Blanyai, computer wholesalers that use new technologies effectively. Having a web page is already something unusual among the majority of businesses although this does not mean provided that this powerful tool of work, sale, acquisition, loyalty and service to customers, is well developed and structured, being so profitable for the company. Blanyai, wholesalers computer, uses new technologies for the distribution of its products, that give a good example is always the best method. To further detail as Blanyai, wholesaler of computer science, has developed its tool on the Internet, suffice it to say firstly that this page is a website belonging to a wholesaler of computer science, something that is clear from the first moment that we landed on it, indicating it in your presentation page. Being aware of the lack of current time, Blanyai has developed a tree of access to any option of the web in the shortest possible time, being very friendly and optimally navigable for any computer retailer.

It has facilitated and minimized each step to follow when registering on the page as a new customer, saving time of long common forms for this type of option. Already as a client, the first advantage that we are going to find us is that we include in a database to receive weekly their best offers, news and downloads of its completely updated rates. In this download appears a file of great utility for all clients, it is a master list, which includes all kinds of information about existing products, price updated, weight, canon, code, manufacturer and above all a link to the datasheet of the product and another to the same photo. The most important thing is that they are all immediately available products. Once on the web, highlight your Configurator of computers to measure, which gets the price instantly on any configuration you need quickly and easily.

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