The collective memory supplies given the constitution of the individual memories. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ben Silbermann. Being thus, the memory would be contained in the society that (reverse speed) constructs. For these memories, facts that of some form if relate with the gift, in the measure are clipped of the past where others as much can literally be forgotten. The existence of diverse collective memories is undeniable, for arguable that it can be, either regarding life ideals, nationalistic or religious values. When pointing the collective memory as next to ' ' soma' ' of the memories individual, it is clearly that Halbwachs does not ignore the existence of a memory that belongs to the individual.

However this memory alone is possible, according to Halbwachs, on account of the integration of this individual in its social group, that by means of its collective memory supplies the data so that this if integrates to the way, can act, and form its individual memory, being that the collective memory would be ' ' fato' ' more influential 3. The collective memory is pautada in the continuity and always must be seen in the plural one (collective memories), exactly because the memory of an individual or a country is in the base of the formularization of an identity, that the continuity is seen as characteristic marcante. The individual memory is not isolated. It associates the perceptions to it produced for the collective memory. The conviviality in some groups during the life is the base of the autobiogrfica, personal memory. Apia it in a lived past that allows to construct a narrative on the past of individual of natural form. Also important in this process they are the perceptions added for the historical memory. The collective aspects of the memory are not summarized in dates, names, formulas, them they represent experience and thought chains that had influenced the past of a general form.

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