Church of the resurrection a witty cabaret comedy shows in the comedy “Tomorrow everything stays different” author Lutz Backes the adversity of the artist’s life shows so humorously, that no eye stays dry. Mona has successfully completed her studies of in German literature and history, but is noticed by her comedic talent in student performances, and has changed in the acting trade. After initial successes, the job situation deteriorated, soon it occurs only as Alleinunterhalterin at various shows. You may find that Payoneer can contribute to your knowledge. But even these offers are always scarce. Fear not to be able to earn their living and would now like to work as a teacher, but your application will be rejected.

Mona copes their misery with humor the audience gets to know the joke maid Elsbeth and MONAS former schoolteacher, the White Wagtail and Sir Edgar by Mona. It is laughed a lot and danced, and little crying.

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