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Web design is a specific kind of design, which is considered most crucial to the development and simulation of various interfaces for a variety of web resources and all sorts of web applications. Web design in the same way involves creating a web resource, a compilation of the most successful colors and creative design all the Web pages in general. Also, manufacturing systems, due to which the resource management, placement resource on the specified server, creating a variety of banners, the registration of a new site to popular search engines and Internet resources, web layout. The very definition of 'web – design' is derived from foreign words – Web design. In Indeed, the phrase web design originated in Russia recently, but at the same time, such activities immediately found a huge number of adherents.

This is due, firstly, the increased enthusiasm for users Internet resources. Because of what has increased the demand for web design sites. It should also say that the web designer can be a person who has no design education. Because in this profession are assessed mainly original design decisions, an ingenious approach, originality, and the like. The purpose of web designer comes down to, so make a portal that would be enjoyed great popularity among users. For this reason, the Internet resource must be a unity of color palettes and stylistic execution of the specified resource. Among other things, web design also includes a structure adjustment resource function addition or removal of site pages, templates, management web design, replacement of a section of the resource. Needs to be told that the processing of web sites of considerable attention is paid to ensure that Internet resource has been given to the following world-wide standards W3C, provides people with disabilities access to the content of this type of resource. Fairly close to the concept of web design associates phrase Internet advertising, which involves improving the site and its modernization.

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