accordance with international production standards strictly, finally obtained the good reputation. Ball mill work efficiency factors include the amount of water added, coccolithic raw material formulation, a current, a dispersing agent, the reduction gear device, the combined effects of these factors ultimately determines the working efficiency of the ball mill. The ball mill efficiency improve six aspects of this improvement. 1, a ball mill of the amount of water added. JPMorgan Chase understood the implications.

Ball mill, the water content of the ore processed much influence to the work efficiency of the ball mill, and therefore appropriate to add water on the ore being processed by the ball mill, avoid overly dry raw ore in the ball mill treatment, can also play a considerable role in the ball mill efficiency. 2, ball mill, ball stone. The diameter of the ball mill used coccolithic affect one of the factors of the ball mill work efficiency stone size of the ball diameter of the ball of the same is more favourable to the ball mill processing ore grinding, can be implemented on the sizes of the ore more fully grinding, thereby improve the work efficiency of the ball mill. 3, ball mill, raw material formulations. Raw material formulations of the ball mill and there is no standard, or the sole criterion of the ball mill raw material recipe is suitable for the current working conditions, such a ball mill ball strength improved, but also improve its weight, increased inertia to help the ball mill to a certain extent improve work efficiency. 4, a ball mill of the current. On how much of the ball mill energy input is equivalent to the current size of the ball mill, ball mill current increase will be driven by the speed increase will improve the work efficiency of the ball mill directamente.

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The new Calio: expertise now available in small. As a highlight of the ISH 2013 presents the KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal, a newly developed, maintenance-free, highly efficient wet rotor pump named Calio. The pumps already meet the future demands of efficiency by 2015. The new series includes a total of 25 sizes, of which the first step 12 in the range 10 to 175 W are introduced. Wells Fargo Bank often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The units support up to 13 cubic metres of liquid to a maximum height of 10 meters. Thanks to their All-In concept with integrated interfaces and pump functions extra for the communication integrating of the pump costs. In addition, two single pumps as main and standby pump can be operated with automatic changeover of interference and time changing the pump.

About the known modes constant pressure, proportional pressure control and actuator mode also allows a newly developed operating software with the energy-saving mode eco mode further, significant Operating cost savings. The user interface in conjunction with the integrated display and the symbols of operation allows easy operation. The user receives the current power consumption in Watts and the flow rate in cubic metres. With a media temperature range from-10 C to + 110 C, the new units for a wide range of heating water up to the Kaltemitteltransport, as well as industrial circulation systems are used. The pumps have a standard thermal insulation shell. Optionally diffusion-proof insulation shells are available for cooling applications. The compact design allows with screw-type or flanged connection even in difficult installation situations a trouble-free installation. Learn more about the new Calio: ksb-de/Produkte_Leistungen/building engineering/heating air conditioning ventilation/Calio

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Does Improved ball mill is with high efficiency Along with the country s industrial structural adjustment, ball mill industry only keep up with the times can they adapt to the development trend, then what should the ball mill industry OJ with structural adjustment? Hongxing Machinery s experts give their advice.Working principle: The material enters spirally and evenly the first warehouse of the milling machine along the input material hollow axis by material input device. In this warehouse, there is a ladder scale board or ripple scale board, and different specification steel balls are installed on the board, when the barrel body rotates and then scale produces centrifugal force, at this time, the steel ball is carried to some height and falls to make the material grinding and striking. After grinded coarsely in the first warehouse, the material then enters into the second house for regrinding the steel ball and scale board with ware. In the end, the powder is discharged by material output board and the end products are completed. 1 Making the use of information technology to enhance the automation, information and intelligence level of ball mill production; applying high technology to improve product quality, and promote the integration of information technology and industrialization. 2 Relying on national major science and technology projects, breaking down the factors restricting the development of milling industry. Develop core technologies, key technologies and key equipment to enhance the international competitiveness of ball mill; develop low-carbon green technology which is characterized of energy-saving, water saving, material saving, efficient, environmentally friendly and low consumption. To improve work efficiency, firstly we have to see the whole combination of each machine, only if which works perfectly, certainly would be naturally enhanced efficiency.

This is one breakthrough to improve the work efficiency of the mill. Besides, according to different raw materials, to choose different machine combination. Food with such materials as encounter, we should change strategy, but not to use the former grinding line. Accordingly, quartz is very durable, we won t grind it, instead that, first roast it through the rotary kiln, later grind it by mill, on This way, the production efficiency will be enhanced dramatically.

The small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from diverse industries engaged in invitation to the info afternoon in Augsburg – also for the press also increasingly the ecological aspect, because economy and protection of the environment are no contradictions. So, a solid environmental management system can complement the classical economic objectives of a company such as competitiveness, liquidity and profit. Tailor-made, aligned precisely to the individual customer approaches in the development of an environmental management system ensure that all benefits in practice actually come to fruition and statutory regulations and limits are adhered to sustainably. Quality -, environmental – and energy management, occupational safety: The requirements for enterprises, local communities and authorities increase continuously. Just for the small units, it is crucial to limit for the costs and the time required as far as possible.

Possible through the e-QSS informed info afternoon environmental consulting/environmental management in Augsburg on Thursday, May 26, 2011 TuV certified environmental consultant of the KKH consulting Dr. Kerstin King-Hoffmann ( explains how it increases the profitability of their environmental consulting as well as the implementation and operation of an environmental management system for its customers. It uses the electronic quality assurance system for e-QSS Neumann & Neumann GmbH ( software_e qss.html). Together, Dr. King-Hoffmann and Neumann & Neumann have worked out the requirements for conducting environmental audits and created industry-specific checklists. These sector-specific checklists are another aspect of high efficiency with the introduction of an environmental management system. The environmental performance and their development can also with the help of e-QSS continuously with little effort to measure and compare. Eventually e-QSS can be, used also in other areas of a company except for management systems as for the control and external service providers. Representatives of the press are cordially invited to the free afternoon of info.

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This article will not be extended device information turbocharger and how it works. Suffice it to recall that the engine is mounted with a turbocharger is increased efficiency and an increase in power. For the uninitiated, you can add that the turbocharger is essentially an air pump, suction from outside the car the air, heating it by force of friction and then cooling the intercooler is fed into the combustion chamber, thereby improving the quality and quantity of combustible mixture. Ideal working turbine on the car produces barely perceptible hiss, and cleaner exhaust from the engine exhaust pipe. The engine has a good 'getaway' and cravings.

How can pro diagnose the turbine? Visually, it can manifest itself in the flow of oil into the exhaust pipe and the combustion of oil may continue to appear in the compounds of the tailpipe in the form of leaks. It speaks of the destruction gland seal oil turbines. Consequently, increased oil consumption, cast into the crankcase. A significant loss of power while driving, also points to the failure of the turbine. Turbine at turbocharged engine is strong enough mechanism and only requires for its proper work – pure and recommended oil in the engine and engine operation without undue stress.

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With bank.Internationally, companies can verify bank account data simply and reliably. The practical solution of Uniserv edited not only the conventional data such as bank sort code and account number, but also the formats of the single euro payments area (SEPA), which will be binding as of February 2014. Since then replaces the IBAN international bank account number, routing number and the account number and all over Europe ensures uniform data formats. Despite the urgency of the changeover to SEPA, unfortunately many companies ignore even the need for action. Also, a recent study by ibi research to the SEPA implementation in Germany”shows that SEPA is still not really entered into awareness at one-third of the surveyed organizations. And only another third of the company uses sporadically at all SEPA credit transfers. Against this background is the plausibility check with bank.International by Uniserv a decisive step towards the SEPA readiness of companies. The changeover to the European payment area brings not only for Financial departments changes, but affects virtually every department.

With bank.Internationally by Uniserv users can verify simple, convenient and reliable customer bank details. The software checks to see if the IBAN is syntactically correct, meets all requirements to build of an IBAN and can be assigned to clear a bank. The plausibility of the IBAN is carried out by the Association of international bank code (BIC) or examination of IBAN and BIC against each other. The smart Bank.International, that is the solution seamlessly integrates in the relevant applications is highly flexible covers the various usage scenarios taking advantage of cloud technologies and last but not least, minimized the risks for businesses,”describes the benefit from a consultant perspective, Michael Luderer, Managing Director of Severn consultancy GmbH. Bank uses for highest result quality.International comprehensive reference data by SWIFT, the society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. During data entry are incorrect Bank account details and credit card numbers detected, corrected typo reliably. To minimize the risk of a failed transaction. The turnout for a smoothly running payment transactions are provided.

Uniserv GmbH with its headquarters in Pforzheim, the largest specialized provider of data quality solutions in Europe, offers bank.International a plausibility check for bank data. ( sepa-ready) About Severn Severn consultancy with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main was founded in London in 1987 and is on the national and international financial market specialized consultancy. The expertise lies in the effective realization of success-critical processes of change in the market. Competent technical and management advice coupled with effective project management, more effective organizational development and zukunftssicherem IT management are the pillars of the Severn way to get it done”. The Severn team consists of experienced former bank managers who know the task of clients from private practice. More information is available at.

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United States officially since last year is in recession. There is a broad agreement around the explanation of the direct or immediate causes of the current global crisis, originated in the sub-prime business suppresses in the American banking system and the financial instruments that have favored pollution progressive of the whole of the world economy. In the field of financial administration, numerous evidence confirm the central role played by ideology and ultra liberal and capitalist policies in the scarce and limited control exercised by the competent bodies on the entities and financial operations that have favored the gestation and global expansion of the crisis. It remains latent in economies worldwide. Later, after the transformation of the crisis mortgage and banking-American global financial crisis, has opened the door to the intervention of the States to save the banks and the credit markets and treat of the inevitable and, in any of the possible scenarios, lasts downturn to come have the lowest intensity and duration as possible.

In the same way they are acting almost all continents countries. The crisis was determined by perverse incentives and excessive risks in the system financial shadow, which includes sparsely regulated financial intermediaries and structures and complex legislation instruments and little clear (such as the risk of default of the debtor and secured debt obligations swaps) that not valued correctly. The high degree of leverage and the broad systemic risk generated with this system traded the American border. It should be pointed out that systemic risk was increasing progressively in the system and that this increase went unnoticed until it was too late, that can be attributed to financial innovation during the economic boom. After the turmoil in the mortgage market of high risk and loss of value of an enormous amount of derivatives built on the basis of such mortgages, economic conditions world suffered a marked deterioration since mid-September 2008, whereupon the prospects and the external context for Latin America and the Caribbean also worsened. This decline actually began in mid-2007, when the increase in the unemployment rate of the United States caused the collapse of the market for mortgages of high riesgo(EL cual himplemos en este documento). We can summarize the impact of the global economic crisis highlights in the following overhead: the slowdown in growth, changes in international relative prices (especially the weakening in the price of raw materials); possible reduction of the remittances: cost of credit and the financial crisis; decrease of the external resources available for the financing of development, housing and production projects; reduction of direct and indirect employment and a decline in tourism.

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These include a fire insurance, after planting, diversification of risk through crop community, mixed forest management, land selection, asset liability and five percent safety areas. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Bill Phelan. Among other things this is supplemented by annual external review and assessment, as well as extensive news coverage, such as growth reports to investors. The aim is: natural yield from the real value forest combined with maximum security. So, the Scoredex value is determined exactly: Scoredex analyzes the business trust companies and the persons responsible for fixed mathematical parameters and algorithms, and created a comprehensive profile. These are compressed to a percentage score. The past of the company to be evaluated is analyzed and so a large Created data width can be incorporated also media coverage and information provided by consumer protection organisations in the assessment.

Due to the permanent networking with various interfaces, Scoredex is a dynamic rating system. The change of a parameter (for example changes in the creditworthiness) leads directly to a change in the Scoredex. Ali Aboutaam may find this interesting as well. This is the way to ensure that the user can at any time inform about the current situation of a potential business partner, as well as its historical development. About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance group manages a total 16,000 hectares of ecological agroforestry and forest in Latin America (Panama, Colombia and Peru), Asia (Viet Nam). She specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. Interested parties can choose between different products at ForestFinance and invest in different models of sustainable tropical forestry: so is the “BaumSparVertrag” is a private forest possible from 33 euro per month or one-time 360 euros. The yield forecast is four to nine per cent, see the WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 tropical forest with return guarantee. For investors who wish to replant 10,000 m2 with option on real estate, WoodStockInvest is the right product.

CacaoInvest is an investment in fine cocoa and wood, with possible annual payouts already from the second year. GreenAcacia is a forest investment with only seven years total term and annual payouts. Pure forest I is a sustainable forest fund with only 14 years maturity and early recoveries.

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