User is actually a hostage to the reliability of their computer and literally "attached" to your workplace. Project WebDeskTop ( helps to immediately change the usual order of things and the principle of the Internet. Home page can now become your own web table to be created by the user on the basis of design and combines everything you need: your favorite projects, the outputs of search engines, sites, e-mail resources, personal archives. Access to its Web desk will be possible from anywhere that has Internet access, so the personal computer would be an optional thing in principle. In this case it is possible to create, creating a Web table for themselves on the content, theme, color scheme. Perhaps in future there will be contests for the best solution on-line table.

Fashion for personal desktop is not far off. The project created a new resource with Using the modern concept of web 2.0 and every user is able to cope with the task of web development, including a personal page here collected popular services online – weather, calendar, collection of documents pictures, news from around the world, RSS, Entertainment, Dating, etc. This list, as promised by the developer, will grow and improve. It will be possible to earn by participating in surveys and marketing studies. Project Manager WebDeskTop Shilovskiy Igor said that "The project is designed initially to address the corporate objectives of the company, engaged in foreign trade activities. He has allowed not only to unite customers and partners in different cities and countries for interoperability, but also to save them for substantial funding for different procedures (communications, etc.).

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