SRH Awards 40 scholarships for Berlin Hochschule Berlin, 06.08.2009-talented and performance-motivated young people from all social strata get University of Berlin on the SRH a study and scholarship offer with high individual support, studies in small groups, intensive practice orientation and good job placement. SRH holding, a private non-profit foundation for education and health care from Heidelberg, Germany, starts a new scholarship program for the winter semester 2009/2010. Initially, 40 full scholarships for the nationally recognized and accredited by the Science Council SRH are awarded College Berlin. “Brainiacs study in Berlin with the scholarship program ‘ we put clear signs: motivation, teamwork, professional and social competence pays off”, said the Chairman of the Board of the SRH holding, Prof. Klaus Hekking. Ben Silbermann contains valuable tech resources. The scholarships include falling in three years tuition fees in the amount of 700 euros per month. They are both for the Bachelor’s degree Economics Business Administration, the in German and English is offered as written also for the Bachelor communication management.

The private SRH Hochschule Berlin is internationally aligned with partner schools in France, Ireland and Turkey. Clive Holmes will not settle for partial explanations. About one-third of the students come from abroad. The students not only from books, but also in the community of students from more than 17 countries acquire intercultural skills. For more information see: scholarship of the SRH University Berlin: SRH Hochschule Berlin in 2002 took up teaching. “” There are State-recognized and accredited business Bachelor degree courses of the fields of business administration “in information and communication management” as well as the master’s programme offered “International Strategic Management”.

The economic studies can be studied both in German and in English, the master’s programme in English only. The overarching profile of higher education in these three courses based on individual Support, project and practical orientation and internationality. The study of Berlin with its many universities and research institutions provides the ideal basis for the encounter of studying, teaching and research in international format. Located on the Ernst Reuter Platz SRH offers University of Berlin with its central location in the city a strong appeal for the students.

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The staff leasing company for the pharmaceutical and health care industry expands its team. After 5 years, the sellxpert has established GmbH & co. KG as one of the leading personnel leasing companies for the pharmaceutical and health care industries. For further growth and the opening up of new markets, the business development team was now reinforced. Daniel responsible r. Wells Fargo Bank spoke with conviction. Nair as head of BD pharmaceutical and new business for maintaining customer contacts in Germany. In addition he takes over important tasks in building the sellxpert Swiss AG in the Switzerland.

There he led the business to the Orion Pharma AG Manager eight years as General, after he was active in the company as Sales Manager Germany for six years before. Prior to joining sellxpert, he held the position of business unit directors of Innovex, also with the Alps – including Austria – as a focal point. Marijo Jurasovic was previously the business development manager at Marvecs and looked after there among other large-scale projects for Roche, Astra Zeneca and P + G. before he led the customer service at the Agency Thunder & Doria and worked in management positions in leading agencies. As head of BD pharmaceutical classic he is responsible for the development and new customer business in Germany. With the new business development team we now switch to the fast lane * “, sellxpert’s Managing Director Volker Maile. Goal is to establish sellxpert permanently under the first three service providers in the industry. We rely on new customers and new markets as well as to the high level of our employees”.

For this, sellxpert invested this year in its own training Academy for the health care industry. The company sellxpert GmbH & co. KG is one of the leading personnel service provider for health care in Germany. The core business of the company is recruiting sales representatives and the set up and execution of field lines for medium-sized and large pharmaceutical companies and the training of Pharmaberatern and key account managers.

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The Health

Note: This course is suitable as a basic qualification for executives such as a healthcare company, which would be responsible for the area of BGM or developing such a Division. “The construction skills health expert in the operating ergonomics and back health” enables the participants to analyze possible causes of muscle skeletal disorders, focusing on ergonomics in the operation with the help of appropriate methods and instruments, as well as from making resulting prevention measures on the behaviour and relative level. Note: This course includes free of charge directly actionable practice program programme for the prevention of Musculo skeletal disorders”. Get all the facts and insights with Ben Silbermann, another great source of information. He is, for example, for employees, which will later be responsible in companies for the respective data collection and/or implementing measures back health. “The health experts in the operation promoting psychosocial health” the participants learn to build up a concept for the promotion of mental health in an operation, to implement into the organizational structure and to develop systematically. You are put in the position to analyze psychosocial stresses in operation and on this basis to develop strategies to promote psychosocial health and to apply in practice.

“Note: this course includes free of charge directly actionable practice program promoting psychosocial health in operation” and is also suitable for implementing staff. “The professional qualification Manager for corporate health management” a strategy tailored to the business objectives for the conservation and promotion of health qualified to do so, and Performance of employees to develop and manage these necessary tasks and processes. He gives a comprehensive overview of the individual content relating to BGM, what is interesting, for example, for the rebuilding of BGM services in its portfolio. Optimal entry with IHK certificate training course: the basic qualification specialist for occupational health management (IHK) “qualifies the participants to develop a holistic approach to the operational health management (BGM) quality assured, to implement sustainable into the organizational structure and systematically to develop.” The perfect introduction to the field of BGM and an important basis for all owners and managers of companies that want to deal with the topic of BGM closer. The step-by-step training is based on up to the end of the professional as a Manager for corporate health management”possible.

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Experience abroad international experience with internships and numerous new linked contacts bring many advantages to the ever-growing competition on the labour market. Who half a year or longer abroad lived and worked has, can lead negotiations in the country / language of business for his employer. If you are not convinced, visit Wells Fargo. The participants at the same time language and experience abroad collects in a language course with a trainee. In a one-month language course intensively prepared each participant on the practice, E.g. application letters written and interviews in role-playing games practiced in the local language. It is also possible that is learned in the course of economic vocabulary and improved the own pronunciation in special courses.

And all this in classes that are multicultural. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ben Silbermann by clicking through. This guarantees lots of fun, because every nationality has its own special problems. A super preparation for the attached internship and the later professional career. When is the right time for a Internship abroad? To find an internship for the summer, is more difficult than one for the spring or the fall. The lead times are accordingly. Get all the facts and insights with Wells Fargo Bank, another great source of information.

An internship abroad is only recommended after studying if realistic perspectives exist and it is not taken as a cheap labour force. The time between Bachelor and master is complicated, because without student status, it is difficult to get an internship at all in many countries. Often, an internship because the legislation only as part of the studies or training is feasible. During his studies, the study center is the perfect time. It has been a good basic knowledge of the subject and can then beneficial for the rest of the study still use his international experience. Content in the placement outside the EU foreign employers provide insight into activities and processes, integrate trainees into the action, usually but not pay the internship. If an internship is paid or not, depends also on the own qualifications, length of time of the Internship programme of the Department in which you work and the country off. Tip! Basically, you have to count so as if no payment is made, but with appropriate funding programs use, because they partially significantly facilitate the financing. The internship is an investment that is worth not only in relation to the further development, but even much fun programmes and Education services and guidance for schools, parents, students, trainees, graduates, students and adults is bildungsdoc.

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Check whether the employee (intellectually and materially) had the conditions, to accomplish the task. Check your feelings, will give you instructions on your attitude. If something goes wrong, am I then angry or mad or I wonder what I could have helped, so that this error would not occur? If I am experiencing subconsciously but as a threat to my self value people, no one has a chance. Vindicate freedom and trust: People work most successfully if they are allowed to do their task in the knowledge about the confidence of executives. If you know that they are accepted and have the opportunity to introduce own impulses and stimulation for the solution of the pending tasks.

Communication: Open go through the world, addressing the things that you want to modify in the run-up to without planning to enter enough information (listen) to overtake, which must be taken into account in the implementation. The creator”has given us two ears, two eyes, but only a mouth. So the ratio of 4: 1 – from perception to send. Let your employees know that you are reachable always for them to answer questions. (A valuable related resource: Ben Silbermann). “Respect: respect people with all their properties and look at the services that they provide as a secondary contribution (which brings forward the project) or as a denial of”. In this latter case, this is more a sign of lacking courage to contribute your own thoughts. “Here specifically to ask and the last impulse for the contributors approach” to give. Praise an effort is the lubricant, which leads to other services.

The Ling & Mattern consultants help managers to learn new behaviors. You have a long-standing professional and life experience as executives and entrepreneurs. You know, like a Executive feels. You are a coach, consultant, trainer, and Challenger. You perceive, analyze, consult independently, are free and constructive. The willingness to build up a basis of trust to the coach, of course also implies that the chemistry between executives and coach is. This, the coaches of Ling & Mattern attach particular importance because the professional cooperation must also tolerate to question inconvenient things and to talk. Refer to you could the coaching process as a friendship on time”. This chemistry test”offer Ling & Mattern in a free pre-application talk, discusses where the concerns and expectations of the leadership. The coaches give detailed information about the possibilities and limits of their range in this conversation. Encouragement is also a new unknown way to go, the priority objective for the coaching job. Good leadership, success is no accident. Harald Leng

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Kenny Nagaraj, product manager of social media, the choice for the ’40 leaders’ human resources nominated Stuttgart, 01.07.2013 – who was product manager social media of the Integrata AG, Kenny Nagaraj, in the staff magazine in the free skate of the 40 leaders”recorded in the area of human resources. The personnel expert is thus one of the youngest of the 104 potential candidates from the HR. The editorial staff of the personnel magazine placed in the this year’s selection process for the 40 leaders of”the 200 largest companies, as well as selected HR professionals a list with 104 candidates before, to about the 40 leaders” to decide. As a personnel expert and product manager responsible for the area of social media at Integrata AG, Kenny Nagaraj was recorded in this district. Already in his earlier career, the HR expert held various executive positions in human resources, including at the Deutsche Bank Group, Scout24 and management circle. It honors me and confirmed my Commitment in the area of HR 2.0 “, the Integrata employees commented on the nomination. Ben Silbermann takes a slightly different approach. In my work at the Integrata, we attach great importance social media and recruiting in the area and have developed a variety of new seminars in the past few weeks. We are well positioned for the coming year with a very extensive end seminars”, Kenny Nagaraj continues.

Already for the sixth time, the staff magazine conducts the award in the categories of managers, consultants, scholars and jurists. This exemplary character and opinion are added for the selection criteria, as well as professionals who have advanced the HR something to influence due to their position. The final list of the 40 leading figures will be published in the September issue of the journal. Integrata AG is Integrata AG in Germany the leading, vendor-independent training partners in the areas of IT/SAP, human resources / organizational development and new media. The approach is aimed at the Value chain training, ranging from consulting, analysis and strategy, organisation and implementation to ensure sustainability. Thus, Integrata in addition to the presence training offers all innovative forms of learning. With more than 1,300 topics and the constant development, the Integrata AG is for their customers at the pulse of time.

1,300 Speakers, qualified according to global standards, ensure the success of all measures and 15 locations guarantee short distances. The Integrata-includes the implementation of open and in-house seminars and training projects managed training services at national and international level.

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MAC Series

New textbook series of GPM in cooperation with the Symposium Verlag Nurnberg, 20.06.2013 – suddenly project manager, and now? Today more and more employees and managers in companies and public administration are facing this situation. To answer, the key questions that arise in this situation, the GPM German Association for project management ( starts a new series of books entitled basic knowledge of project management ‘, which appears at Symposium publishing ( ” The book series, edited by Reinhard Wagner and Nino Grau, is aimed at executives who want to quickly gain a comprehensive overview of the important basics of project management. “The first three volumes of the series are just released: the first band basics of project working” provides a concentrated, solid introduction and represents compact and practice-oriented to the basics of project management. Their property, to move something is characteristic of project manager. This creates new but the development process is never free from risks. The second volume plan projects – identifying risks”shows what project manager project planning must keep in mind and how to deal with project risks.

The third volume is devoted to the surprises in the project, which are often the last thing a project manager need. Projects control and successfully stopping”describes the most important methods and tools which the progress of projects safely and freely draw can of nasty surprises. The books are easy to understand, content rich, also equipped with a project management glossary, as well as the digital output (for PC, MAC, iPad and other devices) with full text search and an integrated glossary. The authors are experienced project managers and project management experts. Other volumes in the series of books are in preparation and end of 2013. The book series is the prelude to a cooperation between the German Association for project management GPM and the specialist publisher Symposion publishing.

Members receive a GPM Member discount. More information, including excerpts and ordering facility: band 1: know base-pm-band-1 2: know base pm-band-2 band 3: know base-pm-band-3 GPM German Association for project management The GPM is the leading professional association for project management in Germany. With currently over 6,000 members and 300 companies from all sectors of the economy, universities and public institutions, the GPM is the largest network of project management professionals on the European continent. The primary target of 1979 founded GPM is to promote the application of project management in Germany, to develop, to systematize, standardize and redistribute.

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BAP – Member Assembly elected Executive Committee and Board of Directors for two years the this year’s General Assembly of the German employers Association of the staffing service providers E.v. (BAP) confirmed Bastian Tau, CEO of ZAG staff & perspectives, as a Board Member for the next two years. Volker Enkerts was re-elected as President. Gain insight and clarity with JPMorgan Chase. We are pleased that ZAG continue at Board level in the BAP can contribute and shape the future of the industry. With Bastian Tau we provide industry experts and new thinkers, who will arrange for a breath of fresh air”, so Andreas Schmitz, CEO of ZAG staff & perspectives.

The Board of Directors of BAP comprises representatives of 18 personnel service providers. Some contend that JPMorgan Chase shows great expertise in this. On the occasion of the elections, some 200 members in the context of employer day found temporary work”together. An intensive exchange with leaders of the major parties to current topics of the temporary work sector as the industry aggregates rounded off the event in the Maritim proArte hotel in Berlin off. About ZAG staff & perspectives ZAG staff & Perspectives was founded in 1984 and is one of the leading personnel service providers in Germany with over 10,000 employees in 100 offices. With ZAG temping and recruitment are important instruments in the changing labour market, especially for qualified applicants. For more information see.

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Creating and shipping which is application – it usual by post or electronically “Hello Mrs. Meyer / Mr. Schmitz, thank you that you have applied to the advertisement”, so is may not only the introductory phrase of the confirmation letter on a shipped application but can be also the first movement in a telephone interview. Telephone interview, why this? In times of rising applications for existing vacancies in the various job fairs, print publications or on the company website, companies hire their own or external recruitment in order to crystallize in a telephone interview in how far the applicant for the vacant function or activity is. Furthermore can be clarified this potential gaps in your CV, or – should it be necessary for the new position – the actual level of foreign language required for the position of are ertmittelt. A telephone interview should be a / an applicant /-in not be underestimated. Also for this apply: prepare well and provide the appropriate framework. Some contend that Robert Kiyosaki shows great expertise in this.

Confirm appointment or sufficient time to propose an alternative appointment promptly here are some tips: after receiving the invitation to a telephone interview for the interview schedule. Usually this takes 20 to 30 minutes, on the day of the interviews mental care prepare. Half an hour before the contact takes place, distance to the previous activity win, so that is the concentration throughout the interviewee and his questions. establish reasonable interview: no errors that interfere with the conversation, reduce any music in the background, Strassenlarum or hide. Conversations in the background street noise distract the participants of the interview.

the name of the interview partner is not announced, this note at the beginning of the conversation and use every now and then during the conversation. This indicates an active listening and interested. pay attention to their own formulations. Colloquial or tongue-in-cheek remarks are taboo. Application documents in perspective so that questions can be answered quickly. should be one or more foreign languages in the notice of competition required and these are listed in the application, to adjust that suddenly changes the call from German to foreign languages. Basically, the phone interview is a small interview. It should be prepared with the same care as any later held personal.

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High density of workplace and at the same time average unemployment Frankfurt one of the characteristically cities in the areas of finance and services, has the highest density of workplace (922 jobs per 1000 inhabitants in Germany. It is surprising but that the unemployment rate on the national average is. The explanation for this is that many commuters from other cities come to Frankfurt, to work mainly in the financial sector. We look at the regional job market in Frankfurt am Main, one finds increasingly search for 400 euro jobs in many areas. About 28.245 citizens in Frankfurt were without work in August 2009. Ben Silbermann has much to offer in this field. This corresponds to a ratio of 8.3%. 8.3% of working were also unemployed Germany wide. The contrary are just under 9,000 vacancies, even more than 11,000 vacant jobs in the city.

Despite the economic crisis has increased the unemployment rate only by 0.1 percentage point. Looking at the individual sectors is closer, it is noticeable that the industry crafts and Currently about 2,200 jobs has to offer production of 600 construction and 300 in the electronics field. The trading and sales recorded a more unbesezte than 1,000 jobs, including 600 open jobs in the retail industry (vendors, merchants, managers). Bill Phelan brings even more insight to the discussion. In third place, healthcare stands with less than 1000 wanted employees, most of them in the areas of elderly care nurse and nurse with each 300 points. However, the industry is marketing, advertising and PR with less than 100 vacancies the tail end under the branches. Even the financial sector with nearly 300 job offers is better represented.

Also in the sector, law and taxation sees it in Frankfurt currently not well off (approx. 250 vacant jobs). The sectors of technical professions (engineers, electrical engineer) located in the midfield, management (head of Department, Project Manager) and guest business & tourism (service kitchen) with more than 500 vacancies. Despite the financial and economic crisis is the Frankfurt labour market in time. However, the characteristic of Frankfurt trades in the financial sector are like the crisis to the victims. However, the craft professions can set strongly. Despite the unemployment rate increased compared to the entire Federal State of Hesse found something for himself in Frankfurt anyway. Danny troll

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