Be taken into account that Jacobo II is removed from Office against his will and the throne delivered to his son-in-law and his daughter. In the case of Jose I, monarchs Carlos IV and Fernando VII could not decide on what constituted the farce of Bayonne. However religion was the excuse needed to perfect a form of Government that exists to this day and has been the basis of the system created by the United States a century after this revolution in England. The Tudors were not less despots to the Stuarts, but religious problems still had not taken his time the transcendence necessary to result in a change of such magnitude. (5) Two treatises on Government is the main work of Locke. The first of the treaties is a rebuttal to the Filmer Patriarch who has lost validity at present and the second is the application of the concepts of State of nature, social contract, functional until to absolutism, to the cause of liberalism. In that regard the contract supports exceptions like that justifies to Guillermo de Orange.

II. religious background: Enrique VIII (6) was King of England from 1509 until his death in 1547. He was the son of Enrique VII, first monarch of the Tudor Dynasty which occupied the throne since the culmination of the wars of the roses, which faced to the houses of Lancaster and York by the domination of the throne of England. During his reign England departed from Rome, the Pope and so the Catholic Church, but without abandoning the Christian faith, the King established the Anglican Church and was consecrated as head of the same (7). In this order, no less important was the division that is beginning to produce in the English population as the cause of religious beliefs, became the main reason of confront. Enrique VIII history doesn’t end here since she married six times throughout his life.

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