The Least

Why do I column the world divine and not divine? The answer was very simple, but concise. I do things because I had learned it so because I partly heard, read or synthesized in speculative ways and got on the other hand raised, imposed or conveyed in any other manner. What was one more answer without question, because all this was not mine, I had to do not in the least so. It was clear at that moment that I never actually did something, what I really wanted, what I decided and what I took the conscious responsibility. I tried out more than other people’s theories and moved me therefore only in a game definitely demarcated space, which was based on the rules and the for any apparent and generally accepted laws, whose ubertretung was not only forbidden, but seemed to be actually impossible. This illusion was now resolved, I was spiritually become erwachsen, was allowed to begin to look for my own rules and to find.

I had risen to consciousness that I wanted to make my own experiences and had to find out who I really was and what I really wanted. I knew in that moment that I’m really free, that would what I want to do and I would expect zero from now on by the hour and one test after another to form my own opinion about me. But how should I implement it? This question brought me to the ultimate essence, which had me a little shake, but also sparked an inner joy. I was sitting in my chair, and brightened the world in me and also the outside world, everything was clear and friendly, and I was met by this one sentence and the incredible consequences which I sensed that he moved here as a tail like a comet after himself: there are only an instance and the instance is in me. And I was allowed to indulge me from now on this inner size in confidence. This inner instance that was sure, was the expression of absolute freedom, this inner instance was born of God, and allowed me to space as individuality of unlimited action.

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