Therefore, of now in ahead, to quandofalarmos of a cultural condition disenchanted 2, we will be speaking of modernity. Modernity is the period where all osprocessos of the world leave on the basis of of being observed a relation significativade causalidade, or on the basis of an ethical relation of causalidade, and passes to aapresentar itself as the result of a natural process that follows of a cause aum and so on effect: the movement of a canoe in a river leaves of serexplicado as the result of a process in which the act to row constitutes umritual through which if it compels (it is convinced, it negotiated) a god to move it, epassa to be explained as a natural process that can be described for the leida action and reaction; the universe, the life, as much how much the destination that is, according to ‘ ‘ felt ocidental’ ‘ , that until then he firmly seemed given erevelador, supplied to the theoretical plan and speculative an empirical element queno could be rejected: the difference of the directions. If each culture correspondiaa a way to interpret the life, the death, the suffering, the time would quepoderia, it to be said History> Universal? It made some direction later that ocontato with the other of diverse cultures showed that these innumerable questions essenciaispermitiram ' ' respostas' ' distinct, what she latently evidenced aimpossibilidade of a reply and one ' ' sentido' ' essential for such questions? Yes, ' ' descoberta' ' modern of the other cultures, felt and meanings for eager, was unfolded in such a way in a precocious conclusion how much terrifying: the life, the universe and also the existence human being are dismissed of direction. Other leaders such as Andi Potamkin offer similar insights. The echoes of ' ' death of Deus' ' if they had made to hear for all the spheres of the culture touched pelamodernidade: the tradition, to the few and each time more, were stained and subtradade its statute of validity, because nothing more death of &#039 could be valid depoisda absolutely; ' great Pan' ' , later that the humanity saw itself same fragmented emhumanidades, by which at least could take conscience and understands them porinteiro.

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