Subsidy guide helps selection, application and implementation of bank financing Munich, May 20, 2009 – together with Vantargis Wabeco finance GmbH subsidy pilot Wandt creates a bank-independent financing, which he combined with public funding. So we can get the most for our customers”, he says and also has a typical example at hand: A medium-sized companies in the growth phase would replace machines to increase productivity and number of pieces. A usual funding through a loan from the Bank, the monthly instalments then quickly press the available liquidity and thus the scope for an expansion of the offensive. Here there is an intelligent solution with support leasing”Wandt white. This intelligent solution to corporate finance subordinated loans and hire purchase are combined: 10 percent equity, 40 percent funded subordinated loans and 50 per cent share for the hire mean taken together, that the operator has something less than to pay the half of the usual. Also, the repayment of subordinated loan starts in the eighth year, so after seven years already a return with the new machines can be generated.

The subsidy pilot stresses is important, here, to combine several agreements preserve the promotion”. Liquidity creation in simultaneous cost savings the Munich Vantargis Group offers alternative approaches to bank credit and enables businesses to generate cash from existing resources. Their partner company, the Vantargis Wabeco finance GmbH, provides financing options in a combination, that were not available so far for companies. Thus, investments for companies, but also for their customers, can be financed more systematically. This means an additional liquidity creation in simultaneous cost savings”, underlines the subsidy pilot. Since 1982 Wandt and his colleagues have Consultations in the area of public funding through and assist companies with the application since 1986. With over 15,000 escorted have since 1986 and more than six billion euro volume we are alone in the years 2004 to 2008 probably the most successful funding consulting in Germany”, so Wandt.

Profile Vantargis AG for more information see and the Vantargis AG is the independent German less for the upper middle class. The range consists of leasing, factoring and debt solutions, as well as selected corporate finance services. The focus is on medium-sized owner-managed companies. The Vantargis group currently comprises AML’s medium-sized leasing companies Leasing GmbH, Sigma Leasing GmbH, and active) lease Vantargis finance GmbH and the factoring company Vantargis factoring GmbH. Also provides the Vantargis Wabeco finance GmbH consulting services regarding public funding and grants.

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Credit market place, branch and online banks – the differences are today varied ways to get a private loan,. Direct banks, brokerages, and online credit market places are available. What Bank now is the right for a personal loan, you can not set. Who wants advice and likes to have a contact person on the spot, is certainly well advised with his bank on the spot. Bill Phelan oftentimes addresses this issue. Since you pay maybe also some more interest, white but, that a personal conversation is possible at any time. Fast, uncomplicated and often slightly cheaper, direct banks offer a personal loan. Here to get while not personal advice, because direct banks offer their services exclusively online, but accounting, personal loans, and other services are usually cheaper.

The account is operated online, account statements you can print yourself or send you for a fee. Credit market place are the third way, such as for example smava and auxmoney. Here is the credit from private to Private awarded, the entire settlement takes place via the online platform. This offers advantages both for the borrowers and the lenders. The borrower itself sets what interest he is willing to pay, the loan amount and duration. To the project to be financed must be described as precisely as possible.

The concept is plausible and well thought out, the more lenders will find themselves. Has the lender the ability to decide whether he wants to invest in this project and to what extent. The smava loan is usually lower in its interest rate to borrow a very interesting and cheap way for many consumers money. Especially since you can borrow about smava already 500 and not only begins lending for larger sums. Ultimately everyone must decide for themselves what form his Privatkredites he decides, basically all three ways have their advantages and disadvantages. The CK comparison GmbH presents all possibilities and compares the different banks and market places. Who still could decide, should perform a loan comparison and select the best for him and best option.

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Winners and losers from the perspective of intermediary service providers study: AssCompact AWARD 2010 private risk prevention (biometrics) Heidenrod, May 11, 2010. The livelihood not just since yesterday is a theme in this country. Even or maybe especially in times of financial crisis, the citizens are anxious to secure their belongings and goods. The most important thing is your own health. The financial damage which may occur to people due to a physical injury, is even existence-threatening circumstances. Experts agree: the awareness of the need for a private screening of risk has increased and it will continue to grow in the future. From the perspective of the agent, the strongest Division in the context of private risk management is currently the labour protection. Approximately 92% of surveyed agents indicate that one of its business priorities in this area.

It followed the death case insurance which offers approximately 64% of respondents, prior to the accident insurance with around 54%. Care additional security “is still the least significance. In this Currently little more than a quarter of the agents are working. A total of 170 product providers, votes were cast for the within the framework of this investigation, some companies stand out particularly. In the field of labour protection of the well-being of the people is federal. Dortmund is the clear favorite of the mediator here by a significant margin. In securing death certificate, the dialog can be adjusted the clear Favorites position.

Also the InterRisk seems to have their favorite role in the business field of the casualty safely held. The IDEAL occupies the top position from the perspective of the agent in securing care auxiliary, which was also investigated, but not honoured with an AWARD. The current survey will lead to these results private risk management, which was carried out in the framework of the annual series of studies to the AssCompact award by the management consulting company SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf of the bbg operating consultancy company, Bayreuth.

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The professionals over the shoulder look In the wake of the economic crisis the share prices fell. Many investors play with the idea right now to invest in order to benefit from rising prices. Additional information at Robert Kiyosaki supports this article. For orientation, the financial and Exchange Portal borsennews.de holds a cash Depot competition. Stock market experts of relevant publications go at the start. “” So speculate until December 31, 2009″Wolfgang Wagner of the Exchange service, Robert Burschik of the equity investor” and Sven Heckle from Hot Stocks Europe “about the developments in the stock market. They are not participants in a fictitious plan game. The real money deposits start amounting to 10,000 are actually in the books of the online broker E-trade Germany.

According to the transactions are executed real on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt on the main and Xetra. The buying and selling of shares is permitted and exchange traded funds (ETF). It offers the unique opportunity to see the pros at work over the shoulder for investors. When the stock market champions Interested not only insight into the depots of the competition ends. In addition, they benefit from current comments and free investment tips from the independent experts.

Exchanges newcomers as well as interested experts watch daily the practicality of the tips. The speculators are exposed a public pressure, which will further increase the voltage. But no matter, who achieved the best performance. Observers of the transparent competition will take home profit sizes.

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The Alliance

Overlooking the efforts made by the product provider in this area a rethinking must find place here. To use existing resources efficiently in the future, product provider should more strongly perceive the different needs of intermediaries and take into account.” AssCompact AWARD 2010 private pensions: Brokers BBs Favorites due to the special situation of the brokers and multiple agents – they can choose which companies they recommend in the case–especially valuable is its judgment over the performance of the product provider. Who wants to convince one of these brokers, who must all along the line do this: in a total of twelve individual criteria was asked meaningfully for the intermediaries as well as after the respective corporate favorites. Still examined which companies basically on the market is not recommended. Convinced the brokers by the performance of the public welfare are Federal – this year’s winner of the AssCompact AWARD 2010 private Pension.

The Alliance follows on rank 2. The Alte Leipziger completed the leading trio with a very good 3rd place. Each investigated product lines the 3rd layer there are following rankings: rank unit-linked pension / pension life insurance life insurance 1 people good Federal people good of Federal 2. Ben Silbermann is likely to increase your knowledge. Alliance Alliance 3 old Leipzig Alte Leipziger 4 Nuremberg Stuttgart 5 Canada life Nuremberg of 6 Swiss life Swiss life of 7 HDI-Gerling AXA 8 Friends Provident HDI-Gerling of 9 Stuttgart generali of 10 AXA LV 1871 Carsten Zuckriegl: Insider can best assess the significance of these results. The winners will receive the reward here for years of work and an ongoing process of optimization in cooperation with brokers. These they are certainly the most demanding customers of product providers finally are in their choice free. Since everything must be: of the corporate governance of product management to the services for brokers and customers both before and after conclusion of the contract. A prerequisite is “However, that the product provider know exactly the needs of this demanding customers.” About the study: The accompanying study AssCompact AWARD 2010 private provision includes approximately 315 pages of exclusive provider study plus.

Shown are the results of a nationwide survey of 514 brokers and multiple representatives, which was carried out in the period from 26.04. May 14, 2010. The study will be released on June 30, 2010 and can be ordered from this date on the Internet at shop. Contact person for this study is Christopher Kahl, phone: + 49 6775-968-8964 / E-Mail:. About SMARTcompagnie GmbH, the market research division is an important basis for the SMARTcompagnie GmbH and starting point for the sound management advice by customers from the finance and insurance industry. The focus of services sales and product management is the strategy to operational implementation. The team of specialists to the Managing Director Harry wood House and Jurgen Schwarz has years Experience in sales, the business organization as well as the product management in the financial sector. Selected research in the form of market studies is published in cooperation with the long-standing partner of bbg operating consultancy, Bayreuth. Contact for the press: Harry HOLZHAUS SMARTcompagnie GmbH to the Wisper Valley 12 65321 Heidenrod Tel.: + 49 6775 9686-35 fax: + 49 6775 9686-34 E-Mail: Web:

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Favored companies from the perspective of intermediary Heidenrod, June 30, 2010. If it goes to the brokers and multiple representatives, the storm of the financial crisis in the intermediary market is overcome. While the pension business experienced no increase over the previous year in 2009, intermediaries expect a significant increase in the current year. Approximately 52% of brokers expect a better development of its pension business compared with the previous year in 2010. Among the approximately 90 referred to product providers in the German market, working together with independent advisors in the mediation of old age pension solutions, a company particularly attracts attention: the favourite for the mediators is the people welfare Federal. A capital investment company provides also for a surprise. DWS can contend in the segment dominated by insurers under the TOP 5 companies.

The current survey comes to these results to the private provision, within the framework of the annual series of studies to the AssCompact award by the management consulting company SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf the bbg operating consultancy, Bayreuth, has been performed. 514 active solely as broker or multiple agents pension specialists of various sizes were nationwide if asked. “Rank company 1 people good of Federal 2. Alliance 3 Alte Leipziger 4 Nuremberg 5. DWS investment of 6 Swiss life of 7 HDI-Gerling 8 Stuttgart 9 AXA of 10 Zurich differing views on the importance of services provided by the product suppliers round 74% of the intermediary stages the price / performance ratio of age pension product as very important” a.

Agent perspective, this is the most important criterion for the selection of a product. Parallel product suppliers were asked about their ideas on the importance of product and services. This exclusive research results, product provider put some other focal points in your efforts as intermediaries. Carsten Zuckriegl by SMARTcompagnie thinks: it’s amazing that evident just in the topics of the sales support the largest differences between the performances of Are product vendors and the expectations of the broker.

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The comparison of credit cards makes it clear everyone wants to yourself something something nice, like for example a great vacation to the South Pacific, a new brand car or your own condo. Yet you must save money for this dream and it takes is known a long time. Because the average citizen can hardly afford such high investment and must keep much money for decades. But this problem must not be, because you can either conduct a financing such as a leasing business or make financing easy by means of a credit card. However there are now many different types of credit card and lose the overview as a consumer easily. But want to get an overview of the different types, you have this very easily on the Internet. Because there are now many different Web pages, where the loans and the conditions of a credit card are compared and are very clearly displayed. Thus you can be sure, that you When choosing the right decision was made.

This one also receives the kinds of a credit card, which you probably previously knew nothing. Therefore it is advisable in any case in advance in the Internet to research and to inform about the different conditions. There are for example the Barclaycard for students, which is especially for young students. Because who wants to spend the not even one or two semesters abroad in his studies. But that requires investment and money. You can make easily easily this with the Barclaycard for students.

Thus, the student with the obtains Barclaycard for students very low contributions and very low interest rates. Thus you can easily withdraw money all over the world and thus has a financial independence. So also find today on the Internet on various websites. Patrick Berger

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AssCompact TRENDS IV / 2010 Heidenrod, 03.12.2010. Click Wells Fargo Bank to learn more. The sales atmosphere at the surveyed agencies attracts when compared to the previous quarter to 5.2 percentage points and currently stands at good 78.4%. More than three quarters of the brokers and multiple agents are enthusiastic, motivated and satisfied with their present distribution situation. 43.1% confirm the respondents a fact better business performance as compared to 2009. This is evident in the current issue of the AssCompact trend.

The underlying investigation of SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf of bbg Betriebsberatungs GmbH in Bayreuth dealing with social media in the special topic of the issue this time”. “Befragungssonderteil social media” there is currently one of the hottest topics on the Web: social media. Facebook, Twitter, XING and co. are currently on everyone’s lips. The German synonym would be participatory media”are numerous companies in the finance and insurance industry do and have already begun to experiment with social media for their own purposes.

But how does it look for the Brokers and multiple representatives from? Is the topic already arrived in the intermediaries industry? Motivations are to use also for the intermediary in the development and the maintenance of the own network. But what do expect the facilitator in this regard by the product providers and how often the social network used privately and professionally by the intermediaries? Interesting results and further insight from the perspective of intermediaries on issues relating to the social networks,”provides the current investigation AssCompact TRENDS IV / 2010″ the SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf of the PAPIs Betriebsberatungs GmbH. AssCompact TRENDS IV / 2010: favorites of brokers with over 13,500 entries have freely chosen the respondents brokers their favorites in the 27 studied product lines. The AssCompact trend studies focuses on the selection of the companies favored by the mediators. In the field of motor insurance”sets the VHV of the standards in the popularity of intermediaries. No other motor insurer was able to unite so many answers in this society. Especially the distance to the second-placed Kravag 23.6% points is impressive. Extract motor insurance: motor insurance of 1 VHV of 2. Kravag of 3. AXA 4. Itzehoer 5 DEVK of 5. HDI-Gerling 7 generali 8 rank right 8 Janitos 10 R + V about the study the AssCompact trend study IV / 2010 includes 136 pages and costs 900,00 euro of plus statutory value added tax. Apart from motor insurance, expectations, trends and favorites of the intermediary appear in 26 other product lines. Presented the results of a nationwide survey that are in the period of the 24.09 18.10.2010 has been performed. The study was published on the 03.12.2010 and can be ordered on the Internet through. This study contact: Christopher Kahl phone: + 49 6775-968-8964 E-Mail: about SMARTcompagnie GmbH business unit market research for SMARTcompagnie GmbH is an important basis and starting point for a sound management advice by customers from the financial services. The focus of the service is the sales and Product management from strategy to operational implementation. The team of specialists to the Managing Director Harry wood House and Jurgen Schwarz has vast experience in the sales, the business organization and product management in the financial sector. Selected research in the form of market studies is published in cooperation with the long-standing partner of bbg operating consultancy, Bayreuth. Contact for the press: Harry HOLZHAUS SMARTcompagnie GmbH to the Wisper Valley 12 D-65321 Heidenrod Tel.: + 49 6775 9686-35 fax: + 49 6775 9686-34

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Real estate are considered secure and inflation-protected investments. Who wants to invest in real estate through a closed-end Fund, will find a way to do this also by means of savings plan. There are asset classes, which provide its shareholders since decades of good returns and at the same time protect them from inflation. Real estate are quite clearly. Love called the concrete gold, they include the drug of choice, when it comes to their own pensions, or the base of own investment.

This especially closed real estate funds as deposits are the investors in addition to a direct investment or publicly listed real estate funds available. Especially small investors be deterred but again these by the high minimum drawing totals, which are often 10,000 euros or even higher. In cooperation with the distributor of the initiator, the initiator company IFK for Kapitalanlage AG, the portal offers geschlossener-fonds.net interested investors therefore a closed-end real estate funds, one already from 2,000 euro minimum drawing and on the other hand as a savings plan is available. IFK Sachwert Fund Germany I information interested investors about this product. Especially the savings plan option, only 5 percent of the amount of drawing of at least 5,000 euros and immediately pay the full premium of 5 per cent and the rest in monthly installments from 0.35 per cent of the total of drawing to save, may be for many small investors from interest.

Only 750 euro immediately and the rest in 137 monthly installments from 17.50 euro would have to be paid when a drawing the sum of 5,000 euros. 6.00 to 6.50 percent interest per year, of which the largest part is tax-free are forecast after the end of the phase of of accumulation, in which also the current distributions of the Fund be credited to the investor account, reinvested. Alternatively, there are still variants with immediate or 50% deposit of the total cost of the drawing and participation as a silent partner with maturities of 3 or 6 years to the election. The occupancy rate of all objects in the Fund is currently 100 percent and the contracts are partly or even completely indexed, say on the development of the inflation rate coupled. all those who want to invest in selected German Office and retail properties with inflation protection, uR an interesting variant offers secure these funds due to its conception. Daniel Franke

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