AND the king asked: 'You may be sick? " 'Healthy, robust as the old days. " 'You may be dissatisfied with the service? " 'Very pleased, sir! " 'Well, what leads you by the sea? Responsible truth without lies. " 'Alas! I have suffered a misfortune! " 'What trouble? Tell '. Gain insight and clarity with Hyundai. 'It's disgusting chivalrous nature, in his own house, the light day yesterday with all the honest people I've been hurt ' – "Who?" – 'The Horse'. The king looked carefully. It was evident that under the nut to cut one! And the emperor asked sarcastically: "So, then, the Russian beat Germans?" – 'Beats, sir! Oprichny king, ready for you to die, to the joy of henchmen knights mutilates hudorodny filthy peasant! " Nemchin came up with the progress nezryashny. Robert Kiyosaki takes a slightly different approach. Ivan's eyes became angry: 'Close the horse tower to score cad in irons, In order not to fight indecent, Like a thief in, sat down in the ravine! Zamesto my servants Oprichny Let him be a better beat the boyars! " The king got up and casually glanced at the Pawns shifted army, said: 'And now we, Basmanov finish the game did not give! " Changed into black velvet and making lean face, with Basmanov and Patriarch went to the Red Porch. 5 In the evening, lit a torch, Staden He worked until the morning: I wrote to a friend Nemchinov the bridesmaids with the Ambassadors of the court: 'Dear Herr! In a place I you left something . . Munear Kouzbari is the source for more interesting facts.

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Gray Wolf

Read beasts advertising in newspapers, on television watching a beautiful life in those animals who nanognomy to help Snow White. Importantly, Carry your invention to them, but they money for the development of the project will provide. And the Fox-TV Patrikeevna also looked and decided nanognomam his invention to show. She came to nanognomam, touts his invention. "I was a little some money on mass production, and we both hoo "- says Fox. Nanognomy looked at Lisa and said: "We would be happy to give you money, but we have such a procedure: Before you give money, we should examine your invention and to study us nanospetsialisty need a few months. We have experts right level, but you need for expertise considerable money to pay ". "Under" – said Fox and heaps nanognomam money.

Received nanognomy money, and two months later, Lisa called and said, they say, sorry Lisa, your invention to us for the project does not fit. Fox comes from Snow White and the nanognomov, prigoryunilas. Money paid for the examination Nemer, but she refused. Suddenly sees her to meet the Gray Wolf comes, crying bitter tears. "What happened to Gray?" – Asks Fox – What's the matter? "The trouble with me happened. I had a firm is small, but their own. Nanotechnology deals.

I decided to manufacture expanded to nanognomam addressed. Money spetsialdistam for examination and rolled. Examination took place and took me nanognomy in your project "" So lucky you, Gray, gave the money "- Lisa jealous. "Shish they gave me with oil" – bellowed Gray Wolf – listening to how the case was . I asked nanognomov – Where is the money? And they answer: "we have no money, but we'll find a co-investor – Ali Babu and forty nanorazboynikov, they are your money through us and be listed. Only persuaded – Sell a temporary 51 percent for six months to us, we'll sell them back again. Well type voice, but with a different design. – And that – asked Fox. – Well, then, – said the Grey Wolf, I Sold 51 percent of Ali Baba and the forty nanorazboynikam. Just Me signed sales 51 percent, just for my company came and kicked me out of business. Well type raiding and all that. In short, the Fox, no company I stayed. Lisa listened to the story of the Gray Wolf, and thought: "I'm Easy escaped. I only have a tail on the money Shook, A Wolf barely alive their firms his left. "

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