Madrid, December 2008 – hereby are invited to participate most outstanding enterprises distributors of Software in Pamplona, as well as also the most recognized nationally, seek new business opportunities, want to increase their sales, which want to benefit from an extensive network of technical support, training and resources for marketing that will make their businesses profitable. The event represents an important Directive Soft effort to boost quality and specific training initiatives focused on the development of Spanish enterprise computing industry and as its name suggests, free Software that brings freedom to the users and developers of the same, so taking advantage of this freedom is possible to obtain economic benefits and at the same time fostering the growth of a local and national industry. Among attendants recognized managers, will highlight as rapporteur presence of D Isidro Fernandez, who represents the values that guide the institution, since it strongly supported the innovative initiatives and understand the philosophy of the free Software development, to learn about the benefits of the applications and the computing needs of companies in the sector. So we will also count as rapporteur supported by the ENCO company focused on the theme of intelligent productivity, whose career already is part of the business fabric of Navarre, among other personalities. The event will be held at 4 p.m. of the day Thursday, December 11 at the Hotel AC ZIZUR MAYOR in Pamplona..

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