The minimum wage increased now in 2012, passed of R$545,00 real for R$622,00 real, the new minimum wage gave a jump of 14.13% almost following the inflation, thus also safe from unemployment following the tide renews its values. Minimum wage 2012 starts to be the floor of the safe unemployment while the wage ceiling of aid unemployment starts to be of R$1164,00 almost real. To calculate insurance unemployment to know the accurate value of the safe unemployment we go to follow the rules stipulated for the Ministry of the Work and Job & ndash; MTE to verify how much it is the safe unemployment in the practical one. For the real worker who earns a wage of R$800,00 for I calculate it to month of the safe unemployment follows in this way: The worker if fits in the wage band of until R$1.026, 77 Reals, in this in case that we use the factor of multiplication 0,8, that is, 80% of the previous wage. Wage (R$800,00 x 0,8) the result will be R$640,00 real, this then will be the value received for the beneficiary, in the case of the account to have given a value of safe lesser unemployment that the new national minimum wage, the unemployed starts to receive the minimum national. In the cases of the workers with incomes of wage band understood between R$1026,77 and R$1711,45 the value of the parcels of the safe unemployment they are thus: Let us say that the monthly citizen has income of R$1500,00 real, first we go to deduct from the R$1026,77 wage real of this form (R$1500,00 & ndash; R$1026,77) resulting in R$473,23 (four hundred and twenty three Reals and twenty and three cents). After to make this contained multiplies the value for 0,5, that is 50%, being thus (R$473,23 x 0,5) resulting in R$236,62 real and add it this real R$821,41 value, the final result are thus (R$236,62 + R$821,41) the real addition of the R$1058,03, this are the paid amount for the safe unemployment to the worker. In cases where the former-employee receives above from R$1711,45 the value stipulated for Deep from Support the Worker & ndash; FAT is fixed in R$1163,76 real. Right Insurance Unemployment With these cited examples above it is well easy to know the value of safe unemployment, however, the worker must be takes care of to the criteria to request the safe unemployment, he is enough to consult insurance unemployment in the site of the ministry of the work, or still to look attendance ranks to know if he has right to the safe unemployment.

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