The block Samba cortrometraje explores a rather arcane topic: the possibility that the samba was born in Cuadra, a village on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, rather than in the traditionally accepted Bay cot. The title plays with round, the accepted dance samba as the which gave rise to the famous samba carioca. To demonstrate that the samba was born in block, the documentary visits a town full of elderly people who remember how his parents organized festivals of samba, and even dare to organize a party the old-fashioned way. The documentary follows the preparations for the feast. And he gives much of the time to the few sambas reminiscent the villagers, allowing them to sing them on the screen, such as a document for the evaluation of specialists. The sambas sung the settlers do not sound to samba and behold, the charm of the documentary, which portrays as an entire people of 3 thousand inhabitants, is convinced that the famous Brazilian samba was born there, between farms and artisans. You, as a spectator, end up believing it. The film enjoys a healthy dose of visual pyrotechnics.

Successful jump-cuts accelerate history, while the edition of stories that are moving in parallel enriches an almost frenetic pace. Certain scenes, such as cooking the chicken for the feast, he pays homage to city of God. Other times they scratched almost ridiculous, but filmmakers are responsible for tack the rudder before we can laugh of the venerable settlers of block. The only thing laments is that the climax of the short film – the feast – reaches the level that described the settlers. This somehow, removes it weight to the idea that the samba was born there, in block. Or perhaps that the goal of the short film: show how certain beliefs of peoples do not pass of fatuous illusions.

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