In a new seminar of the training company Voss + partner, Hamburg, specialists and managers get to know several creative techniques. Success through guided creativity”. So reads the title of a seminar for self-employed as well as specialists and managers, which performs the Hamburg-based training company Voss + partner for the first time in the framework of its summer school. “The participants learn in the one-day intensive seminar for flashes of genius”, which will take place on 17 July and 14 August, including several creative techniques know that even non-creative “can design new products and problem solutions. In the seminar the participating specialists and executives deal first with the question of what being creative means. Rick Dad, Poor Dad gathered all the information. While the seminar leader gives Sandra Pickert, inter alia with the prejudice, just be creative artists as well as members of such professions, such as graphic designers and copywriters. The participants are also with the framework conditions, which should be given, so that new thoughts and ideas sprout.

“Also they learn several exercises, to put in the required mood and to activate your brain so that flashes of genius” arise. Then, practice, and train the participants several creative techniques to stimulate the flow of ideas. These include among others the head stand technology, the emotive word analysis, the Brainwriting, and the node technology. This is the overarching aim: each participant to discover for yourself its personal favorite creative technique that suits him and his duties. “The participation of the day seminar success through guided creativity” on July 17 or on 14 August in Hamburg costs 245 euro (+ VAT). A person participates in other seminars of the summer school, whose price is reduced to 145 euros. For more info about the creative seminar as well as the further within the framework of the seminars offered summer school refer to those interested in the Voss + Partner GmbH. (website:, email:;) Phone: 040/7900767-0).

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The ITN GmbH held on June 6th and 21st 2013 seminars on the topic of ‘Public speaking sovereign communication for executives’. The home of IPS GmbH is the first of two events on the topic of public speaking sovereign communication for executives on 06th June 2013″instead. Maximum 15 participants during the four-hour pulse seminar under the guidance of media trainer Matthias Hill learn how you convincingly and clearly depict subjects in public appearances. Public appearances are practiced with examples and the skills of the participants increased through intensive video analysis and trainer feedback. In addition to presentation strategies and methods of visualization, the appropriate use of the media are also discussed and tested tips and tricks in dealing with stage fright. Matthias Hill then during an individual workout the professionalism of your presentations within 7 hours of training more intensively to improve the possibility of offers on June 21.

The number of participants is at This seminar is limited to a maximum of 4 persons. The officer Matthias Hill has politics in Bremen and London and studied economics, Chief of the service, and Editorial Director for RTL and SAT. 1 and speaker audiovisual communication for EADS. Currently advises Hill media companies and organizations in the areas of TV training, audiovisual communication and PR. Interested parties can contact by phone (0421) 5 36 88 23 or via E-mail to: log on. Both seminars is free of charge. The pulse seminar participants receive a discount on the price of individual training. A discounted participation rate will be also posting the second event until 7 June.

Learn more about public speaking sovereign communication for executives”are available at. Information about the speakers are available at. Author Press contact: Berenice Garcia ITN GmbH Otto-Lilienthal-str. 6 28199 Bremen Tel.: 0421-5368838

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“The lectures my job” report representatives of the tourism industry about the perspectives of a travel agency, a Cruise Line and a destination. The Hotel InterContinental Berlin talks about perspectives in a hotel. Details of the programme and more information will find interested on itb-jobboerse. About YOURCAREERGROUP AG: The YOURCAREERGROUP AG was founded in 1999 by Arne Lorenzen and Manuel cones and has since established recruiting partner for the sectors of hotel, catering and tourism as competent. The newest Portal AZUBICAREER offers young people information around the topic of education in the hospitality industry, as well as free training places. Under the umbrella of YOURCAREERGROUP AG, the single Internet job boards run HOTELCAREER, GASTRONOMIECAREER and TOURISTIKCAREER. You offer specifically job opportunities tailored to and information on the relevant industry.

HOTELCAREER is the ideal platform for anyone looking for a new job in the hospitality industry. For job seekers GASTRONOMIECAREER is the best online job portal of gastronomy. Tourism experts will find it on TOURISTIKCAREER. In addition to switching jobs or use the CV database the YOURCAREERGROUP AG offers an Internet-based technology for managing applicants, which is tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry. This software covers the complete online recruitment process. As an additional product of YOURCAREERGROUP AG career fairs are offered since April 2008 with the Recruiting Days regularly for the industry. Applicants and companies to personal conversations come together in a pleasant atmosphere.

The YOURCAREERGROUP AG organized a further career meeting annually at ITB Berlin. The ITB job fair of powered by YOURCAREERGROUP in Hall 5.1 is the focal point for specialists and managers of the hotels, catering and tourism. Especially the YOURCAREERGROUP AG in cooperation with the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany offers businesses e.V. at the twice-yearly labour law seminars, the participants about current Legislative changes and developments informed. Press contact: Franziska Stock Tel.: + 49 (0) 211-938 897-12 fax: + 49 (0) 211-938 897-612 E-Mail: YOURCAREERGROUP AG Benzenbergstrasse 39-47 40219 Dusseldorf Tel.: + 49 (0) 211 93 88 97 0 fax: + 49 (0) 211 93 88 97 11

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