In the year of 1912 grace, in Salamanca, Spain, wrote Don Miguel de Unamuno, " Of the tragic feeling of vida" , where it said to the reader: " I hope that while lasts our tragedy, in some entreacto, we return to be and us reconozcamos". It also indicates in this test, that truly real for the man of meat and bone, is the irrational. That way to write it, drew attention in as much, seemed to me to understand, that it talked about the importance than he is not measurable or concrete by the direct perception, even gets it to call unconscious, in the sense of nonconscious that is to say, like adjectival use. From Freud, we know that the irrational or illogical, in fact is prevailed by a logic different, that one is in force by his own laws of operation, that is another way to process the human phenomena, characterizing the Unconscious term, not only like adejtivo but like noun, that is to say an own name from a psychic instance. The Unconscious thing, comprises of the Freud denominates Psychic apparatus, that is the theoretical field that regulates the human functions from which the Metapsicologa was called, that is to say, a space beyond brings back to consciousness, which it is properly the field of psychology. The psychic apparatus, this formed by three instances: the unconscious one, preconscious and the conscience that works simultaneously and, is where the dreams take place, the lapse, regulates the human sexuality, the symptoms, the multiple ways to sicken the mind and the body. Freud, presents/displays from the work &quot to us; The Interpretation of the Sueos" , a new level of objectivity, that locates in the story of the dream or the symptom, that in addition is to the unique thing that we have access because to the dreamed dream we do not have access. .

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