Tannassia Reuber reinforced the hearing care professional community management the audio direct GmbH, a leading hearing care professional community in the German-speaking countries, is strengthening its management team an experienced force. Tannassia Reuber of the Executive Board of the audio is directly since the end of last year. For assistance, try visiting Rich Dad Poor Dad. Tannassia Reuber, which was years in construction and management of the hearing care professional community HoREX involved since the mid-1990s, will work on the strategic development directly the audio with from now on. The company offers marketing support, as well as many other services that help ensure the market success of small listening acoustic farms community shopping at very attractive prices. Tannassia Reuber (48) is less than 25 years of experience in the listening acoustic industry at home. After successful commercial training, she worked in 1990 as senior Ange was of the shopping community Victon hearing aids.

in 1995 she joined she whose fortunes in the then newly-founded HoREX hearing acoustics EC, in particular certain significantly from 1999 to 2012 as an Executive Member of the Board. Close and trustful cooperation with small, owner-operated Hall-kustik establishments is me an affair of the heart for a long time”, so Tannassia Reuber. All the more I am on my new job at the audio directly, this a common platform offers a very vital, renowned performance community, advocating innovative approaches and without any trade-offs for small-scale hearing-acoustics,.”we are happy to have gained an experienced strength who is familiar with the needs of smaller hearing-acoustics holdings Tannassia Reuber”, so Pedro j. Garcia, Managing Director of the audio directly GmbH. wife Reuber for many years very successfully in the development and implementation of services for businesses worked. After the amplification by Uwe Lindenau, who cares for the past year to the preliminary on-site support of our members replacing Mrs Reuber us is another important step to the Profiling the audio directly.

More than ever we will offer an attractive portfolio our members, that covers all business areas and ensures the success of businesses in a changing market.” Editorial Note: the audio direct GmbH with headquarters in Schwerte was founded in 2002. It sees itself as a strong community of small listening acoustic enterprises from Germany and Austria. Target of the Member companies is to offer a professional hearing care hearing impaired people who consistently takes into account the individual requirements and Wun between each. The audio directly supports its members with a more effective procurement policy as well as other services in areas such as marketing and certification. To effectively help the success of member businesses to ensure their sustainability in a changing market the portfolio of services in the community is continuously supplemented with new attractive offers. For more information, see.

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