To rank search results, some search engines take into account the IC (citation index). This rate depends on the number of links that are distributed on the Internet. However, each search engine their methods calculate this indicator. For example, for Yandex is the thematic index of citing the number and weight of the external links on the site. Most often, TCI is computed for the whole resource, but sometimes this is done only for its individual sections. Google uses the index to rank PageRank. This is analogous to TCI, but here also taken into account in addition to external and internal links yet. PageRank is calculated individually for each page.

Yandex and Google – the most popular search engines in RuNet. So when undertaking activities for promotion and promotion of a site is important to take into account variables such as TCI and PageRank. If you do not, it is unlikely that you will take your website in the top 10 on search needs. Consider the basic ways to increase the citation index: Filling of the site quality content. Information as previously most valued on the Internet.

Adding interesting articles to your site you will be able to provide a constant stream of new customers and retain existing ones. But this method is also one of the most labor-intensive. But the effect of it will be long and the result garantirovannym.Rabota competitors. You will have to monitor sites that have links to your competitors. And then try to exchange links with them. The method is very time-consuming, but effective. Especially in a tough konkurentsii.Obmenivaytes links. On the Internet There are many resources where you can find sites willing to exchange links with you. Because of this large number of applicants, you choose the most perspektivnyh.Arenduyte links. This method is optimal, if you seek to get a lot of options within a short period of time. But here you have to shell out some money. When renting a reference, pay attention to: the site must be close to your topics, TCI and Page Rank site, the number of links are available on the site is registered site in search engines, automated link exchange system. This method is not legal in terms of search engines. So that its use is not desirable. Through its promotion and promoting your site suggest using a full range of these instruments.

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