Sounds that heal by emitting hertz, Mantras, Transcendental Meditation. Cats. It turns out that reading one of the favorite books that do not turn away from me. Quantum Healing Dr. Depak Chopra, in the last chapter featured a young female patient who makes a referral for bone cancer with the practice of TM, Transcendental Meditation, visualization, Ayurveda, among other things that were very rich and very soportablesa more than traditional Western medicine, like chemotherapy, radiation, to which the patient had already been rejected and he was very determined to quit. As detailed meditation did not come and wanted to know where was I began to request books from all the meditations practiced in India and traditions are based on the vedas. The fine is transcendental meditation, which consists of mantra, repeats widely practiced by the monks of Tibe and also in the so-called Gregorian chant, I continued my research by reading studies that have been made in three universities of the United States by neurologists, and cardiooogos, finding clinical trial results highly beneficial to humans in the process of healing, healing or lead a life with better health, and that sounds great importance UNAA tienena.

Discoveries that give a contrast to real things, and we can really feel in our body. Everything in the universe is so well placed and perfect as the great metaphysical said Conny Mendez, in his book number seven. seven days in a week, seven months' gestation to be born a man, seven are the musical notes, seven primary colors that make up the rainbow, and we could continue mentioning much more, but let's stop with the sounds of musical notes.

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