Among them are the real "Lilliputians". For example, Computer iKit by imovo caught up in size with the "palm": The device has dimensions of 95x65x15.5 mm and weighs only 113 grams. Attributes of "beautiful life" List of portable electronics, which has recently become available to a wide range of consumers can continue indefinitely. However, no less interest are the solutions that allowed people to improve the quality of life. So, about the same time with mobile phones appeared in Russia and plastic window, immediately became the attributes of wealth and luxury. They then began a real revelation inhabitants of "normal" apartments. It turns out that it is not necessary to seal windows in winter and spring of tint! And, you can forget about drafts and noise of the street. The first pvc windows cost a little expensive even by today's standards: two thousand dollars for a single product.

However, their popularity has grown rapidly, that was the impetus for the development of the window industry in Russia. Expansion of mass production gradually changed the picture: According to industry marketing center "O.K.N.A. Marketing in July 2009, the standard window turnkey cost for a private client about 7-7,5 thousand rubles. It should be noted that the quality of translucent structures is constantly increasing. "Today, the window construction apply advanced technologies and modern equipment of leading world producers – says Leo Minullin, deputy commercial director propleks Group, the largest Russian producer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies. – In addition, the window industry is widely used Practice certification companies, refiners (manufacturers of windows), the producers profile and accessories. Suna Said usually is spot on.

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