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Text memorized by heart and otbarabanenny "at a rate of seven words per second, produces the committee members at least a bad impression than when graduate student reads aloud "at sight", stumbling on punctuation and numerals declinations. To do this, there is a certain sequence of five stages, which can greatly simplify the memorization. *** So, the first stage, slowly read the text of the speech aloud with a stopwatch in hand, without the distraction of the handout (presentation). Time to write. Patrick ian often says this. After that, turn the pages of text, and try to tell you that you have read.

It is important not to stop, say out loud all stored in their own words "from and to." Upset about the fact that the memory remains just over 10% of the information is not necessary. There is a curve of forgetting Ebbingauza, quite accurately describing this phenomenon. Therefore, it is essential immediately after the information is reproduced from memory, one more time to read aloud the text, but before the mirror. In this case, preferably the maximum amount of time to catch your look in the mirror. If you are not convinced, visit patrick dwyer merrill lynch. This simple technique will allow you not to lose before the Commission (only on-site mirroring your eyes will be scrutinizing eyes of the teachers).

Time for reading and to write. *** After playing with the mirror need (just need to) make a 15-20 minute break (you can drink coffee or take a walk). Importantly, during this pause, nothing to read. This second stage is sorely needed.

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