By the way, in Russia compared to many foreign countries, these conditions are significantly more profitable, their laws are more strictly regulate the conduct of small business when in our country is quite possible to achieve the total tax, not exceeding 12% of total turnover. Another important point can be considered self created organization. Agree, nice to feel the legality of just what you're doing and not feel a sense of constant tension, fear that the state is no longer on your side. Legitimate business need to be proud of. Achieving it is realistic and possible within existing legislation.

And all the arguments in favor of "greyness" of doing things is the natural human impulses of greed and the desire to get everything at once. Self-respecting company that conducts its business according to the laws, will undoubtedly enjoy the respect from the outside. In the current global crisis is very, is very difficult system of granting loans to banks, which seriously affected the business activity. Liquidity shortage forces companies to take steps related to the tightening of expenditure policies, including the "savings" on taxes. All of this leads to the fact that the state is forced to lose quite heavily. Naturally, not least in such circumstances will be paid attention on entrepreneurs and the taxes they are required to bring to the treasury. Times of crisis only push the state to adopt tougher measures against defaulters, and the wait will not have mercy. In fact, in difficult conditions, the state will engage in Advanced Search that is in difficult times for the country's "stolen" it from within.

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