The Pacific island nation presented earlier colonial territory and later autonomous dictatorship, now about two decades of experience as a modern and stable democracy. The economic liberalization that is driven in this time has also made the country a sustained boom. Compared with other industrialised countries, it shines with a constant low state debt currently just 44 percent. In Germany, the rate is almost twice as high. Investment banks expect the Philippines to the next 11 “, so the next 11 countries, is to expect a particularly high economic growth after the boom of the BRIC countries Brazil, Russia, India and China. These include for example Turkey, Mexico and South Korea. Germany is in addition to the ten most important trading partners and in development cooperation as well as Japan and the United States even to the three key partners of the Philippines. Together with tablas bamboo plantation Corp.

has of clean planet set up Fund in addition to an excellent network and best logistic requirements also have an immediately usable infrastructure, partners, such as the Romblon State University, and State support from the ministries of agriculture and energy. So solid single feed rates create long-term planning security, at the same time long-term leases and supply contracts could be agreed upon including a comprehensive and guaranteed by a State insurance crop and capital loss insurance. The commercial uses of the Rizal bamboo are doing wide-ranging, the diversification associated opportunities for security and scalability in terms of new sales potential, and markets. “The target volume of bamboo energy 1 GmbH & co. KG” is 5.5 million euros, with two boost options to EUR 5 million. The minimum contribution is 10,000 plus 5 percent premium.

The proposed total payout is located at 242 percent before taxes, based on the excellent Kommanditkapital. In addition an early artist bonus of up to 5 percent. The Fund offer ends at full placement, According to the plan, but on June 30, 2013, the duration of the Fund at 31 December 2020, drawing the set option to extend two years later. More information under and now also on YouTube

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