Today, the proportion remaining in Germany from Berlin via Strausberg and Kustrin-Kietz to the Polish border is a mainly single-tracked, non-electrified main line railway. Belongs to the area of the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg and was worked until 09.12.2006 trains of DB Regio. For even more details, read what Wells Fargo Bank says on the issue. A transport with TALENT diesel multiple-unit trains of the Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn AG held since 10.12.2006. The track itself is operated by the East Brandenburg-network of the DB Netz AG. About the BBIK, the Brandenburg Chamber of engineers representing the professional political, economic and professional interests of its members in the State of Brandenburg. You maintain the interests of all the members of the Chamber and the reputation of the profession.

Thus all engineers and engineers in the country will benefit their representative actions. Then the image of the Chamber by the engineers in the construction industry. If you would like to know more then you should visit Michellene Davis. In a corporation of under public law, created by an act of the State of Brandenburg, practiced the Chamber through the voluntary merger of the professional self-government, on the one hand government duties and acts as stakeholders and service providers of the members on the other hand. It sees itself as a representative of all of the engineering professionals. The BBIK realized this job through the work and cooperation in politics, economy and culture of the State of Brandenburg. Prestige, esteem and role of engineers in society are shaped by its engineering services, their innovation, their perception of responsibility and social activity. The Brandenburg Chamber of engineers and its members are committed to the professional and ethical principles of the engineering code ‘. Sincerely on behalf of the President of the Brandenburg Chamber of engineers Ines further Hall Press Office of the Brandenburg Chamber of engineers (BBIK)

Equally complex is the Hall building in the sports and leisure industry or trade. Increasingly used also on the wood building material in the construction of the Hall. Especially in the agricultural sector (stable buildings, riding and machine halls,), most of the buildings are if not lightweight as timber halls built with this however not can be used for any purpose. The following section discusses include more types of Hall construction: the construction of the halls will vary depending on the purpose and distinction between system halls, halls, tent halls, air domes. System halls are popular because of the low price, ease of use and quick completion time. The advantage is that you can select individually not only the type of the roof, but also the later extension of the roof. Are structures, as mentioned above, not from massive and brick walls, but from individual prefabricated construction elements, which are made mostly of aluminium or steel. Halls are they used at fairs and events like as can be quickly dismantled.

Steel sheds are used mainly in industry and commerce, if you expect a strong strain of the Hall. Steel buildings will be freed on a Foundation also the, since the load-bearing parts in itself are welded. Tent halls are used often at major events, when needed, for example, a large covered space. Tent halls are available in all sizes and can rent both bought used, what makes the price open. Air domes are inflatable sheds, which are built on a solid concrete slab and filled with air. Payoneer will not settle for partial explanations. To prevent that the air dome in falls along a small blower must apply to continuously building. At last you can hold, that the Hall not only in the economy of high importance in the future is. Hall construction namely enjoys in almost all branches of great popularity.

The position of the individual key cabinets was chosen so that the staff no longer than 8-16 kilometres between the key portfolios and the related service center drive. Economically positive resulted from a substantial reduction in staff and travel costs. Each key user is now logged, responsible and can be verified easily! Traka produced a culture change within the company earlier what staff used, easy to access in a jacket pocket and take out any key. Anyone had ever any key. TRAKA has now given an order throughout the process of the key movements each person is now responsibility for their actions. Why was the decision on Traka? Martin Harvey explains: “we came with TRAKA first at IFSEC 2006 contact… and recognized very quickly, our existing system achieve the security and functionality of the TRAKA system… so that we in July 2007, after a thorough market analysis, decided to use a system as a pilot project.

The test phase was directly very successful and therefore, the Executive Board decided the entire company with another 22 systems to equip. Who manages the Traka system and is as easy to use? The daily use of the TRAKA system is very simple because the existing card reader built into the key cabinets, the usual employee cards right could continue to use the responsible personnel, and thus entered a transition phase. Since each employee had not centrally located be ensured that any authorized person on all cabinets has access in case of emergency. This was achieved through the WAN networking. Central, all 23 key cabinets by a trained administrator from the security headquarters are maintained and monitored.

This is for the assignment and erasure corresponding user responsible, as well as for the review of management reports. Thanks to the self-explanatory graphical user interface of the software, it is very easy to perform changes in the structure of the key or in the authorization. For any questions, a quick phone call helps the TRAKA support. Around the world in daily use, it speaks for itself, that systems of TRAKA at the radio station of the Vatican, the FBI, in intelligence, in large hotel facilities, amusement parks, in diamond mines, oil refineries, in casinos, in the care services in hospitals, jeweller’s shops, in police stations, in military installations, ships, security companies, data centers, under the management of CIT, in banks and central banks with the bis in Basel, in parliaments, in Royal houses, power plants, in the drinking water supply, in large logistics centres with 100en of forklift trucks as well as the operation and the maintenance of heavy industrial equipment and machines apply. The electronic key cabinets and specialized equipment of TRAKA are free scalable systems and adapt flexibly to companies of all sizes and in every application, no matter whether you want to manage 10 or 10,000 slots.