Whenever we want to lose weight belly, arms, legs or other place, think rid of kilos more, which is very successful but we must also pay attention to the swelling produced by gases, that besides being aesthetically unpleasant, it also makes us feel heavy. Now let’s see how we can avoid it. (1) Constipation: prevention is the first and most important step to achieve slimming tummy feeling much better. The main cause is a poor consumption of fiber and water that boosts to their time with the lack of physical activity, leading to problems of obstruction and abdominal swelling. Then, to recover from this annoying State or better yet, avoid it altogether, must incorporate into the diet: vegetables, legumes, fruit, whole grain cereal, seeds and dried fruits. Along with the increase of fiber a higher intake of liquid is to be incorporated to make more efficient the work of fiber. It is also very important physical activity on a regular basis to stimulate the metabolism.

(2) Discard allergy to certain foods: often the intolerance to certain foods can produce inflammation or gases, however it should be diagnosed by a physician. It is very important not autodiagnosticarse because this may lie in the Elimination of foods essential for maintaining good health. For this reason, if you have any suspicion should consult a physician. (3) Eat slowly: eat quickly involves chewing poorly, which produces we mourners air, resulting in swelling of the abdomen. For this reason, the right thing is to eat relaxed for at least 20 minutes to reduce the chances of that swell tummy. (4) Moderate the drink with gas: gas bubbles tend to stay in the stomach, causing discomfort and inflammation, for this reason, should be kept its consumption to a minimum or replace them with water flavored or better still, mineral water. (5) Avoid chewing gum: when we chewing a piece of gum tend to swallow air, again producing agglomeration of air in the stomach that produces swelling.

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