In intention to protect the environment, many countries had started to demand very high standards of ambient quality, creating not tarifrias barriers, that can bring harmful effect to the free commerce (Procpio, 1994; Brave & It hisses, 1994). Of this form, the requirement of a healthful environment constitutes a requirement of weight to the commerce. In developed countries, the voluntary ambient certifications mean for the commercial establishments magnifying of market and guarantee of consumers fidiciary offices. Thus, the search of bigger competitiveness for the establishments, passes for the promotion of positive actions of reply front the new ambient demands (I castrate, 1996). In this direction, the mobilization around the definition of common ambient norms clearly reflects the pressure of the agents, in different degrees, the search of the sustainable development, making possible to the future generations to usufruct of a more healthful environment. Therefore, to continue concurring in more competitive markets each time, the commercial companies and establishments must take knowledge and to decide the decurrent ambient problems of its productive processes, contrary case will lose its space gradual enters the consumers most demanding and worried about the environment. 3. Consideraes ambient the implantation of SEC (Selo Ecologicamente Correto) aims at to brighten up or to eliminate the happened ambient impacts of the productive processes in what it says respect to the used oil of kitchen and its action in the when discarded environment in errnea way.

In this direction, the set of actions undertaken for the commercial establishments during the implantation of the SEC brings improvements to the environment. As I castrate (1996), from a SEC the establishments starts to stimulate the recycling, to search raw materials and less impactantes productive processes, starting to rationalize the use of the natural resources you renewed and not-you renewed. Of this form, the implantation of the SEC will be able to make possible the development of cleaner productive processes, as well as of less harmful products to the environment.

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